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The modeling business constantly attracts beautiful girls, like the light of moths. However, not everything is so simple in this matter.

The modeling business itself is controversial and largely closed from the eyes of the general public. So it turns out that the profession of a model is surrounded by stereotypes and fictions.

The model's work is very easy. This work is really interesting, but it is certainly not easy. The work of the model is endless shooting, which can last up to 12 hours a day. It's good if there is at least a half-hour lunch break. During the day of the model, it is sometimes necessary to get to several places in different parts of the metropolis, and besides, a good knowledge of the language is also required. It's easy to get tired of that. But living in such a frantic rhythm, you still need to manage to look good. Shooting in a swimsuit does not necessarily mean the heat around - in the pavilion it can be only 10 degrees. And this is even somewhat logical, because advertising for swimwear should be ready long before the onset of the warm season. In summer, on the contrary, models can be forced to wrap themselves in ankle-deep fur coat to advertise a fur salon. All this suggests that the work of the model is, first of all, work. Although one should not forget that the model's work has its own advantages - endless trips around the world, meeting and meeting new people and even stars.

Models have unhealthy and even depraved lifestyles. The work of the model has a simple goal - to sell as much product as possible. It is her advertising that is produced. Usually these are clothes, furs, perfumes. All customers want to see a character of perfect beauty and purity in their advertising, this will make them buy the product itself. If the model is bruised after a sleepless night in the club, with traces of nicotine or drugs, be exhausted and disheveled, then no one will need her. After all, the image of the product will suffer, and buyers will not buy it. That is why customers choose those models that look as fresh and healthy as possible.

Models eat practically nothing. And again, you can remember about leading a healthy lifestyle. Which model would look good if she skipped a normal meal? And fasting will not allow the model to lead an active life, which obliges to run through numerous castings, of which there can be more than ten per day. It happens that models eat in fast foods, since they do not have the money and time for good nutrition. But all the same - they eat!

Models abroad just become sex slaves. In our countries of the former USSR, the modeling business is still underdeveloped. There are few customers, the model has practically no chance of finding a decent job and building a career. But we have a lot of beautiful girls. This creates a situation where supply exceeds demand. Abroad, the modeling business is much older, there are more customers, prospects, and work. And the person as a whole lives there much safer. Even in "wild" Turkey, the authority of the police is high, even the oligarchs respect the law. So, having a full-fledged contract in hand, the authorities will force the customer to fulfill all the conditions. There can be no question of buying a court. So there is nothing to worry about when traveling abroad. If a girl goes to work in an agency abroad, then she will receive a full set of documents that guarantee her working conditions and safety. Usually, the model has the ability to constantly communicate with relatives via Wi-Fi, which is available in almost all rented apartments for representatives of these professions. And misunderstandings can be easily resolved with an agent who will help resolve the problem. It should be understood that a trip abroad is not a ticket to sexual slavery, but a chance to really win your happiness, to get into the very center of fashionable life. This is the only way the model can break through, earn money and visit different parts of the vast world.

In the modeling business, everything is decided through the bed. Usually, customers have established requirements for who will work in his project. If he needs a brown-eyed, burning brunette, then a blue-eyed blonde can't get work even through the bed. After all, it simply does not fit the necessary requirements. The situation is similar with agencies. The employer primarily looks at the girls' ability to pose, walk the catwalk, and not how they are in bed. These skills have nothing to do with the profession. In the modeling business, people sleep with each other, but this is everyone's personal business. At any enterprise, sympathy arises, people converge, so why do they only talk about models? Nothing human is alien to them either. The bed can only solve some personal issues, and personal life is rarely associated with work. There is even such a moment that male employers are not particularly eager to have romances with models at all, it is simply not profitable for them. After all, such a close relationship implies some kind of obligation that will break the usual business relationship.

