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When a man says that a woman and a car are incompatible concepts - this is somehow understandable. Male chauvinism, fear of competition - all this is understandable. But when such a statement sounds from the lips of women, it is already completely incomprehensible! Oh, they do not know, unfortunate ones, how much they lose!

But after reading this article, we hope they understand that getting a license and buying a car should appear on their list of the most urgent things as soon as possible! So, if you are already driving, you most likely will not learn anything new from this article.

But if, by some ridiculous accident, you still have not learned all the many advantages of this activity, you will certainly be able to broaden your horizons and get rid of some prejudices and myths. Which, by the way, were very diligently created, mainly by the men around you.

A car is the same undoubted achievement of civilization as a computer, mobile phone or washing machine. So why should you give it up? Indeed, after all, no one urges you to use wooden bills, pigeon mail and wash clothes in the ice hole! So what is the fault of the car? Why, instead of comfortably riding in a dry and warm car, do you spend hours (in frost and rain!) At stops and push on the subway? Simply because someone once hammered into your head that a car is exclusively a man's attribute.

A woman simply cannot learn to drive a car. True, the authorship of this deep thought belongs to those men who are panicky afraid that a woman will do it better than them. In fact, their fears are well justified. The fair sex has every chance of becoming better drivers than, for example, their husbands. Believe me, there is nothing in feminine nature to prevent you from driving! But there is a lot that will allow you to get ahead of men in many ways!

It takes many years to learn to drive. This is also a myth. However, its authorship already, rather, belongs to women who are simply trying to dissuade themselves from going to a driving school. Seriously, of course, all women are very different, and therefore learning to drive a car can take them very different times. But on average, with a good instructor, after 2 months of regular training, you will feel pretty confident. Although after you first find yourself alone with your car, you will nevertheless be in for a pretty strong shock. However, after a month of daily commuting to work, the shock will completely pass, and in about six months you will forget about trembling knees and will experience a huge thrill from driving.

Can be used as an instructor for your own husband. Never do this if you really want to learn to drive! Alas, many people make this mistake. Remember - your husband can never teach you how to drive a car! The only thing he can do is to discourage you from this occupation forever. Why? Because it is precisely this goal that he pursues! Even if he himself does not want to admit it to himself! In fact, he is simply trying to prove to you and himself that the car is an exclusively male prerogative. And one more tip: do not drive with your husband until you feel very confident behind the wheel. Otherwise, you will hear so much "pleasant" in your address that you will never be able to acquire this very feeling of confidence.

Another fatal female mistake is learning to drive her husband's car. Perhaps this advice may seem strange to many: even if you are just learning to drive, do it in your own car. The husband's car, even if it was finally given to you, will forever remain his, and not your car! That is, here, to the usual male chauvinism, terrible jealousy will also be added. The husband will meticulously inspect the car after each trip, almost under a magnifying glass, looking at any scratches (and they, at first, will inevitably appear). Moreover, he is unlikely to do it silently. It's just that men, for some reason, generally treat cars much more reverently than women, and even if it is about their own! Even the former!

What if it breaks !? I mean, what to do if something goes wrong in this terrible unit. By the way, for someone, everything can be difficult: from refueling a car to changing a punctured wheel. In reality, all this can be solved very quickly and easily. In order not to panic every time there is any breakdown, it is absolutely not necessary to study what is under the hood. You will remember some basic possible problems very quickly, simply automatically, without any strain of mental abilities. I assure you that after a couple of years driving (especially when it comes to a domestic car), you will know perfectly well what, where and why you can break down, fly off, stop working, etc. But this is not the most important thing. The main thing is to find a good technician who can quickly and inexpensively repair your car. Although the owners of brand new foreign cars are somewhat more difficult here, since they will most likely have to contact the service. As for gasoline, most gas stations have specially trained personnel, and a punctured wheel will probably be replaced with pleasure by a passing gentleman (there may be even more people willing than punctured tires). By the way, it is very possible that they won't even charge you money for this.

