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Money is a special commodity, a universal equivalent (equal value) or a universal equivalent form of the value of all other commodities.

A specific property of a monetary commodity is to express the value of any other commodity, to serve as a general instrument of exchange.

Most people remain poor due to misperceptions about money. If you want to be financially independent, you need to be aware of the myths about making money.

By choosing the right (profitable) career, I could become rich. Oddly enough, there are millionaires in every profession. You can make money in any industry. Don't look for a lucrative career, only you yourself are making your career profitable.

If my parents were rich, I would be rich too. Most of the richest people come from poor families, some are from the middle income. And even people from wealthy families often have to make their own fortune.

If I studied well, I would make a lot of money. It is important to learn by doing, not in the lecture hall. According to statistics, excellent students are usually not rich.

To be successful, you need to be in the right place at the right time. Very rich people were not lucky - they themselves did everything for success. There is no need to wait for opportunities and success, they need to be created.

If my country's economy were better, I would be rich. In any society and in any country there are millionaires, money is everywhere.

If I didn't have a family or any social responsibility, I would become a millionaire. It's not about responsibility, it's about how you feel about it. It is necessary to take care of money and purchase only what is needed.

If opportunities for making big money were still available, I would become fabulously wealthy. Paradoxically, today the opportunities for making big money are even wider than before.

If the circumstances were more favorable, I would earn a lot. Anything can happen to you. You might get fired, friends and family might abandon you, and your wife might divorce. You alone are responsible for your own success.

If only I had a large amount of money, I would immediately start investing and saving. Always start small. Expecting a lot of money, you may not wait for it. The best time to invest and save is right now.

If I work hard, I’ll become rich. There are a lot of hard working, poor people in the world. The rich don't work hard, they work smart.

To start making big money, you need a decent investment. Money is needed only to grab the opportunity, the rest is up to you.

A well-paid job is a guarantee of wealth. Work is a temporary source of profit. It makes sense for money to work for you. Therefore, whatever you do, manage your money wisely, remembering to invest it in the business.

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One of the persistent beliefs that do not have the truth behind it is that all US bills depict only the presidents of this country. This is not true. So, the 100-dollar bill does not depict the President of the United States Benjamin Franklin at all, but one of the authors of the American Constitution and also the inventor of the lightning rod, Benjamin Franklin. The 10-dollar bill also depicts not US President Alexander Hamilton, but Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

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