All models eventually become prostitutes. The modeling business, indeed, becomes associated with another, not entirely clean. Many prostitutes call themselves models in order to embellish their main occupation. It also happens that former models go into the sex business, believing that they can make big money there. It's no secret that representatives of escort services and just brothels are constantly circling around the models. After all, it is so easy to find gullible girls with good looks at fashion shows. So it turns out that the modeling business and prostitution coexist. But it depends only on the model itself - in which direction it will put its efforts, which way it will choose its future destiny. Good agents usually try to protect their clients from this - they hide their real name, leave their phone, not models, explain all the nuances.

All models are very rich. Leaving to work abroad, the girl is forced to attend 10-15 castings a day. The agency lends money for the first steps; it pays for the model's stay in the country, her meals and accommodation. And it is quite natural that all this needs to be worked out and given away. It often happens that the model generally remains in the red, unable to work out the funds invested in it. Such debts are the way to the top, which for some reason is not customary to talk about, remembering only about glory. They usually discuss what everyone knows - success, income. But the steps that led to this remain behind the scenes. Sometimes it happens that the model does not receive anything at all for her work, performing it simply for the sake of gaining experience and replenishing the portfolio. So a simple model from an ordinary, poor family usually has little money.

All models are stupid. It should be understood that a stupid model will not be able to succeed, its maximum is one season. And the explanation for this is simple - she simply will not be able to understand what tasks the model market sets for her, and yet she still needs to build uneasy relationships with colleagues in the profession. The model must know the laws prevailing here, understand all the subtleties of the work. A stupid girl cannot present herself favorably and get the job she needs. So appearance alone is not enough for success.

All models are very beautiful. In fact, in life, the standards of beauty differ from those that are present in the modeling world. But it is he who dictates his own rules. Usually men love women with wide hips, but for models this is unacceptable. With such a figure, the girl simply will not fit into the clothes offered to her for the show. The model's face should be the canvas, the basis for creating the image. It should be as neutral as possible. And those beautiful faces that are appreciated in everyday life will simply prevent another image from being born. A tall girl may seem awkward and strange, but on the catwalk she will look luxurious. The situation is similar with the bust. In life, big breasts are appreciated, but for the world of high fashion, small and flat ones are suitable. But there are also coincidences when a beautiful girl model looks no less impressive outside the catwalk.

Models retire at age 25. For the model, the moment of retirement is determined not by her passport data, but by her appearance. Someone in their 20s looks 10 years older, and someone manages to keep a fresh look up to 40 years. This is a very individual moment. That is why it is so important for a model to look young, fresh and good. Those who succeed in doing this at the age of 30 continue to work. In fact, there is a vicious circle in the fashion industry, so those who do not work there start to fantasize.

Any girl can become a model, even if her parameters are far from standard. The classic criteria of beauty are well known - height from 170 centimeters, and the parameters of the figure are 90 * 60 * 90. For those who aspire to become a model, you need to understand that there are still some standard criteria. In this profession, usually girls from 14 years old and not older than 21 years old are accepted, and their height should be within the range of 172-182 centimeters. In the West, for a model in general, the minimum height is 178 centimeters. The face is desirable really pretty, but the classic correct features are no longer so important. Many fashion designers generally look for the wrong faces with a twist. And the ideal figure is still a prerequisite. Those 90 * 60 * 90 are the best. True, according to professionals, 90 centimeters is too much for the hips. It is also imperative that the skin with natural hair is in excellent condition. Mobility and good manners are also appreciated. An important advantage will be knowledge of English, and even better French. But the main thing for a beginner model is the ability and desire to constantly learn. There are many stories when girls easily won prestigious professional contests, and then just got lost in the crowd.