Traffic police ... If these five letters terrify you, you are clearly dramatizing the situation. This is just the case when you can be glad that your gender is the opposite of the employee of this service. Therefore, a woman driver is much more likely to avoid a fine than a man. A couple of smiles, downcast eyes and everything will end happily only with the inspector's wish: "Don't break anymore!"

Many women are sure that driving a car will deprive them of their femininity, make them masculine. Fortunately, this is all just rare nonsense! In reality, even having a driving experience of 10 years, a woman is still a woman! And she will drive a car like a woman! By the way, contrary to the opinion of men, this does not mean bad at all.

Excessive stress associated with a car can have an extremely negative effect on health. But in reality, the opposite is true! Firstly, once the first stress is over, driving will be a great pleasure for you and will be the best stress cure in itself. Secondly, driving is very good for health in general. For example, you will inevitably have to sleep more. It's just that after 4-5 hours of sleep a day you will not be able to drive normally. And the sense of self-preservation will just make you sleep more. Plus, you'll just automatically almost give up alcohol. That, you see, for health is also not harmful at all.

Often a woman is forbidden to drive a car under the pretext that, they say, she will be taken to and from work, to shops and in general, wherever she wishes. Disagree! You are being deceived! Well, first of all, it is very rare that all these good plans come true. Or a man may just not last very long. But that's not the point! Let him really turn into your personal chauffeur or hire one for you. All this is just an attempt to make you even more dependent. I affirm from my own experience: the feeling of freedom that a car gives when you yourself are sitting behind the wheel is incomparable with anything! Yes, let the traffic jams, let the cars trying to overtake you and rebuild right in front of your nose, let the boorish traffic cops! But all this is just nonsense, compared to the insane feeling of freedom and boundless self-confidence that overwhelms when you rush through the night streets! By the way, the speed can be quite reasonable. It's not about her, but about the inner feeling of flight. Try it! You'll like it!

Many women put off buying a car for financial reasons, listening to the popular belief that "a beautiful woman should drive a beautiful car." In the meantime, they have not saved up money for a beautiful car, for some reason they stubbornly do not want to buy something simpler. Meanwhile, any driver, remembering how he started, will tell you that the first car does not have to be very expensive and super beautiful. After all, even if you feel very confident behind the wheel, the first car is still a kind of simulator on which driving skills are honed. That is why scratches (and sometimes dents), discs bent on curbs, burnt clutch and a bunch of other problems - all this, alas, is almost inevitable at first. And, you must admit, it's a shame if all these "delights" go to your expensive and beautiful car. The conclusion suggests itself: don't immediately spend money on the car of your dreams, which perfectly matches new shoes, coats or earrings, and in which you will feel like a Hollywood movie star. Better to practice something simpler.

And here is the argument usually made by acquaintances men (most often a husband), trying to dissuade you from buying a car: "You are simply not able to drive a car!" That is, it seems that it is not at all about your female gender. Simply, you personally are incapable of it. For some reason, this argument for many women is simply bewitching and convincing like no others. The logic is quite clear: after all, the closest person who knows you very well tells you about it. Probably, he knows better from the outside. But, as practice shows, only in a very small percentage of cases these warnings turn out to be true. The fact is that there are very few people (healthy, sane and with more or less normal vision) who are absolutely unable to drive a car. And the likelihood that you will be among them is extremely small.

Fear of getting lost on the road, not orienting yourself in the maze of city streets. Fortunately, this fear in most cases is completely unfounded. Certainly, among women (as well as among men) there are pathological topographic cretins. That is, those who even remember the route from home to the nearest store from the tenth time. But most women are perfectly guided by the map and rarely get lost. At first, it is better to think over the route in advance, carefully studying the map before the trip. Subsequently, you will only need it if you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar area.

The first time after buying a car, in order to feel confident behind the wheel, it is better to drive only on roads where there are few cars (to the dacha, to the nearest store, etc.). And it's better to go to the city center only later. Alas, this often leads to the fact that a woman is never able to learn how to drive along busy city streets with traffic jams and heavy traffic. Of course, this does not mean that on the very first day you need to go to the busiest street during rush hour. But you should not accustom yourself only to driving on a suburban highway. I know a huge number of women who have been driving a car for 5-10 years, for whom going to the center still causes panic. It's just that they "practiced" for too long to ride somewhere in the yard, and therefore could not get used to the extreme city traffic. So, my advice is to immediately learn to drive in the city!

