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Anton Sandor LaVey was born in 1930, died in 1997. This man became famous and stood on a par with pop gurus and messianic personalities in the United States in the 60s of the last century. Glory to Anton was brought by his "Satanic Bible" and the title of High Priest of the Church of Satan.

It is not surprising that this man has become the perfect scarecrow for the entire American society, a favorite of the tabloids. La Wei reflects the "American Dream", this is a man who made himself in the literal sense, I must say this is the only instructive moment in his history.

Anton himself skillfully spread legends about himself, both in interviews and in conversations with students. An important role in the propaganda of the myth about him was played by his official biographies, which La Wei naturally skillfully edited.

The following books have been published about the "guru of Satanism": "The Devil's Avenger" in 1974 by Burton Wolfe and "The Secret Life of a Satanist" in 1990 by Blanche Barton, LaVey's personal secretary. However, an inquisitive researcher can discover in the biography of La Vey many secrets of human origin, which we will talk about here.

Anton Sandor LaVey is a real name. In fact, this person was given the name Howard Stanton Levey at birth. This is directly evidenced by the birth certificate issued in Cook Country, Illinois on November 4, 1930. Also, these data were confirmed by his relatives.

The parents' names were Joseph and Augusta La Wei. The parents were née Michael and Gerdtruda Levey. This is directly stated in the already mentioned birth certificate of the child. Also, these data are confirmed by the daughters of the Priest - Karla and Zeena.

The child was taught black magic by his grandmother, who was originally from Transylvania. The grandmother was named Lyubov Koltunova, nee Primakova. This woman was a Ukrainian emigrant who, naturally, had nothing to do with either the Roma or Transylvania. This is again confirmed by the family.

In 1945, when LaVey was 15 years old, he and his uncle, a Coast Guard officer, visited Germany, where he saw forbidden films about Satanic societies and their rituals. La Wei himself in his work "Satanic Rituals" asserted that some of the rituals just reproduce what he saw then. In fact, in 1945, young Howard was in Northern California, but in Germany he did not visit either then or ever at all. And Howard's uncle never entered the ranks of the US Army at all; in 1945 he was imprisoned, as he was a criminal of the Al Capone gang. And in connection with the post-war treaty, US citizens did not have the right to visit Germany at all, this law was in effect until the division of the country. The so-called "Germanic rituals" are written in broken, distorted German. If you are familiar with the works of Frank Long and HG Wells, then you can easily find in the rituals similarities with the stories "The Hounds of Tyndalos" and "The Island of Dr. Moreau". This information is confirmed by La Vey's relatives and his wife, as well as by the testimony of Rosalind Herkommer, who translated "Satanic Rituals" into German.

At the age of 15, La Vei was the youngest musician to play in the orchestra at the San Francisco Ballet, the young man's instrument was the oboe. First of all, it should be said that then such an orchestra did not exist at all, and in the subsequent documents of the group, which accompanied the performances of the San Francisco ballet, there is no mention of either Levee or La Vey. You can find information about this in the library at the San Francisco Museum of Art.

After fleeing home in 1947, Anton traveled with Clyde Beatty's traveling circus, where he mastered the profession of a tiger tamer and played the calliola organ, accompanying performances by famous circus performers. In the accounting books of the Beatty troupe of the Circus Museum, the name Levey or La Vei, again, is not mentioned, nor is there a word about the 17-year-old tiger tamer or organists in general. And the celebrities mentioned by La Vey never collaborated with Beatty's troupe.

In 1948, while working as an organist at the Mayan Burlesque Theater, Anton met Marilyn Monroe, who became his mistress. At this time, allegedly, because of poverty, the girl worked there as a stripper, and the proof was a calendar with a naked Monroe and the signature: "Dear Tony, you have seen this so many times. I love it, Marilyn." LaVey's friend and publisher Edward Webber claims that this was not the case, Monroe never knew Anton. Marilyn's lover, Robert Slatzer, and her agent, Harry Lipton, testify that Monroe paid all her bills, even in the most difficult times. The director of the said club at the time, Paul Valentine, in every possible way denies performing striptease in his establishment, moreover, he clearly says that these two celebrities never worked for him. And La Vei's wife, Diana. Over time, she confessed about the fact of forging an autograph.

In the early 50s, La Wei worked as a photographer at the San Francisco Police Department, and it was there that he learned all the cruelty of people. In the archives of the city police department there is no mention of either Howard LeVey or Anton LaVey. This position was held by Frank Moser, but he could not remember any LaVey.

During the Korean War, La Wei studied forensic science at San Francisco College. Journalists examined the archives of the City College and found no mention of LaVey there.

The Church of Satan's center was at # 6114, which La Wei bought on California Street because of a former brothel location there. In the house itself, according to LaVey, there were many secret and secret rooms that existed there to hide from police raids. In fact, the house belonged to Howard Levey's parents, he certainly never was a brothel. At first, Michael and Gertrude allowed their son and his first wife Carol to live there for a while, and in 1971 they issued a deed of gift for him and handed it over to Howard and Diana Levey.

In the 50s LaVey traveled to France, and in the city of Nys he recorded an album of organ music, using the pseudonym "Georges Montalba". In France, Levey was only once, it happened already in the 70s, the trip was financed by Anton's student, Maarten Lamers, who owned a network of sex clubs in Amsterdam. The story about the pseudonym arose like this. In 1989, a member of the Church of Satan, listening to a record by an unknown organist Georges Montalba, found that the music reminded him of their leader's own music. La Wei readily confirmed that the music belonged to him, thus giving rise to a new myth of the pseudonym.

Until 1966, LaVey was the city organist of San Francisco, accompanying his playing all the meetings of politicians and their banquets. But Julia Bafford, an employee of the city's civil audit department, claims that there has never been a city organist in San Francisco. During her divorce proceedings with La Vey's first wife, she stated that Howard's only regular income came from the Lost Weekend nightclub.

