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Among the many diets, low-carb diets stand out, the most popular and famous of which is the Kremlin one. Such people do not seem to care about how good it is for health.

In fact, the truth is a little different. And more and more research results have recently been talking about this.

Nevertheless, many remain in the misconception about various myths and low-carb diets, especially about the most famous of its varieties - the Kremlin. It got its name thanks to its use in the circle of high-ranking Moscow officials, although it was originally developed for the diet of the military and astronauts of America.

The Kremlin's low-carb diet is generally no-carb. There is an opinion that since a diet is low-carb, then it should be very, very low in carbohydrates. They often even write that the Kremlin diet is based on the complete elimination of carbohydrates from the diet. But in reality, the authors of such diets call for something different. The introductory phase of the Atkins diet is two weeks long, carbohydrates are allowed on it, albeit in small quantities. But this stage can be skipped if desired. Every designer of diets that restricts carbohydrates has their own ideas about the possible intake level. Practice shows that this is an individual issue; the bar can only be set by experience. Someone and 70 grams of carbohydrates per day is enough to start gaining weight, while someone uses 120 grams without much damage to the figure. In the Kremlin diet, as in most low-carbohydrate diets, after a short period of active weight loss, it is allowed to increase the allowed carbohydrate intake. It is usually enough to include dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and cereals in the diet. But white flour and sugar will have to be abandoned, these products are still not so healthy. Speaking about health risks, it is worth remembering that some diets that allow carbohydrates to be consumed within the standard norms are not particularly useful. The "Zone" diet recommends keeping only 40% of the daily calorie content, it is also considered carbohydrate. But here are the official recommendations advise to consume carbohydrates in a safe range of 45-65% of the daily calorie intake.

The Kremlin diet does not allow eating vegetables and fruits, therefore, because of it, a person does not receive the necessary nutrients. Since fruits and vegetables are predominantly carbohydrate, many believe they should be banned from the Kremlin's low-carb diet. This is confirmed by all the articles that prove the harm of such diets. In fact, a low-carb diet is based on non-starchy vegetables, and as a result, those who eat this diet consume even more vegetables than ordinary people. If a low-carb diet includes carbohydrate-rich foods, then these are fruits and vegetables. So it will not be difficult to include them in the developed meal plan. In reality, many fans of the Kremlin diet quietly increase their intake of fruits and vegetables, automatically and without much effort. The diet menu is selected in such a way as to enrich the diet as much as possible. It is known that berries and herbs contain no less nutrients, but more than fruits with limited consumption. By themselves, fruits and vegetables supply only a small fraction of those vitamins that are not found in other products, we are talking about C and PP. Salad, sorrel, radishes, currants and citrus fruits can partially make up for them. Plant foods are known to contain antioxidants that stimulate immunity. So the Kremlin diet encourages the consumption of these vegetables. Even cardiologist Atkins, the designer of the system, claims that even at the most stringent stage, you can eat a couple of glasses of leafy vegetables and a glass of ordinary vegetables every day. That is why the Kremlin diet does not provide for the rejection of vegetables, it is just that some are replaced in the diet.

With the Kremlin diet, the body will receive less fiber. It is logical to assume that fiber, which is a carbohydrate, will impoverish the diet. In fact, it is worth remembering that fiber is not absorbed and only reduces the effects of other carbohydrates on blood sugar. And in the Kremlin diet its consumption is only encouraged. Many low-carbohydrate foods are high in fiber, but if the diet needs to count carbohydrates, then fiber is not taken into account.

The Kremlin diet is unbalanced. The uninitiated person will be surprised when he learns that people adhering to this diet not only consume a lot of vegetables, but in the later stages of weight loss and maintenance, healthy carbohydrates - brown rice, whole grain bread, and others - are quite sufficient. And the myth was formed due to the fact that during the program it is recommended to take mineral and multivitamin supplements. This creates the illusion of a lack of nutrients and an imbalance in the entire diet. But the reason for such recommendations lies elsewhere. When a person quickly changes their diet - from high-carb to low-carb, the body needs to go through a stage of adapting to the new diet. A person needs additional minerals and vitamins, which is associated with the release of excess fluids from the body. To put it simply, the body is under stress when switching to the Kremlin diet, but it would be the same when switching to a high-carb diet. So it is not necessary to talk about the imbalance of a certain type of diet because of this.

With the Kremlin diet, the human body loses fluid. At first, weight loss actually occurs due to water leaving. But doctors say the body already contains a lot of unnecessary fluid if insulin levels are high. But this effect is short-lived, it has nothing to do with overall weight loss due to getting rid of excess fat. Over time, the body will begin to burn fat instead of carbohydrates and this will mark real weight loss. In the course of the Kremlin diet, many lose weight up to 30 kilograms, this cannot be achieved with water alone.

