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Foam insulation

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Most of the territory of Russia and other countries lies in such a climatic zone that houses do not need heating. And high prices for electricity and gas make people look for ways to save energy resources.

The simplest method is to insulate the facade of your house or apartment. It remains only to choose the material.

It turns out that there are quite a lot of heaters, but the best is foamed polystyrene foam, or the usual foam plastic. It is head and shoulders above all its competitors in terms of basic indicators, and it is possible to use a variety of facade decorative plasters.

Thermal insulation, however, remains a fairly new business, which immediately became overgrown with rumors and gossip. So it is worth debunking the main myths about wall insulation with foam.

It is worth choosing the most dense foam, then it will be warmer in the house. In this matter, it is worth turning to simple physics. As the density of the material increases, the molecules will adhere closer to each other. These particles are better able to transfer thermal energy to each other, increasing the thermal conductivity of the material. As a result, it turns out that the cold from the street will quickly penetrate into the home. This suggests that it will be better to keep heat just foam with a lower density, even if its strength will be less. But in the presence of a reinforcing and decorative protective layer, this disadvantage will no longer be so important.

It will be warmer and safer to use styrodur. If you intend to get involved in a war with neighbors and survive a real siege with throwing stones, then it is really best to choose extruded polystyrene foam. Although it does not retain heat as well as regular foam, it is much stronger. It is worth thinking about its durability due to the limited useful life of reinforcing and adhesives. As a result, after 25 years it may turn out that a naked and sagging styrodur is located on the facade.

It will be cheaper to use mineral wool. By itself, this material is really cheaper than foam. However, in order for the house to be truly warm and comfortable, you should purchase not just ordinary mineral wool in rolls, but mineral wool slabs. Here they are already more expensive than expanded polystyrene plates, and they also have their own disadvantages in comparison with it.

The facade, insulated with foam, ceases to "breathe". This is not true, because it is not the foam plate itself that breathes, but the general structure of the facade. This happens due to the joints and the upper rib of the air layer between the insulation and the wall itself. As a result, such a system provides the most optimal air flow for ventilation of the facade, as well as breathing of the walls. Moisture inside will not appear and accumulate.

A warm facade will not give a significant increase in heat in the house. Although a "warm facade" really will not give rise to heat gain, it will be able to retain more than 30% of the heat inside the room, which would go outside without insulation. So if the facade is not insulated, it will turn out that we partially heat the street at our own expense.

Polyfoam is not an environmentally friendly material. Foamed polystyrene foam is a homogeneous foaming product that does not contain any chemical additives or form-forming substances. So, during operation, this material does not emit any radiation or any vapors. It can be argued without a doubt that for operation, foam is the safest and most environmentally friendly thermal insulation material of all on the market.

Insulating the facade is an expensive and unprofitable task. In fact, supporters of this opinion are right in some way. The pleasure is really not cheap. But the effect is worth it, because you can immediately strengthen your walls, insulate your home, decorate the facade. And all this will cost about 2 thousand dollars for a house of 100 squares (this includes materials and work). Is this a large amount? Would it be more profitable in the end to have a week's rest in boring Turkey or buy a trendy laptop? But the insulated facade is the basis for comfort and coziness at home, it is a guarantee of the health of the whole family. The dwelling itself will receive a European style, it will become stronger and more reliable for years. And in a few years the money will return in the form of saved energy resources. After that, you can start counting for invisible earnings, which debunks this myth.

Decorative plaster is not required for foam finishing. There is an opinion that it will be enough just to paint the insulation. The paint can really protect against various kinds of influences - temperature, light, chemistry. However, in any case, protection from such a layer will be less than from decorative plaster, which also plays the role of mechanical protection of the reinforcing layer. So when using "fur coat" and "bark beetle" in the decor, the owner will actually double the life and service life of his facade. And the appearance of the home will certainly improve.

There is no difference in the choice of materials for home insulation. Most often, the performers do not advertise what exactly they will be insulating the house with. It is worth showing integrity and controlling the choice of materials. There are several important details. So, the manufacturer of the mixture for gluing and reinforcing foam must be of high quality and at an affordable price. It is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer of expanded polystyrene. This plant must have a certificate for its products, comply with GOSTs, have the required density, reliability and quality. The reinforcing mesh must also be of high quality. You can not take material with low density, burned-out, fragile or frankly cheap / Chinese. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the decor, as well as its variety. It would still be better to take domestic finishing materials created using European production technologies. The owner should ask what kind of decorative plaster is included in the estimate. Mineral will be cheaper and acrylic will be more expensive. True, acrylic will provide a stronger connection between small plaster grains, such a plaster will be more homogeneous with respect to the dry mineral mixture. Also, acrylic will be colorized throughout the decor, which will give the color greater saturation and durability.

It makes no difference who will insulate. An inexperienced specialist can also use a tile adhesive, which is clearly cheaper than a special thermal insulation adhesive. Plates of expanded polystyrene will hold out on the wall for about a couple of months and will disappear, as they were held only due to mechanical fastening. These can be umbrella dowels, perforated corners and plinth strips. Gullible customers do not delve into the process, which is shamelessly used by the performers and make good money on it. It is worth knowing that according to the technology, 5-6 dowels-umbrellas are required per square meter of polystyrene, and not 2-3 pieces, as some facade workers do, trying to save money. Before applying glue to the surface, it must be primed, which must be included in the cost of insulation. The decorative layer must include a primer paint based on quartz sand. An experienced and cunning frontman, taking into account these nuances, will be able to earn extra money at the expense of the customer. The service life of a façade of poor quality will be reduced from 20 years to 2. So there is a difference, which contractor to hire - proven or cheap.

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