On April 30, 1966, on Walpurgis Night, La Wei suddenly proclaimed himself the "High Priest of Satan," thereby founding the "Church of Satan." The beginning of the "Age of Satan" was also announced. In 1966, Levey worked part-time on weekends, giving lectures on the occult. Admission to the hearings cost $ 2, which did not bring any special income. Levey's friend and future publisher, Webber, advised him to start a church. Which will be funded by the state of California. Journalists will certainly be interested in this fact, in any case, the public's attention will be received. And Levey's friend from the Lost Weekend club, private investigator Jack Webb, advised something similar. Not surprisingly, in the summer of 1966, in one of the lecture announcements, Levey was casually called "the priest of the Church of Satan."

In 1966, on Walpurgis Night, La Wei shaved his head, symbolizing his own initiation into High Priests. This is exactly what he said the Iraqi Yezidi nomads who worshiped Satan did. In reality, Levei's head was shaved later, only in the summer, at the request of Diana's wife. Yes, and in the rituals of Yezidi Muslims there is nothing connected with a shaved head.

La Wei personally designed in 1966 the official emblem of the Church of Satan, depicting the head of Baphomet in a pentogram. It was stated that copying the symbol is allowed only with the official permission of the Church of Satan. The emblem of the Satanists was far from original, used by members of the Templar order. The design appeared in 1931 in a book by Oswald Wirth, and on the cover of the popular book by Maurice Bessie, A History of Magic and the Supernatural in Pictures, this emblem is generally depicted in an identical form. By the way, in the early photographs of the rites of the Satanists, it can be seen that the very book of Bessie is located on the altar. It is impossible to deny that Levei was not familiar with her - she is mentioned in the bibliography for Anton's book "All About Witchcraft".

La Wei collaborated with Roman Polanski as his technical advisor during the filming of Rosemary's Baby. Another part of the myth is the assertion that La Wei even played the episodic role of the devil there, only he was not mentioned in the credits. Producers of the film "Rosemary's Baby" William Castle and Gene Gutovsky, who are friends of Polanski, recall that there were no technical consultants, there was simply no need, because the film was completely based on the novel by Ira Levin. And numerous participants in the filming testify to this. Moreover, there is no evidence of La Vey and Polanski dating. The devil, according to the father of actress Mia Farrow, was played by a young and unknown dancer. The suit itself was purchased in 1971 by Studio One for the low-budget film, "Satan's Refuge". Michael Avino, a former technical consultant for this creation, claims that even the size of the suit would not have fit Leveu. However, one cannot exclude some Levei's attitude to the film. At the 1968 San Francisco premiere of Rosemary's Baby, La Vey was asked by the cinema to advertise it.

Jane Mansfield, a sex symbol of the time and a popular actress, was an official member of the Church of Satan and Levey's mistress. According to the recollections of an advertising agent Mansfield, she took part in promotions with Levay. The Satanist tried to molest Jane, for which he received a resounding slap in the face. The actress never made a secret of her scandalous hobbies, but closeness with Levei excludes: "... he just fell in love with me and constantly got him with his affection. He was just ridiculous." The agent recalls how the actress called Leveu home, teasing him. The Satanist's statements about the connection with Jane appeared only after she died in a car accident. Levey also attributed this event to himself, calling it "the curse he had imposed on Mansfield's lover, Sam Brody."

The Satanic Bible was written by Levei as a set of spiritual instructions for his followers. At the end of the 60s, there was a peak of interest in witchcraft and Satanism in society, so Avon Books asked Levey to write a book. The contract was signed, but Levey could not manage to deliver the book on time, so he resorted to a simple means - plagiarism. The books "The Power is the Law" by Ragnar Redbird of 1896, "The Equinox" by Aleister Crowley and "Atlas Shrugs" by Ein Rand came in handy as a source. The last words of the book written were "Yankee Rose". For many years this was a mystery to the followers of La Vey, and only a few guessed that it was the name of a popular song that was in Anton's repertoire.

The number of members of the "Church of Satan" reached several hundred thousand. So, at least, La Wei thought. Diana La Wei, Church Administrator from 1966 to 1984, Michael Aquino, Senior Master and Editor of the Church's Magazine, Zeena La Wei, High Priestess from 1985 to 1990, testify that even at the best of times, the sect's membership did not exceed 300. including sympathizers and family friends.

La Wei was a multimillionaire. In the course of Diana Hegarty's lawsuit regarding the payment of alimony and the division of property, an investigation was carried out, soon followed by Levey's bankruptcy filing. It was found that all that the Satanist owned was half of the house on California Street, given to him at the time by his parent. Lately, La Wei lived on poverty benefits. When, after his death, an inventory of the property was made, it was found that the building was in a very poor condition, it seemed doubtful to sell it and help out any funds. And members of the Levei family testify that in the 70s they lived on the brink of poverty, they were saved only by the money and generosity of friends of the house and Levei's father, Joseph.

La Wei was a loving father. There are facts in the police that Anton severely beat his children and wife, this, in particular, is mentioned in the report of the San Francisco Police Department for 1984. Then Levey almost strangled to death Diana, who was saved at the last moment by Karla, her daughter, who pulled her mother out of the house. Levey mocked his followers in every possible way, forcing some of them into prostitution, actually acting as a pimp. Before his eyes, in 1986, his own grandson was corrupted by a homosexual maniac. A little later, in 1990, he told one of his mentally ill friends the address of finding his own daughter Zeena, putting her in mortal danger.

La Wei died on Halloween on October 31, 1997. The San Francisco police conducted an investigation, during which it was found out that La Vey's death occurred on October 29, 1997.

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