It is impossible to drive a car in high-heeled shoes and that you need to carry with you some kind of special shoes (slippers or sneakers). Frankly, it's hard to understand where this myth came from. The only shoes unsuitable for driving a car are shoes or boots with very thin and high heels. Everything else is perfectly acceptable. The truth is, there is one trick: when you are just learning to drive a car, do not go to class in the same shoes. Try to drive with both sneakers and high heels. Then you simply won't have any problems with spare slippers for driving.

Sitting behind the wheel, the fair sex begins frantically to paste over their car with numerous red and white triangles with exclamation marks, the letter "U", teapots and ladies' shoes. But in vain! Most drivers (both men and women) are not overly enthusiastic about such warnings. But if men just say that when they see such a covered car, they first of all strive to overtake it (at the same time, to see what is behind the wheel), then in women a special attack of irritation causes a triangle with a lady's shoe. The arguments are about the following: if a woman hangs such a sign on the car, she seems to apologize to those around her that, such a fool, got behind the wheel. They say, excuse me for getting in your way here on the road! Well, I'm a woman, what can you take from me! In general, if you do not want to be thought of something like this, limit yourself to an exclamation mark or the letter "U" (your choice) on the rear window. And try, while you are not feeling too confident behind the wheel, not to strive to drive immediately in the left lane and, moreover, at high speed. At first, caution on the road is much more effective than all these glued signs!

A common mistake of refined young ladies getting behind the wheel is the inability to express ... their emotions. If a man swears in a critical situation, the woman will keep silent. And in vain! Of course, driving a car is quite an emotional activity, and therefore you need to be able to cope with the feelings that sometimes overwhelm you. Psychologists are convinced that in this situation the best way is to swear (you can, by the way, and quite censorship). This instantly relieves stress and the person calms down. So, ladies, learn to swear!

Another fear that haunts potential car enthusiasts is the fear that their car will be stolen. But insurance, as well as anti-theft agents (in combination with strengthening the nerves), perfectly relieves it. Of course, not everyone can afford a garage (although often it is not an obstacle for car thieves). In addition, the car can disappear from the parking lot in front of the supermarket or while you are sitting at a party. Yes, all this is true, but it is absolutely not a fact that this will certainly happen to you. However, the chance of this will increase significantly if, after hearing the statistics on the number of stolen cars, you mentally include your own, not even purchased, among them. Thoughts, as you know, materialize. Therefore, a healthy nervous system and a not too violent imagination are the first anti-theft agents that are worth thinking about. In addition, there are many car anti-theft devices (their effectiveness is very different, so it is worth consulting a professional). And, finally, car theft insurance is very reassuring (in case this trouble happens to you).

What if I crash into a Mercedes? There are three remedies for this phobia: all the same autosuggestion, the ability to drive a car well, and again insurance. Let's start with the first: if you are convinced that sooner or later you will crash into a car that costs five of yours, the probability of this event is extremely high. This is me again about the materialization of thoughts. Therefore, I advise you not to think about it. Which, however, does not mean that civil liability insurance (that is, when the insurance company pays the damage to the injured party in the event of an accident) does not make sense. Very much even has! And above all for your own peace of mind. In the end, more often accidents happen not at all because of your inability to drive, but because of the drivers around you, who think they are Schumacher.

Often, those who are afraid to drive argue that they are afraid of getting into an accident. That is, to suffer yourself (the surrounding Mercedes are no longer taken into account). But, firstly, the better you drive the car, the less likely this is, and, secondly, statistics say that the chance of dying from a brick that fell from the roof is not much less. In general, the arguments against this myth are very similar to the previous ones. To avoid this, you need all the same self-hypnosis and excellent driving skills. Of course, driving a car is a risk. But, as you know, without him, life becomes gray and insipid. Moreover, if we put this risk on one side of the scale, and all the many advantages of driving a car on the other, the second side will outweigh, of course.

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