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In our country, the recruiting market is quite young. But there are still many myths in society about recruiting and recruiters.

Not only is the true state of affairs distorted thereby, but potential customers are also misled. So an attempt to debunk these myths will not only be informative, but also useful to all sides of the process - customers, candidates and recruiters.

Finding staff is easy. The customer usually sets the task, waiting for its unconditional completion. He needs to see a new employee coming to work. It is the candidates for the place that are the result of the recruiting agency. These people must meet the requirements of the customer and want to work for him. But it happens that the result is not achieved, which causes dissatisfaction in relation to recruiters. The mistake is that the agency doesn't sell people and doesn't create custom candidates. And there is no way to manage even found potential employees. Recruiters are simply intermediaries between two parties, helping them to interact. A good agency knows where to find the right candidate and how to attract him. Recruiters select the best competitors, optimizing the final choice for the executive. Thanks to the agency, he will be able to assess candidates and their motivation. So recruiters are selling the professionalism of their employees and the technology of working with people. They cannot make the customer's offer more competitive. It is also worth remembering that the candidate chooses his employer. It is possible that the potential employee will simply not like the customer. Based on this, the conclusion suggests itself that recruiting is not an easy task.

A recruiting agency is better, the larger its database. Often when evaluating a recruiting agency, the first thing to ask is the size of its database. Its large volume inspires the customer that he will quickly find good candidates. It's actually not that simple. Even those who meet all the requirements may simply not be ready to change jobs. There also remains the question of the correspondence of personal qualities and corporate culture. It is possible that the proposed conditions will not suit the candidate himself. So recruiters will need to talk and work with each candidate, which can take up to two weeks. By itself, a large base is just a tool and it cannot do the job faster and better.

There should be as many candidates as possible. Clients usually demand more and more candidates from recruiting agencies. It seems that there should be at least 5 of them, or better 10. The manager believes that it would be better for him to make a choice. In fact, it is worth considering the cost of time spent on interviews, repeat conversations. As a result, 7-8 candidates will take up to 12 valuable hours. True, if already the third candidate presented does not meet the requirements put forward, then you should think about changing the recruiting agency. It is important to remember that increasing the number of candidates increases the risk of error. The employer begins to compare them with each other, and not regarding the vacancy. The opinion about the first interlocutors is already blurred, as a result, fatigue and indifference sets in. The large number of candidates will make it possible to spread information that a certain person is looking for employees and cannot find them. This will make it harder to attract really interesting people in the future.

Recruiting agencies offer special candidates. It seems like a recruiting agency should take the perfect candidates out of nowhere. After all, they are paid for, they cannot be ordinary. But such a myth is fraught with trouble - employees will begin to divide into groups, newcomers will have increased requirements with a short adaptation period. In fact, people who appeared in the company with the help of recruiters are the same as those who came themselves. It is not their fault that they were found with the help of an intermediary. It happens that the employer even tries to reimburse the recruiting expenses from the employee's salary, which is fundamentally wrong. The costs of finding an employee should be considered, as well as the costs of rent, telephony, office equipment. Just investing correctly will allow you to receive dividends and pay off many times over.

No special preparation is required to conduct an interview. Few employers have studied interviewing skills or simply read the literature on the subject. For many, this is generally the first or second experience in life. If you do not use the services of recruiters, then you can simply waste your time. The agency knows what questions to ask a candidate to learn more about him. It may turn out that an important and fundamental moment in the course of the conversation by the employer will be missed. A recruiter must be in good working order to conduct a quality interview. Sometimes it is postponed if it is not possible to adequately assess the candidate. The recruiter must be objective, because even if the candidate does not like him personally, the main thing here is the relevance of the vacancy. The employee needs to establish emotional contact, as this will help in negotiations. An inexperienced interviewer may find that the candidate is arranging a self-presentation. During the trial period, completely different qualities will appear.

If the employee turns out to be bad, then the recruiting agency is to blame. This is a typical response from a frustrated client. In fact, it should be understood that the client himself made the final choice out of the proposed options. The agency then no longer dealt with the adaptation and management of the employee. When recruiting candidates, recruiters draw on their previous successful experience. If he coped with similar work earlier in another company, then it would be logical to assume that he will cope here too. But the soil where the grains are sown is prepared by the employer.

Recruiters can find a specialist who is willing to work for a small salary. This myth was born with the recruiting itself. At first, potential customers did not understand the essence of the service very well. Each of them personally designated the value of recruiting. Many people believe that since they pay for recruiting, then the benefit should appear here in the form of a decrease in the salary of a new employee. Gradually, with an increase in the number of consumers of such a service, the myth is gradually becoming obsolete. But there are still people who want to recoup spending as quickly as possible. But how realistic is it in general to find a good specialist working for little money? Even if such a person is found, you cannot simply transfer him to the employer. The fact that the employee agrees to such payment is likely to be a powerful incentive. And few are ready to lose it. Usually it is not possible to force a person to change such an important job for another one with such or even worse conditions. And pricing in the labor market does not work the same way as with goods. It is in stores that there are always discounts and sales. And each specialist estimates how much he costs and will not agree to work for half the price. It happens that a job seeker needs money and is ready to do anything for the sake of work. But we should expect that after solving material problems, he will simply try to improve his salary and change his job. Recruiters say they provide candidates that match their market value. And even more, such specialists will cost more, because they are the best due to their track record and high qualifications. It is important to remember that trying to lure a valuable specialist from another company will likely have to overpay for uniqueness. It is the money that will stimulate the acceptance of the proposal. So recruiting companies can save money, but not all at once in the form of a reduced salary, but in the long run.

