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Masyanya is a character created in 2001 by Oleg Kuvaev and has since gained immense popularity among the Russian population. The appearance of Masyanya cannot be called beautiful, but, by right, it is considered very funny. In 2002, Masyanya first appeared on the NTV channel in the "Namedni" program.

In 2003, Masyanya was used without Kuvaev's permission on the Muz-TV channel, followed by a protracted trial, which was won by O. Kuvaev. All series about Masyanya are made in the genre of anecdote. Masyanya has a perky character, she is not picky about clothes, she is distinguished by unrestrained optimism.

In 2008, the first game with the main character Masyanya was released - "Masyanya under the yellow press", the next game went on sale in 2009, its name is "Masyanya and Beach Troubles". Masyanya is popular now.

Masyanya was instantly born in the mind of Oleg Kuvaev. Legend has it that one of the St. Petersburg autumn days. The artist was waiting for his girlfriend near the metro station. In an instant, Oleg suddenly imagined the image of a fantastic girl. As the author himself says, he suddenly realized that St. Petersburg has its own image, so there is no need to look for it somewhere abroad.

Masyanya has a very original look. It has a large head on which several hairs are organically placed. The arms and legs of this hero are quite thin. She is always wearing a red T-shirt and blue miniskirt. In this form, it appears almost everywhere and always - even in severe frosts.

Kuvaev was embarrassed by the excitement that arose around the image of Masyanya. Oleg obviously did not like it. He was shocked that a bunch of letters and calls fell on him, for example, with an offer to Masyana to advertise some goods. Kuvaev admitted that this greatly interfered with his work. It should be noted that when creating the first cartoons, Kuvayev did not at all try to get rich on it. He loved the creative process.

Masyanya became the cause of lengthy litigation. For example, in 2003, her image was used by the Muz-TV television channel without Kuvaev's permission. The program was called "Visiting Masyanya". Naturally, such an infringement of copyright could not please the creator. Oleg Kuvaev went to court, which he won. Several times the release of the series about Masyan was stopped, but each time it was resumed. So, in 2007, the fourth life of an unusual man began to count. After Oleg Kuvaev left for Israel, Pavel Muntyan became the official representative of the image of the big-headed hero.

Masyanya's birthday is the date when cartoons about her appear on the Internet. And this big-headed man appeared on the Internet on October 22, 2001. Initially, it was in Runet that one could observe his life. Masyanya gained popularity thanks to e-mail. After a while, the site begins to operate. More and more new series appear here.

A year after appearing on the Internet, Masyanya also moved to television (in 2002). This was a natural step in its development. For a character of this magnitude, life only on the Internet is a bit tight. In 2002, Masyanya settled down on the NTV channel in the "Namedni" program. True, it did not last long here (only a few months), but a start was made.

Masyani's success lies in the fact that she was not created for profit. This secret was shared by Grigory Zorin, producer of Masyanya LLC. After all, this funny character was created specifically for the soul. And if so, then it turned out in a sincere way. People's love and rich profits are probably not compatible - this is what the producer thinks. The nature of Masyanya is built in natural colors - it was initially devoid of commercial shades.

Cartoons about Masyan are presented in the genre of anecdote. I want to laugh at many of her statements, or at least smile at them. Everyday life, which often takes place in a hurry, is organically represented in funny cartoons. The manner of speaking, the intonation of the voice is a parody of the youth dialect. "Masyanya is us!" - such an inscription flaunts on the page of one of the fan sites. The fact that the series about Masyana is nothing else than the comedy is proved by the cartoon "Shorty", in which our big-headed heroine is presented in small, but very funny, sketches.

"Shit" is a cartoon about surprises. After all, it is impossible to know in advance what will happen to us in the next moment of life. After all, being afraid to get hit, for example, from the right, you may not notice the danger from above, etc. This series presents the most unexpected short videos.

"Wheels" is a cartoon about speed. Why wheels Masyana? To be able to move horizontally, but at a higher speed (than just on your own feet). Of course, I would like this plane to be flat and asphalt. In any case, this ride has a number of negative aspects.

"Post-New Year Delirium" is a cartoon with reflections on the new and the old. After the New Year, Masyana will have to adapt to the new time. Which she, in principle, does. If you are ready for the worst, then reality will give you many positive impressions.

The Woodpecker Effect - Luck or Bad Luck? Is it always beneficial for Masyanya (and for the people of Russian society)? Probably not. Overkill is never good. In any case, Masyanya was convinced of this.

"Mirror" is a cartoon about your image. Each person behaves in front of the mirror in his own way - someone smiles, and someone ... In general, in this cartoon Masyanya behaves according to the second group of people standing at the mirror. The result of this contemplation of Masyani will undoubtedly make you smile.

"The Hard Way to Quit Smoking" is a cartoon about the purpose of things. We in our real life do not always use things in accordance with their original idea. The virtual character Masyanya is also no exception in this regard. The book on how to quit smoking is proof of this.

Masyanya's remarks are becoming catchwords. They quickly disperse among the population, mainly among employees. But the management team does not consider them funny. "Bartender, a mug of cognac!", "Let's go, let's have a smoke!" or “Who is this? Boss? Fuck you, boss. I don’t want to talk to you right now,” is more and more heard in bars during lunchtime.

