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With the advent of computers, a new profession appeared - programmers. These people remain unusual and mysterious persons. Jokes are often made about them, in this area they can compete with Vovochka and Lieutenant Rzhevsky.

Everyone knows that programmers are unsociable, shy of women and constantly think only of computers.

However, in fact, not all statements about the people of this profession are true. Therefore, we will try to expose the already ingrained fictions and myths about programmers.

Programmers are unpretentious in everyday life. Many consider it natural that a programmer needs only a chair and a computer. This myth has become the most famous as a result. Of course, such an opinion has a right to exist, but there are some exceptions. For example, one of the most famous Russian programmers Mikhail Donskoy said in an interview with Trud newspaper: "I can say for sure that I have enough furniture at home ... Only a computer and a mattress can a hacker have in a movie." In addition, highly professional specialists increasingly value comfort and can afford to use it - after all, their work is well paid. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when a programmer buys an ergonomic chair for himself, starting at $ 1,000.

Programmers are eternal bachelors. In fact, the stories that real programmers don't need women are pretty utopian. Girls for such men are not at all a waste of time. Although programmers are usually passionate about their work, nothing human is alien to them. After all, everyone wants warmth and affection: a manager, a student, an old man and, of course, a computer engineer. However, it is quite understandable where the legs grow from in this myth. After all, the work of a programmer brings strong employment, which is inevitably reflected outside the working hours. As a result, it is not uncommon for a girl to literally push her young man away from the computer by force. But efforts can be more than paid off. In A. Exler's popular book "Notes of a Programmer's Wife" all the difficulties of female communication with a "difficult" man are described.

Programmers are the most natural inhabitants of the Internet. Many consider these people to be Internet residents in the most literal sense. But how true is this common myth? Does all communication really boil down to messengers like ICQ and sitting on social networks? Nobody can answer this question exactly. Some "programmers" will honestly answer with downcast heads that they can no longer see anything beyond their native monitor, often communicating even with relatives only via the Internet. And someone will try to justify themselves by live communication, though only at work. Of course, the Web gives a strong temptation to limit your real communication with other people in favor of the virtual one. However, everyone has access to the Internet today and this disease is already common. So why blame it on programmers alone?

Programmers are bookworms. According to this statement, if programmers read anything, it is only about computers. However, this myth easily breaks down on a stack of various books on the shelves of almost any programmer. Here are Lukyanenko, Fry, Perumov and Tolkien. It is believed that one of the favorite genres of people in this profession is fantasy. The programmers themselves justify this by the fact that at work they have to deal with abstract, virtual and immaterial things.

These are people with no hobbies. With this myth, we deny programmers the right to a normal life. Everyone knows that an ideal job is one that not only allows you to provide a comfortable existence, but is, in a sense, a hobby. Based on this statement, most programmers can be safely called happy people. After all, the computer replaces them with absolutely other activities. Most of these people, moreover, simply do not have time, say, for paints, brushes and canvas. Although, if you count going to the movies, reading books and solving puzzles as a hobby, then even the most notorious programmer can be caught in doing extraneous things. “Programmers are happy to go to the cinema, to theaters, and they have a hobby, if there is enough time. In Soviet times, for example, I personally loved to play bridge,” says Donskoy.

Programmers have eternal chaos on their desk. Let's not be cunning, this stereotype often reflects reality. Although, of course, there are also aesthetic programmers who maintain perfect order in their workplace.

Programmers are always poorly cut. Indeed, programmers are not very fond of hairdressers. As a result - disheveled hair or a long tail instead of a neat haircut. These attributes can often even be used to calculate a self-respecting programmer. And there is no explanation for this phenomenon. In addition, this sign has already become so close to the image of a programmer that many employers even forgive them for disliking hairdressers and violating a strict dress code.

There are no female programmers. Or it happens, but they are noticeably inferior to their male colleagues. Most likely this myth was invented by the strong half. In fact, there are really few women in this profession, but among them there are no less highly qualified specialists than among men. In addition, there is a well-founded opinion that women in this profession are more careful and attentive than their competitors from the strong half.

Programmers know a lot of unfunny anecdotes. It will not work to dispel this myth, but the reason for this is by no means a bad sense of humor of programmers. This is due to the specifics of their work, which is far from being understood by an ordinary person. When it comes to code and jokes about computers between two programmers, this humor is likely to be understood only by them. Few will understand the comparison of co-creating a RAID array and getting married.

Programmers can fix computers themselves. You should not mix in a bunch of people of all professions related to the computer. Although programmers are aimed at high-quality and fast results, it is not always related to repair work. All the same, specialization takes place, although usually programmers have an idea of ​​ u200b u200bthe work of a computer and are able to fix a simple problem themselves.

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