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Trichomoniasis is a disease that appears due to the pathogen. It is considered a single-celled parasite of vaginal Trichomonas. This infection is often discussed. There is a lot of controversy about it. Actively ill people take part in them, and the range of issues extends from symptoms to the high cost of treatment.

Trichomoniasis is considered by many to be the most common STD in the world. The most daring assumptions say that trichomoniasis is present in 90% of people, they just do not know about it.

Today, urology practitioners most often find trichomoniasis in their patients. Consider the most popular claims about trichomoniasis, finding out which of these are myths and which are true.

Trichomoniasis is hidden. This is actually true. Experienced doctors say that about 50-75% of patients are completely unaware of what they are sick with. The immunity of people is significantly weakened due to the ecology and the dynamic rhythm of life. The invasion of the organism of the pathogen proceeds imperceptibly, there is no response to this, called the acute phase. A woman experiences itching for a couple of weeks, it can be a little "anointed", and then the troubles are simply forgotten. Meanwhile, the disease passes into a chronic phase.

A simple smear is not enough to detect an infection. It is necessary to carry out provocation and PCR. This is not true. The provocation of the doctor is carried out if the symptoms are blurred. Nowadays, methods of alimentary provocation are increasingly used instead of gonovaccines. They include eating spicy foods, drinking alcohol, bathing in a hot bath. When doctors say that infection is not visible in smears, this indicates that tests are taken literally on the go by a whole bunch. But an experienced specialist, focused on studying a sample, will never miss a pale pink beautiful large Trichomonas with its flagella in a stained smear. In this aspect, the human factor is very important. Although the PCR method is highly accurate, its disadvantage is low information content. The test will be positive even if there is one dead bacteria in the scraping. So for accurate detection of the disease, it is best to do a smear and bacterial culture. The latter will have to wait, but the result will probably be the most accurate.

Trichomoniasis treatment is quite expensive and time-consuming. This myth is cultivated by some medical centers, which simply benefit from extracting money from the client for a long time. Unfortunately, in medicine, there is more and more commercial approach. Doctors prescribe expensive drugs, expensive physiotherapy, expensive dietary supplements are recommended to improve immunity, and so on. However, according to all international standards in the treatment of trichomoniasis, there is only one treatment option - antiprotozoal drugs. However, there is one problem here. Doctors have been using metronidazole preparations for more than 30 years and bacteria have simply adapted to them. But there is a way out - doctors prescribe drugs that were developed a long time ago, but have been forgotten due to the wave of expensive imported drugs. Doctors say that these funds cost a penny, but they are successful. So you can defeat the disease with any means, the main thing is that there is a desire for that. To control the very process of your treatment, you need to carry out a bacterial culture and do a triple smear every 2 weeks.

The disease can be caught in the bath, using someone else's towels. This information remains unproven. In fact, it is quite difficult to imagine an ordinary woman who will rub her genitals with a wet and someone else's washcloth, or wipe her intimate parts with another person's towel. Therefore, almost all conversations about household infection with trichomoniasis are myths. Little girls can be considered an exception. Their mucous membranes are still completely defenseless. Therefore, if the mother is sick, then there is a possibility of transmission of the virus through a towel or a common sheet. But for adults, this method of transmission of the pathogen is no longer relevant.

Trichomoniasis can be contracted through kissing. But this is true. The fact is that Trichomonas can settle in a person's throat, causing another disease - Trichomonas pharyngitis. At the first opportunity, viruses will migrate to the mucous membranes of the genitals.

The expulsion of Trichomonas means the early detection of some new infection. And this statement is true. After all, Trichomonas are creatures that simply devour their small comrades, other infectious agents. As a result, when the main virus dies, small colleagues come to the fore, and treatment moves to a new stage. That is why, in the treatment of trichomoniasis, due to indications, it can be recommended to take antibiotics with a wide spectrum of action.

There is a vaccine for trichomoniasis. If you get vaccinated, you won't get sick. It is not true. Often we are talking about solkotrichovak, which is called a vaccine. This drug is actually made from lactobacilli that are obtained from women with trichomoniasis. However, the purpose of the vaccine is quite different. With its help, the normal flora of the vagina is restored, and the medicine is used after the end of the course of treatment of the disease itself. In its normal state, the vagina has a self-cleaning function. It allows you to resist any extraneous flora that gets there. We are talking about bacteria, viruses and fungi. If the microflora is disturbed, then a lack of secretory immunoglobulin A is formed in the vagina. This indicator is the best evidence of the state of vaginal immunity. The vaccine simply helps the mucous membrane to restore its functions faster. As such, a vaccine does not exist, there is simply a means that increases the body's defenses. But in the case of promiscuous intercourse, no one can guarantee that bacteria will not enter the vagina again.

Trichomoniasis should be treated as soon as possible. There are cases that a woman is being treated for years, stuffed with drugs. But her own immunity is so weak that all the efforts of doctors are wasted. Sometimes you have to stop and protect yourself from the pressure of doctors. If the sick woman does not have signs of inflammatory processes, and antibiotics are already becoming dangerous for the liver, exceeding the risk of genital health, then the drugs should be stopped. Then the doctor continues to monitor the situation, but without taking endless medications.

Trichomoniasis prevents pregnancy. When people ask themselves the question of procreation, the question arises - to treat trichomoniasis or to wait? Of course, any infection can affect pregnancy. Acute inflammation can lead to infertility, rice adhesions, immune system failure in certain areas and the risk of premature birth. But if the pregnancy has already begun, then the infection may not be transmitted to the child. In the amniotic fluid, Trichomonas is found in only one of three cases. And if the correct sanitation is carried out before childbirth, then a woman may well produce healthy offspring. This is not at all a call or permission to become pregnant for everyone infected. It's just that there are women who have been treating their sluggish infection for years and want a child. So they need to get pregnant without postponing this important decision in the long term.

Watch the video: Trichomonas vaginalis on 40x microscope (July 2022).


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