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Human pregnancy (lat.graviditas) is the state of a woman's body when there is a developing embryo or fetus in her reproductive organs. Pregnancy occurs as a result of the fusion of the female and male germ cells.

Many peoples of the world have signs and superstitions about what a pregnant woman should not do in order to carry a healthy child and protect a newborn from trouble. For a long time, there have been all kinds of fears that the careless actions of a pregnant woman can affect not only the well-being of herself and the child, but also those around her.

If you delve into the consideration of all the warnings, you may get the feeling that the expectant mother was not allowed much. All these superstitions were supposed to protect a woman from evil forces. Many beliefs have survived to this day, but there are also completely new ones that were invented just a few years ago. Why are these signs observed at the present time? Isn't that absurd?

Most likely, during pregnancy, a woman becomes, on the one hand, very trusting, and on the other, she is ready to do anything to successfully bear a child. However, in spite of everything, most of the omens are based on prejudice and there is no rational thought in them. What are the most common myths among the people?

You cannot cut your hair during pregnancy. Many expectant mothers still follow this rule. Even in some hairdressing salons, pregnant women are advised to have a haircut after childbirth. Most likely, this superstition dates back to ancient mythology, according to which hair symbolizes will, energy and strength. Our ancestors were afraid that an unkind person could take possession of a lock of hair and harm a pregnant woman and her child. But now we can confidently say that from a medical point of view there are no contraindications for a future mother to visit a hairdresser. And what about a woman who constantly wears a haircut. The overgrown ends will not only spoil the appearance of the pregnant woman's hairstyle, but also the mood, as they will interfere, get into the eyes, and so on.

Hair dyeing can harm mom and baby. According to many pediatricians, the negative effects of hair dyes on mother and fetus have not been proven by any scientifically based data. The dye cannot affect the fetus for such a simple reason that it does not enter the bloodstream. The only limitation is allergic reactions. If you have previously experienced such problems when using hair coloring products, then it is actually better to refuse coloring. Or ... put away paint with ammonia and buy regular henna or basma. This paint consists only of natural ingredients and does not cause allergies. In addition, henna is now available in different shades from red to purple. You can also use the services of beauty salons, which will offer you the most modern dyes, consisting of 85% of natural raw materials.

You cannot purchase clothes and a crib for your baby in advance. It is believed that in this way it is possible not to inform the child or have complications during childbirth. Of course it is not. Most likely, this belief went after someone who bought clothes in advance for his unborn child, he died during childbirth or earlier. But there are many other cases when parents bought a whole wardrobe of a dowry, a crib and furniture for a child while he was still in the womb, and nothing bad happened, they had a strong and healthy baby. But if you are very sensitive, and you will torment yourself with doubts after buying things, then it is better to ask your friend or mother to buy the most necessary things for the first time, and after the birth of the baby you will be able to choose clothes for the baby yourself.

If a pregnant woman has heartburn, then the child will be born with lush hair. This is not true. Heartburn in pregnant women occurs because the growing uterus has to squeeze the stomach, and sometimes food goes back into the esophagus. Therefore, heartburn is very common in pregnant women.

Pregnant women should not take a bath: germs can enter the vagina and harm the fetus. Actually this is not true. The fetal bladder and mucous plug protects the child from germs. But doctors do not recommend taking very hot baths. The duration of admission should be limited to 15 minutes. This is especially true for the first trimester, because in some cases, there may be a threat of termination of pregnancy.

You cannot look at something terrible and ugly: a child can be born ugly. An unpleasant sight will not in any way affect the appearance of the baby, but it can lead to a deterioration in the emotional state of the pregnant woman, and, consequently, of the child.

You can't talk about your pregnancy until your belly is visible. This superstition is widespread in our time. Expectant mothers are in no hurry to announce their pregnancy, fearing the envy of friends and colleagues, or just an evil eye, especially if this is their first pregnancy or they have not been able to get pregnant for a long time. It all depends on the person, on how superstitious he is and whether there are people around him who can envy. But in most cases, it is better to tell about your pregnancy in advance, especially to the management and employees. In this case, you will be treated more carefully, and if necessary, the working conditions will be facilitated.

A pregnant woman cannot be drawn or photographed. This is a relatively new belief and it is connected with the fact that the picture will capture the unprotected souls of a pregnant woman and a child in her belly. Of course, this is complete nonsense! On the contrary, now many pop and movie stars are very actively exposing their rounded belly to cameras, and, despite this, give birth to healthy children.

You cannot sew and knit, otherwise childbirth will be difficult, or the child will get entangled in the umbilical cord (since the mother sews up his entrance to our world). This myth is based on the metamorphic connection between sewing and the sewing of the entrance to the world, but in reality such a connection does not exist. On the contrary, many pregnant women begin to sew and knit during this period, since they have the opportunity to make their child's first clothes themselves, and besides, they have a lot of free time for such an activity.

A pregnant woman should not raise her arms above her head. It is believed that a child can become entangled in a web. Nothing like this! One has nothing to do with the other. Yet there is some truth in this myth. Pregnant women are not advised to hang curtains or stand for a long time in public transport with their hands up, but only from a medical point of view, especially if there is a threat of miscarriage.

You cannot stare at the fire, as the child may be born with birthmarks. This is a real fiction. There is no connection between this action and the birth of a child.

Teeth should not be treated during pregnancy. It is believed that in this way you can harm the successful course of labor. In fact, this is not the case. Any concern with dental treatment is related to the use of anesthetic pain relievers that can enter the bloodstream and, therefore, can harm the fetus. Now, when removing or treating teeth in pregnant women, special herbal pain relievers are used, which will not lead to any bad consequences. You just need to warn your doctor about your pregnancy in advance.

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