The cost of recruiting is corny overpriced by recruiting agencies. This myth appeared because employers, in view of the still small distribution of the service, judge its value based on rumors and publications. But how easy is it to evaluate a service if you haven't used it yourself? There is no denying that recruiting is not cheap, but the return on it really exceeds expectations. But the one who used the services of the agency can really understand this. In our market, recruiting services have fallen in price by almost three times over the past couple of years. This is due to the decline in the salaries of specialists, and it is they who determine the hiring services. The share of a specialist's annual income that recruiters are willing to work for has also decreased. If earlier it averaged 20%, today many are ready to work for 10-15%.

It makes no sense for a recruiter to help a candidate. The main goal of the agency is to achieve results. Recruiters try to get their candidate to get a job, and besides, also with a maximum salary. After all, this is what determines the amount of compensation. As a result, the recruiter can ardently defend his client, proving to the customer why this particular person is needed and he needs to pay more.

Recruiters never call candidates back. If we order a service, but there is still no result, then we ourselves will ask about the reasons. Likewise with hiring - why not be proactive and interested? The recruiter is not required to inform everyone about the progress of his research. Anyone who really needs a job shouldn't hesitate to spend energy looking for it.

Candidates know better than recruiters what they really can do. You shouldn't rate the recruiter as an evaluating professional. It is just a partner with whom cooperation can help in the future. You should calmly tell him about your skills, and only then the recruiter will be able to adapt them to the client's needs and highlight what is important. After all, they are not always looking for the same thing.

For some employees, recruiters have nothing to offer. Do not blame the agency for everything - there can be many reasons for this. Perhaps the employee just has a rare specialization that is not in demand at the moment. There is a term - "unsold candidate". And he has seemingly all the necessary skills, but recruiters cannot find a suitable option. Maybe you should try looking for a job yourself? In any case, several consecutive refusals indicate that the reason is solely in the employee.

Numerous tests and questionnaires are not needed. Many candidates are so careless about their resume that they forget to even include their date of birth there. The client has its own requirements, and the agency has its own standards. In any case, a small questionnaire in addition to a resume will not hurt. And you can always clarify whether it is mandatory to fill it out. Testing, on the other hand, is usually the client's wish, you do not need to be afraid of it, it will only confirm the information about the client.

The candidate needs to cooperate with only one agency. In fact, working with several agencies is not only possible, but also necessary. You just have to do it competently. The larger the market is covered, the more offers will be received. It is worth just remembering that the employer usually cooperates with several agencies. So when you receive an offer, it is better to inform your partner about it. This behavior will be a polite way to save other people's time. Employers prefer not to associate with the candidate negotiating behind the back, considering it dishonest.

How a candidate will perform can only be judged on the basis of his past success. If a person has achieved high results in some area, then he will not necessarily strive to repeat his success. But beginners without experience and experience are sometimes ready to literally move mountains.

It is better to refuse a candidate who has been out of work for some time or has changed it often. The fallacy of this opinion has been shown by many years of research. Recruiters have proven that many companies could work much more efficiently if applicants were not removed from the list of potential candidates due to the above reasons.

If the applicant has often changed jobs or never worked at all, then he will not stay here for a long time. It turns out that the time spent by an employee in the company is usually directly related to the personal qualities of his managers and to the extent to which he generally corresponds to the position. If a person is in his place, with sane bosses, then what incentive will he have to quit?

The candidate must be certified. A diploma can guarantee the professional skills of a candidate (and even then not always), but nothing tells about his personal qualities. As a result, the graduate may turn out to be a good performer, but will not be ready to deviate from the instructions in order to develop the case. Talented candidates can have the right experience and personal qualities to solve problems. If the resume is generally attractive, why not give the person a chance?

Psychological tests are essential. Tests do not always accurately reflect the requirements that are put forward for candidates for the position. That is why live communication, interviews are also important in order not to miss some important points and form an opinion about the integrity of the individual.

Whom to hire for the customer, the recruiter decides. HR managers and recruiters don't actually take part in the actual hiring. This decision is made by top managers. But the recruiter plays an important role in the initial screening of candidates. After all, who else will weed out the bad options and present the good ones for making the final decision?

Every worker is perfect for a job. All hiring managers like to think that an employee is perfect for a particular job. It may be so, but it is unlikely that an ideal employee will be found for every open position. When recruiting, it is enough if the candidate is simply “well suited” and can be flexible in carrying out their duties. This will allow the employee to use all his strongest qualities and develop. Even if not ideal, but well-suited option can help take your work to the next level.

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