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Health myths

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Medicine does not stand still: research is being conducted that is changing outdated ideas about our health.

Mature people cannot contract sexually transmitted infections. Rather, on the contrary - people at this age are usually not so persistent, forget about methods of contraception (the simplest of which is a condom) or do not even think about them. Often these people trust their partners too much, believing that they simply cannot have this kind of disease. As a result, an infection. It should be noted that recently the incidence of syphilis has increased by 68%, and, as a rule, men and women over 45 are infected.

Tetanus can be avoided with one shot. Of course, with this vaccination you will protect yourself from infection ... for ten years, and then you will have to get vaccinated again. Thus, if there are grounds to expect an infection (and this can happen, say, in a garden plot, since there is enough dirt in such places, it can get into the wound), it is better to immediately contact a doctor and start treatment, and not waiting for symptoms of tetanus to appear.

The best remedy for back pain is bed rest. Yes, if a few years ago you came to the doctor, he would most likely prescribe you several weeks of bed rest. However, doctors now think differently. They claim that moderate movement will restore your health much faster. So move more! It will be most useful to do aerobics, take a walk, ride a bike, and even better, swim. Just start with small, gradually increasing loads.

To reduce the amount of salt in your diet, you just need to diet. This is partly true. But it must be said that 85% of the salt we use comes from semi-finished products, so the only way out is to eat only homemade food.

The best defense against osteoporosis is calcium. We all hear from childhood that we need to drink milk, kefir, eat cheese, cottage cheese, in a word, use calcium so as not to get sick. This is true, but only up to 25 years old, since by the age of 30-40, our bones are already formed and begin to reject calcium. Doctors say that there are 2 types of cells that control bone density - strengthening and destructive. After 30 years, the latter gain the upper hand over the former. What can be done? Exercise! An active person has strong bones. In addition, other vitamins and minerals play an important role, since taking calcium alone will no longer have the previous beneficial effects.

Lung cancer is the worst disease that threatens the smoker. Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health and that it threatens the development of lung cancer. Only to them? According to the latest studies, smokers have a more than 20-fold increase in the risk of developing oral cancer, and a twofold increase in the likelihood of bladder and kidney cancer, larynx and pancreas cancer, cervical cancer, and stomach cancer. The only cancer that is not associated with this addiction is breast cancer.

Diabetes appears mainly due to the abuse of sweets. Wrong. The main cause of the disease is obesity. The second type of diabetes, which occurs during life, is usually triggered by poor lifestyle choices that lead to obesity.

Sunglasses are used only as a fashion accessory. No, such glasses are by no means a tribute to fashion. Exposure to ultraviolet rays increases the risk of corneal opacity, which can lead to blindness. Glasses protect you from this.

Alcohol in moderate doses is harmless. There are many points of view on this issue, but it is known that if you get drunk, your blood pressure will rise, and with it the risk of many diseases will increase. Moderate amounts of alcohol are often viewed as harmless. It is worth noting that in women, the concentration of alcohol in the blood is always higher than in men, from the same amount of alcohol consumed.

A low fat diet is always beneficial. Not always. After all, not only fats raise blood cholesterol levels, but homocysteine ​​amino acids (constituents of proteins) also clog arteries. The reason for the appearance of such amino acids is a low level of folic acid. Fill your diet with foods with a sufficient content of this acid, namely: roots, nuts, fruits, legumes.

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