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Marriage is a permanent union of a man with a woman for the purpose of creating a family and procreation; enjoys the protection and patronage of laws only when committed in a known manner, in compliance with the conditions established in the laws; entails certain legal consequences in the field of personal and property rights and obligations of spouses in relation to each other and to children (the right to maintenance, inheritance, etc.).

Marriage is generally left to the free will of individuals, but this requires:
1) a certain age, we are not older than 80 years. and not younger: for a woman - 16 and a man - 18 liters.
2) Mutual consent of the spouses;
3) the consent of parents, guardians and for military personnel and superiors.
Barriers to marriage are:
1) illness, such as mental disorder;
2) kinship and property, among the Orthodox in a straight line in all degrees of kinship and in a lateral line up to 1 degree inclusive; property up to the -1st degree;
3) state in another marriage; Christianity allows only unity; entering into the 4th marriage is not allowed;
4) the difference of religion; marriages of Christians with non-Christians are not allowed in Russia; 5) social status vocation, for example, monasticism.
The marriage is terminated by death, divorce and dissolution by court.

Love alone is enough to create a family. Only falling in love should not be the reason for marriage. More important is whether your ideas about life and what you would like to achieve together coincide. Before deciding on a marriage, think about what, besides love, unites you.

Opposites attract. At first, a shy girl, for example, will be delighted with her bold, uninhibited chosen one, who is always in the spotlight. But over time, she, who prefers cozy home evenings together, will probably not be happy with a person who likes to hang out with friends until late.

If sex is good, then everything is good. This is not true. Passion itself is a very fragile foundation. More important is trust, understanding, on which family relationships should be built.

The husband must match my ideal. In your desire to fit your husband to the ideal you created, you refuse to accept any qualities of a spouse that do not correspond to the invented image, and even more so weakness.

People get used to each other. If some character traits of your chosen one (for example, stinginess) annoy you, then by signing in the registry office, you yourself sign a divorce sentence for yourself. At first, inner discontent is overshadowed by falling in love, but over time it will manifest itself more and more vividly. You can't change your character.

Children usually bring spouses closer together and fill family life with happiness. Research shows that having their first child is often associated with stress and parental distance from each other. However, the divorce rate is lower for couples with children than for families with no children.

The most important thing in a happy family life is luck and love. The main reasons for a happy marriage are the ability to yield, the ability to take responsibility, and similar values. The happiest couples are close friends with similar interests and life priorities.

He will make me happy, and I will make him. Do not feel that your husband is obliged to make you happy. To achieve harmonious relationships in the family, a share of reasonable egoism will not hurt you. This means that you must create your own happiness. After all, if you are happy, then your husband too! And he, in turn, must also work on his own happiness.

The more educated a woman is, the more difficult it is for her to get married. Today, a woman with a college degree is more likely to marry than her former classmate who did not go to college, although educated women do get married later. In the past, an educated woman was less likely to get married.

Married people are less satisfied with their sex life and have fewer sexual contacts than people outside of marriage. Studies show that married people have better sex and more sex than their unmarried counterparts. Sex in their life happens not only more often - they get more pleasure, both physically and emotionally.

Money is not important, the main thing is love. Constant worries about daily bread are destructive to family relationships. And even a great love of this weight can not withstand. Financial problems take away the space that is needed for each other's attention.

Men benefit more from marriage. Both men and women benefit equally from marriage, although it happens in different ways. Most men and women live longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives when they are married. Men gain more health benefits and women more financially.

Cohabitation is the same as marriage, but without a passport stamp. Cohabitation, as a rule, does not bring those positive aspects in terms of health, material wealth and emotional state that are inherent in married life. In comparison, people living in a civil marriage are more like singles than married people.

Couples who lived together before marriage are much more successful than people who did not live in a civil marriage. Many studies show that people who have lived together in a civil marriage are not so happy after legal registration, on the contrary, they have more chances to part. The main reason is rather not that, having made commitments and faced with difficulties, a person seeks to get rid of them. The very fact of living together, everyday life, can lead to difficulties in relationships. According to a recent study, common-law couples are less motivated to resolve conflicts and support each other.

Nowadays people cannot live together their whole lives as they used to, because now people live much longer. This opinion is unfounded. The increase in life expectancy is due to a sharp decline in child mortality. And despite the fact that the life expectancy of adults is longer than that of their grandparents, marriage occurs much later in their lives. Plus, the length of a typical marriage without divorce hasn't changed much over the past 50 years. In addition, many couples end relationships long before the golden wedding: half of all divorces are couples who have lived less than seven years.

By getting married, a woman is much more at risk of becoming a victim of domestic violence. Despite the assumption that formal marriage registration literally frees a man's hands, studies show that being single, and especially living in a civil marriage, the risk for a woman to become a victim of domestic violence is much higher. One of the reasons for these results may be the fact that married women hide the facts of domestic violence. Moreover, a woman is more likely to divorce an aggressive, cruel man than marry such a man. In addition, it is possible that, living in an official marriage, a man cares more about the well-being of his family and is more open to society.

Due to the large number of divorces that destroy unhappy families, people who remain married have much happier families than our ancestors who lived together, no matter how bad the marriage was. The results of the latest study show that the overall level of happiness in families did not increase, but even slightly decreased. Several studies have found that in modern families, compared to marriages 20-30 years ago, there is more stress associated with work, more conflict and less understanding between spouses.

Some other things in your life will certainly change for the better. You can't forbid dreaming! But if you think logically, then marriage cannot, for example, make your work more interesting, or your sister less selfish, or your mother more understanding. Yes, and you yourself understand everything perfectly, just all the newlyweds are waiting for miracles, changes for the better!

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