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Security issues have recently become very relevant. Experts say that in more than half of the cases, the conflict can be avoided altogether by using the most ordinary gas cartridge.

In about 20% more cases, the so-called gas jet can help. In this case, its use is appropriate in the subway, in the entrance or in some closed place. But people are quite skeptical about this self-defense weapon, preferring not to deal with it at all. Let's dispel some of the myths that surround gas cartridges.

Gas cartridges cannot be considered real weapons. This is a toy for cowardly women. This opinion is sometimes shared by women who are strong in spirit and body. They believe that knowledge of one of the martial arts is enough to be protected from the attacker. However, it is enough to read the weapon forums and sections on self-defense. There, everyone perceives cans as a weapon. And the possession of such is considered common and almost mandatory. There are even special sections dedicated specifically to spray cans. There, their types, tactics of use are considered, and users themselves change their experience of using such a tool. After reading such materials, many have the idea of ​​purchasing a personal gas canister. And having got used to his constant presence in his pocket, they even throw out the garbage, keeping this weapon with them.

A gas cartridge can start releasing gas on its own, which will lead to poisoning of its owner. Such a thought discourages many people from acquiring. They believe that the threat from the outside is imaginary, but the risk of harm to the owner from the spray itself is quite real. In fact, an ordinary and not expired cartridge will not just let its filler go outside, there is no need to talk about the concentration of a gas that is dangerous to the owner. Since the system is still 100% sealed, over time, there will be a little less active substance in the cartridge. Those who fear leaks may occasionally weigh their cans. On the Internet you can find pictures of spray cans after accidents or falls. Even a crumpled bottom and a split top plastic lid will not empty the weapon's container. The owners are surprised to say that the amount of active substance in such a can remains the same.

With a gas canister, people become more aggressive. This opinion usually arises among those who do not have such a tool of self-defense. In fact, a person's main weapon is not a pistol or a spray can, but his head. If a person does not control the situation, then nothing will protect and save. Usually, a person is immediately visible to whom it is better not to trust the can. Even at the stage of a conversation with him, it is clear that an aggressive, arrogant and intemperate language will be a bad owner of such a weapon. He will be able to further inflate the emerging conflict. But in this case, it is not a tool that makes a person such, but he is already aggressive in nature. But an ordinary person will remain himself even with a spray can, sharply activating and becoming dangerous only in a critical situation, when he is suddenly asked to light a cigarette or call in the dark.

Gas cartridges are unreliable. Better to use a knife or any other metal object. Of course, a critical defeat of the enemy means an unconditional victory. Only now the question may arise, what to do then with his body? How to put up with your conscience then? But the gas canister does not cause any injury, but for a short time it is able to take the attacker out of the game. And from a psychological point of view, it is much easier to spray a person with gas than to hit him with a sharp metal object. Naturally, we are not talking about a mother murderer, but about ordinary people. A simple demonstration of a knife or a can is a lost cause. In this case, there is a simple but true principle - if you get a weapon, then you have to act with it. Fragile and defenseless women can talk about the knife, who really do not even know how to operate with this cold weapon. It is also worth mentioning that the spray can has a slight advantage over traditional melee weapons in terms of the range of use. In a critical situation, this can be critical.

The gas cartridge does not work on drunken or drug addicts, or dogs. This myth is one of the most common about gas cartridges. To refute it, you can try at the end of some get-together with a heavy drink, try to touch the eye with hot chili. Hardly anyone will like this. Capsaicin works for everyone. Only mythical berserkers can avoid this, but they are unlikely to engage in banal robbery. But one should not expect the effective impact of a gas cartridge on some experienced soldier with experience in special forces. It has been observed that the gas does not always stop large guard dogs. We are talking about Dobermans, Shepherds and Rottweilers. But usually people are not attacked by trained and experienced fighters, but by moronic pumped-up gopniks, and mongrels fed by grandmothers and guards. It is on such aggressors that the gas canister will act in the right way.

It makes no sense to use a gas canister in strong winds. But this is true. But in this case, a gas pistol will not save either, especially if a strong wind blows directly in the face of the defender. True, sometimes a spray can can help in such a situation. After all, he does not spray a cloud, but gives a narrowly directed stream. So in a dangerous situation you have to look "where the wind is blowing", literally and figuratively.

A gas canister can harm the owner himself. First of all, it must be borne in mind that this is still a weapon. Yes, it can be relatively easy to buy, but it does not change its essence from this. Like any other weapon, you need to learn how to handle a gas cartridge. Many articles and tutorials have been written about this, which can be found on defense websites and forums. You can even find videos on the Internet where testers try the action of gas cartridges. As a result, a thorough study of the subject of possession of this weapon will minimize the risk of self-harm.

The spray cans may be of poor quality. There is a lot of controversy on this issue. In fact, any product can be of poor quality, and the manufacturer may suddenly decide to save on their products. Nobody is immune from this. The choice of a gas cartridge must be approached responsibly, having read before this the recommendations of experienced owners and their reviews about a particular product.

The spray cans use nerve gas. This is not true, so don't listen to salespeople or intrusive ads. If they offer to purchase such a weapon, especially without a label, it would be best to refuse right away.

The cans operate at a distance of up to 2 meters. In fact, no aerosol gas can is effective over a distance of 1 meter. Possible maximum is 1.5 meters. If the can is also small, 25 ml, then this distance will be even less.

The gas canister will instantly stop the attacker. Unfortunately, none of the spray cans works instantly. The irritant does not work immediately. Depending on the composition of the gas and the conditions of use, the delay before exposure to the substance can be from 2 to 30 seconds. So you should be prepared for the fact that the attacker will have a couple of seconds left in any case.

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