Russian models are appreciated all over the world. This myth appeared in the early 1990s thanks to journalists. Then Russia had just opened its doors to the whole world, and a real boom in Russian models began. Our girls got the opportunity to work abroad and quite successfully fit into European standards. Since then, the criteria have practically not changed, all other things being equal, blondes are more popular than brunettes. Our models say that they simply don't have a job in Russia. If all over the world they are chasing interesting original faces, then in Russia they love classical images, as in the picture. We value a face on which you can "draw" a new image every time. Novice models are often advised to change their appearance at all - to get a haircut, remove freckles, change the shape of their lips. By the way, the domestic model Olga Pantyushenkova became popular in the West after she cut her hair bald on the advice of her agent. But how many are willing to make such sacrifices?

Models constantly substitute each other. Competition in the modeling business is a myth that came from the world of beauty pageants. There are often situations where competitors pour glass into each other's shoes and into powder. Such actions are simply terrible, but, fortunately, they are quite rare even in competitions. Models are often friends with each other, share information about the secrets of success, agencies, help newcomers. The relations of the representatives of this profession are rather partnership rather than competitive. After all, models are working on the same thing, it is not accepted to substitute here.

Models constantly wear expensive clothes of the best brands. It happens that for shows with models they pay with clothes, allowing them to take a thing for themselves. But this in no way applies to ready-to-wear things, no one will give up exclusive creations so easily. And for auditions, one should dress so that the figure is visible. Simple and stylish clothes are required, and there can be no question of any expensive outfits. And the model's salary is often only enough for room and board, so there simply will not be enough funds to purchase branded items.

All models live in luxury apartments. When a model achieves the top level, money and fame, then she usually already has the opportunity to buy her apartment. But at the beginning of a career, an agency rented a home for girls, deducting this money from future income. Usually we are talking about an economy-class apartment in which 3-4 models live. This is how the agency can spend a reasonable amount.

Most of the models are of non-traditional sexual orientation. The myth that all male models are gay originated from one story. One model girl was offended by the fact that when changing clothes at the show, male models looked not at her naked body, but at their own. And you can understand the girls' indignation. But what did the guys themselves think of them, seeing the sweet kiss, gaiety and caressing gestures? So it turns out that most of the rumors about the models are spread by themselves. This is due to the confrontation between models of different genders. It is known that girls get more fame, they generally earn more. Only few people achieve fame among men. The misconception about the unconventional orientation of models is the largest and almost ancient. In practice, it turns out that representatives of this profession wake up alone, work with strangers, and they simply have no one to talk to. Models are often unable to maintain long-distance relationships with people close to them. This problem is becoming one of the most common for beginner models who find themselves far from home.

There are many drug addicts among the models. This myth appeared thanks to the "heroin chic" of the 90s and its vicious figures: the vicious Kate Moss, the photographer David Sorrenti who died of an overdose at the age of 20, his surviving girlfriend Jamie King. Think of Calvin Klein and his scandalous advertisement for Obesession, as well as President Kennedy and his devastating speech on the dangers of heroin. "Heroin chic" quickly became a part of history, its traces go deep into the fashion industry, but even today the remnants reach us. Cinematography is also to blame for the cultivation of such a myth. We can recall at least the languid, surrounded by opium rings, Veruschka from Antonioni's "Magnification", as well as Gia Carangi from "Gia", whose brilliant career was ruined by drugs. But today such phenomena are in the past. Cindy Crawford says that she heard about drugs in her environment, but never saw them. Famous photographers Demarchelier and Lindbergh argue that it’s impossible to be successful while using drugs. After all, a model must work 12 hours a day to look great all the time. The working day of the modern model is scheduled by the minute, in this insane schedule there is barely enough time for a meager lunch, not to mention serious indulgences. Today supermodels have faded into the background, and the modeling world is rapidly changing its characters. So a failure in work will simply not be forgiven, the girl will easily be replaced. Who needs a scandalous reputation?

If a model has an expensive portfolio, then this guarantees her employment. Many clients who come to a modeling agency really often look at the portfolios of employees. But photos from real projects are much more appreciated - these are publications in magazines, advertising photo sessions, photos from shows.A professionally made portfolio will simply allow the model to be accepted into the agency's general database, but does not guarantee the result at all.

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