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It is hard for people to give up their delusions, it is in some way comparable to withdrawal from a hard drug. Misconceptions push us towards wrong treatments, waste of money, and quarrels with family.

In modern society, there are several teachings, belief in which is detrimental to both health care and the health and material well-being of the people themselves. Scientists have interviewed more than 150 thousand people, asking the following questions: Do you practice these methods? Do you trust him? Do you spend money on practice and study of this direction?

Using the results of the survey, six dimensions were identified that characterize each of the exercises. Is it easy to get involved in this "teaching"? Is it highly addictive? Has the teaching brought material damage to an individual and how great is it? Has society as a whole suffered materially? Has personal wellbeing been affected? How many are affected by this practice?

Based on the values ​​of these parameters, several of the most common pseudosciences were selected from more than 40 exercises. Our top ten did not include such interesting teachings as clairvoyance, blood type diets and many others.

The research itself was carried out not without flaws, some of the sciences really helped and help people, but the place in the proposed rating is based on the number of negative reviews.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP says that a person's perception of the world is formed with the help of his body and language. Accordingly, a person's perception, as well as his behavior, using certain techniques can be changed. It should be noted that the ideas of NLP are based on quite scientific things related to human psychology. However, there is no scientific research confirming the effectiveness of this direction. NLP classics themselves, John Grinder and Richard Bandler, say directly: "Everything we are going to tell you here is a lie. Since you have no requirements for true and accurate concepts, in this seminar we will constantly lie to you." NLP researchers believe that the main goal of science is to squeeze money out of followers, through seminars and trainings. It is easy to get used to NLP and very hard to refuse, however, compared to other teachings, this science is quite harmless for both a person's life and his wallet.

Homeopathy. According to this "science", it is possible to treat a person with a dilute solution of a substance, it does not matter how much of a diluted substance is contained in a new solution. Followers explain the effect due to the "memory of water", "structure of water" and other phenomena that somehow do not correspond to the laws of nature. Scientists have confirmed that homeopathy heals with the effectiveness of pacifiers. And this pseudoscience is leading in the number of deceived customers, posing a significant danger to their wallet. The manufacture of homeopathic medicines is quite cheap, they do not seem to be researched at all, and they often cost like expensive high-quality medicines. While it cannot be denied that there may be benefits from these drugs based on the placebo effect, this teaching is therefore a relatively minor evil.

Urine therapy. This science says that any disease can be treated by ingestion of urine. At the same time, washing wounds outside the hospital is not considered a method of urine therapy. This science does not inspire much confidence among the population. However, its popularity is growing, since for some reason it is being promoted by the state-owned Channel One with the help of the program Malakhov Plus and its permanent host Gennady Petrovich Malakhov. The healer forgets to mention the possible consequences for the body of such "treatment". For example, kidney malfunction is possible.

Healing. Trust in this science is rooted in the deep past, when sorcerers, grandmothers and other healers flourished. Then, in the absence of medicine, it was believed that with the help of a touch of hands, some kind of passes, rituals or conspiracies, people could be healed. The danger of such treatment lies in the fact that the patient can exchange official medicine for such methods, which can lead to great complications in cases where timely medical attention is required.

Feng Shui. Recently, it has again become fashionable to get involved in everything oriental. One of the manifestations of such interest was the emergence of the science of Feng Shui, which teaches how to correctly arrange furniture in the house, taking into account all kinds of "energy flows". It is believed that if the furniture is arranged correctly in the house, then the dwelling will be saved from misfortunes and diseases. Experiments have shown that each Feng Shui "guru" confidently rearranged furniture after a visit from his colleagues. Scientists see nothing in Feng Shui other than the science of design. And all the raid of the unknown and mysterious is just an excuse to make money, in which these specialists excel better than many others.

Bioenergology. The adepts of this "science" believe that a person has a kind of "biofield". Exposure to it leads to a cure for various diseases. We chose the name of science instead of the usual "bioenergetics" for a reason. The fact is that bioenergy is a part of biochemistry and studies energy processes in biology. Just the same, this direction is not pseudoscience. A huge number of people affected by bioenergy have confirmed the falsity of this science.

Astrology. This science says that the position of the stars and planets can predict the fate of people and even the course of history. However, a large number of educational works refute any connection between the position of the stars at the time of a person's birth and his further fate or character. Astrology is on the list of leaders both in terms of the number of people who practice it and believe in it (take at least banal horoscopes) and the number of those who are disappointed. It is easy to believe in this science, formulations are often vague, events are attracted "by the ears." Classes with it require large expenses for trainings, seminars or just consultations. Drawing up an individual star chart for an astrologer is not a cheap pleasure.

Magic. According to this doctrine, it is believed that with the help of certain rituals it is possible to bring damage or some kind of harm to a person, while not coming into direct contact with him. Magic is used to attract an object of attraction to oneself, to acquire wealth. In our impromptu rating, it is the second in terms of attracting money from gullible people and absolute leadership in the number of victims of pseudoscience. There is practically no addiction to magic, but the very belief in it is a dangerous delusion.

Prayers. The very ideology of religion is based on the fact that physical ailments can be healed by prayer. Surprisingly, people spend the most money on actions related to the purchase of candles, icons, consecrated objects, donations. Of the above six parameters, prayers are in the lead in five, second only in harm to health. Scientists have repeatedly tested the benefits of this pastime and responsibly declare - there is no effect on recovery! There is even an opposite effect - sick people, knowing that they are being prayed for, recover more slowly, as if entrusting their fate into the hands of God, weakening their own strength. This effect is called "nocebo", it is the opposite of placebo in homeopathy. The patient believes that if they pray for him, then the chances of recovery are extremely small. Belief in prayer is the most dangerous delusion of modern people. For example, in the United States, 41-year-old Leilani Gyuman was convicted, who, with her daughter's diabetes complication, spent precious time in prayer.

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