After giving up the Kremlin diet, the weight will return. This myth came about due to a misunderstanding of the process itself. Followers of the Kremlin diet, like other low-carb methods, call their diet a real system. So it is worth understanding that this is not a temporary solution to lose weight, but a lifestyle. For a low-carb diet to show its full benefits, its principles must be followed throughout your life. Cardiologists note that although this regimen quickly returns insulin levels to normal, it only works as long as the diet is followed. As you move on to the next step, the amount of carbohydrates allowed will increase. Of course, you can go off and eat a packet of chips. But by itself, it will not increase the weight by 5-10 kilograms. But if you abandon the principles of diet and start eating foods of little use, then the weight will grow, no matter what diet is used. It is worth remembering that the most "harmful" foods are saturated with fats, carbohydrates, and calories.

Pressure will rise due to the Kremlin diet. This myth is debunked through various studies. Many low-carb diets have commented on how they have been able to beat hypertension. Patients sometimes even refuse their medication. It is obvious that with weight loss the pressure also drops. But in 1991, a direct link was found between excess insulin and high blood pressure. An article was published in the journal "Hypertension" on the direct link between insulin resistance and hypertension. So a diet that lowers insulin also normalizes blood pressure.

The Kremlin's diet increases the risk of heart disease. A growing body of research suggests that the Kremlin diet, like other low-carb diets, reduces the main risks of heart disease: cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides. Diets that are based on the consumption of large amounts of meat and animal fat do not increase the risk of heart disease. In 2006, the results of 20 years of research appeared that examined the risks of coronary heart disease for fans of low-carb diets. It turned out that the risks for the observed group, at least, did not increase.

Kidneys will be damaged due to the Kremlin diet. This myth is based on the fact that some people with kidney problems are advised to eat less protein. For some reason, it seems that he can damage the kidneys. In fact, this has never been proven by anyone. There are many examples of those people who have been able to get rid of kidney disease through their low-carb diet. It is worth noting that these types of diets usually do not offer much higher protein intake than usual. And the simplest prevention against kidney disease will be the daily use of a sufficient amount of moisture - 2-2.5 liters per day. It is best to pay attention to boiled water or still bottled water.

The Kremlin diet leads to the leaching of calcium from the bones. This myth arose from the assumption that such diets recommend including as much calcium as possible in the diet. Indeed, the urine of those who choose this diet contains more calcium. However, this direction is wrong. Because proteins don't actually destroy bones, but protect them. And some studies generally show that increased protein intake also improves calcium absorption. It turns out that people who consume more protein than is usually recommended have stronger bones.

One of the creators of the low-carb diet, Atkins, died from this diet. Diet opponents often talk about this. In fact, he died of a brain hematoma from a fall. This is clearly stated on his death certificate. At that time, the scientist was 69 years old, he did not suffer from obesity, and his arteries were in good condition. And the opposite statements are only a way to tarnish the method. To be convinced of the falsity of the statement, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the photographs of the doctor at the time of death, as well as with the statements of his widow.

The Kremlin's low-carb diet is accompanied by fatigue and weakness, so it cannot be combined with physical activity. Lethargy and depressed mood are frequent companions of most diets. The reason for this is a lack of calories. But since the Kremlin diet does not strictly limit calorie intake, it is a more advantageous option. The followers of this technique easily refute the myth, claiming that they feel cheerful and energized. Diet developers even recommend exercising as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

People on the Kremlin diet feel hungry. In a normal diet, we constantly count calories and deny ourselves everything. But on a low-carb diet, you can afford to eat more filling. Is it possible to feel hunger, eating meat, cheese, fish with vegetable garnish, eggs?

The Kremlin diet is extremely monotonous. If you delve deeper into the list of permitted products, it turns out that they will be enough to make various delicious dishes throughout your life. People get to know new vegetables by coming up with original side dishes. And self-created desserts will bring a lot of benefits and pleasure. If you want to have a snack, then you can eat seeds and nuts. They are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, fats and essential proteins. Interestingly, the diet does not prohibit drinking. And although everything should be in moderation, sometimes one cannot do without strong drinks in the company.

The Kremlin diet is very expensive. And this is not even a myth, but a real prejudice. In order to replace carbohydrates removed from the menu, you do not need to buy a lot of meat. You can eat soy, dairy products, cheese, eggs, mushrooms. It will be really cheaper. Many vegetables are comparable to cereals; a side dish in the form of stewed cabbage or carrot cutlets will look great. But you have to be as honest as possible - a low-carb meal will cost more than a menu of pasta and buckwheat. But how healthy will such a menu be? But any balanced diet will require an investment. Any quality food will require vegetables and fruits as the main food group.