Masyanya is an image that reflects the new reality of our country. In particular, it should be said that Masyanya is devoid of any inferiority, the girl does not seek to prove her usefulness to someone. She absolutely does not understand the past of the country, but she lives in the present day, representing a rather funny and amusing little person. And in some situations we can see in Masyana either ourselves, or our acquaintances, or the painfully familiar all of Russian society.

Masyanya's age is unknown. How old Masyana is not exactly defined. However, according to some fragments from the cartoon, it can be concluded that the main character has already graduated from the institute, which makes it possible to talk about Masyanya's age in the region of twenty-five years.

Masyanya lives not only in Russia. Yes Yes! After some time, her own Masyanya appeared in Georgia. She was born in Tbilisi and bears the name Bajakuzo. Its creator is a sixteen-year-old schoolboy. The lifestyle of a Georgian cartoon hero consists of attending school, doing things in his free time, relaxing at sea, etc. By the way, Oleg Kuvaev was very glad that a similar character appeared outside our country.

"Masyanya in Moscow" is one of the most famous cartoons about Masyanya. The essence of this cartoon is that Masyanya comes to visit a Muscovite whom she met via the Internet. Both main characters differ radically from each other in their lifestyles. Masyanya is represented by a very modest girl. She has a regular backpack on her back. The Muscovite is very rich. She is stylishly dressed and rides an expensive car (a huge jeep). However, the goal of Oleg Kuvaev was not at all the desire to offend Muscovites in any way, just the cartoon is based on their meeting.

Masyanya does not differ in the originality of the wardrobe. She almost always appears in a red T-shirt and blue skirt. But it's not a problem! After all, this is how she got used to the consciousness of people. True, Masyanya slightly changed her wardrobe in the cartoon "Masyanya in Moscow".

Masyanya does not like to celebrate her birthday. If only slightly. By the way, the cartoon "Birthday" has been translated into six or even seven languages. And Oleg Kuvaev often gets different variations of it. True, at the same time he does not understand what exactly residents of different countries (including exotic ones) found in this cartoon. "Birthday" opens a series of cartoons about Masyana, who celebrates her "first life". But Masyanya is happy when she spends time in a nightclub, communicates with Hryundel, and also performs on stage.

Masyanya has a perky character. She is characterized by a combination of optimism and cynicism. In her character is the ability to "mock" everyone and everyone who or what comes to her hand. Masyanya clearly does not seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She can be found drinking beer, going to nightclubs, etc.

Masyanya gets along well with the computer. In particular, this can be argued from the fact that it was through the Internet that Masyanya found herself a friend - Moscow girl Lyaska. And in how many types of activities did Masyanya try. Her temperament did not give her the opportunity to linger for a long time at a monotonous job. During her colorful life, she sold newspapers, advertised products, sang at concerts and even begged for money on the street.

Masyanya laughs great. Her laugh is easily remembered by the audience. And those who are personally acquainted with her parent - Oleg Kuvaev - argue that Masyane's laughter was passed on "by inheritance" - Oleg and the virtual girl Masyanya laugh very much alike.

Masyanya is indifferent to political life. She is a pure character, devoid of character traits characteristic of politicians. Moreover, she does not understand the political trends at all, and perhaps does not even know about their existence.

Masyanya doesn't have many friends. The main characters are only Shaggy and Hryundel. With the latter, Masyanya was married for about six months. Masyanya's Moscow friend Lyaska also appears in some episodes. However, Lyaska does not pretend to be the key character.

Masyanya is a very strong personality. According to the author himself, his character does not at all have a strong and strong-willed nature. However, you cannot deny her independence either. Oleg Kuvaev especially notes such a quality of Masyani as a habit in all cases to be guided and rely solely on himself.

Oleg Kuvaev personally voiced all the characters of the 2008 computer game about Masyan. This game is called "Masyanya under the yellow press". All the characters really speak Oleg's language. Masyanya herself is presented to the players in the guise of a journalist who decided to get a job in a yellow newspaper. Her inseparable friends (Hryundel and Shaggy) did not support her aspirations. The very beginning of the action in the game is filled with casual events - after all, how much does it cost Masyana to get ready for a new job, in particular, to find this missing notebook. The game is a casual quest. The player will have to solve various puzzles, and the game is presented in two difficulty levels.

The creator Masyani admitted that it is not an easy task to complete the game from start to finish! Oleg Kuvaev is glad that Masyanya has settled in a new space - the play area. And since the genre of the new game is a quest, the player will not only have to contemplate his favorite character on a computer screen, but also brainwash. And enough riddles are in store - just to solve. Whether it's easy or not, check it out for yourself!

Masyanya and Beach Troubles is a new game about a big-headed girl. It appeared a year after the release of the first game - Masyanya under the yellow press. A casual computer game about Masyanya, published in 2009, was developed in cooperation with Oleg Kuvaev. The plot is based on Masyanya's trip to warm countries. And everything would be fine if our heroine did not lose her documents and money at the airport. So you still have to earn money for a return ticket. It is because of this that Masyanya organizes a beach business. She sells barbecue and kvass, and later also creates her own souvenir shop, as well as a photo studio.

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