The Kremlin diet implies an increase in fat intake, which is bad for health. Indeed, many developers of such diets do not limit the consumed fats in any way. But fatty food is actually a habit, so if a person is not forced to change their diet, then the food will be consumed with the usual fat content. If you forcibly force to eat more fatty or, conversely, low-fat food, then she simply will not like it. It is logical to assume that when switching to a low-carb diet, the diet will not change its fat content much. For the most part, the developers of such diets do not call for increasing the amount of fat in the diet, even without prohibiting them to reduce them altogether. In addition, in a state of ketosis, the body creates their fat ketones, which give energy to the cells. That is, the fat obtained with food will not be deposited at the waist. And the effect of fat on the occurrence of heart and other diseases is still a highly controversial and debated issue.

If you follow the Kremlin diet, then a state of ketosis will come, which is very harmful to the body. While not all low-carb diets lead to this condition, in most cases this is the goal. The authors of diets even argue that ketosis is the normal state of a person, to which he should strive. If the diet is low in sugar and starches, then not enough glucose enters the body to supply the cells of the body with energy. This leads to the beginning of the synthesis of ketones and glucose in the liver from those proteins and fats that come with food. At the same time, those fats that are stored in reserve are consumed. But since almost all cells in organisms can use ketones as a source of energy and a replacement for glucose, its synthesis is minimized. This process of synthesizing ketones is called ketosis. It is most likely confused with ketoacidosis. It occurs in people with diabetes, whose lack of insulin results in persistently high blood sugar levels. Ketoacidosis occurs when a diabetic eats too many carbohydrates. But the Kremlin's low-carb diet is trying to cut their consumption.If ketosis is a natural process for the body, then ketoacidosis can lead to unpleasant consequences, including coma.

The body needs cereals and sugar, and the Kremlin diet strictly limits them. Both processed cereals and sugar people began to use relatively recently. Just over a hundred years ago, white sugar was not used at all. There is ample evidence that those who become familiar with sugar quickly become addicted to something that negatively affects their health. For millions of years, ancient man ate practically nothing and fat with the addition of non-starchy plant foods. It was thanks to them that we survived in harsh times, developing our unique brain. And agricultural crops rich in starch and sugar appeared relatively recently, only 10 thousand years ago. In their pure form, most cereals are unsuitable for food, a person had to learn not only to breed them, but then also to process them. For evolution, this time period is extremely small, so our digestive system is not yet fully ready to digest such food. Even anthropologists have noticed that the transition from hunting to growing crops has badly affected both the appearance of people and their health. It is worth remembering that some peoples continue to eat like distant ancestors. And is it really bad for them? For example, the diet of the northern tribes consists almost entirely of meat and fat, which determines the good health of these people.

If you sit on the Kremlin diet, then constipation is formed. If you drink enough liquid - 2-3 liters, then no constipation will happen. And this recommendation applies not only to low-carb diets, but most others, including high-carb diets. Yes, even without adhering to diets, it is worth remembering that the body still needs ordinary drinking water without any additives (we are talking about tea, juices, watermelons). But you can also improve bowel function with fiber. These should be nuts, legumes, berries and vegetables. Bran and flaxseeds are excellent sources. As already mentioned, fiber is not absorbed by the body, which is why it is not taken into account when calculating the number of carbohydrates.

With the Kremlin diet, you cannot eat sweets. Most of us assume that sugar is a pure carbohydrate, therefore, sweets should not be eaten on such a diet. But you need to understand that in fact such a program allows the consumption of carbohydrates, it simply limits their number. So you can eat sweet, just a little. And is there such a diet in the world that will allow you to eat in abundance cakes, pastries and chocolate? Low-carb diets offer low-carb sweets. These are fruits with their own sugar. In 100 grams of such natural products, there will be an acceptable amount of carbohydrates, unlike sweet buns with jam. Nuts, berries and seeds are even healthier. They go well with heavy cream, cottage cheese, sour cream or egg white - so you can create an excellent dessert. If you want a treat that is even sweeter, then you should add a little honey. You can eat sweets such as ice cream, cottage cheese, snowballs, meringues, parfaits, which are low in carbohydrates. In the west, low-carb soy or coconut flour recipes are popular. But we will be able to find it with difficulty. Rarely, but you can enjoy ready-made dairy desserts, small chocolate bars and dark chocolate, sweets. You just need to count the carbohydrates. If there are 10-15 grams of them in a portion, then this is quite enough for a small snack.

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