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None of the rooms in our cozy home is as diverse and technically advanced as the kitchen. And all the interior and equipment should create a pleasant atmosphere, comfort and coziness.

You can sacrifice comfort for beauty. Anywhere, but not in the kitchen. After all, we spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room of our house, with the exception of the bedroom, of course. That is why the kitchen environment should be as comfortable as possible. Then the work of a housewife, busy all day in the kitchen, will be easier and more burdensome.

The location of the furniture in the kitchen must be thought out before the renovation begins. This is necessary in order to avoid problems in the future, when the repair is completed and it is time to place the kitchen utensils in their places - where the outlet is not in place, where the switch does not fit, the ventilation pipe interferes ... In any case, the sockets in the kitchen are better closed, to keep out water and dirt. They should be located just above the working surface. It is better to put on a couple of outlets more so that you can connect additional electrical appliances without problems if necessary.

Ventilation in the kitchen is not the most important thing. Complete delusion. Smoky ceilings and darkening of the walls will not add beauty to your interior. And the smell of tobacco smoke, embedded in the curtains, is a completely unpleasant thing. The way out is good ventilation. A good-quality hood and thoughtful ventilation will do the trick. And the curtains can be completely replaced with blinds or roller blinds. A sufficient choice of colors and shades will allow you to choose the right one for almost any setting.

The arrangement of important elements of the kitchen should not be chaotic. The refrigerator, sink and stove must form a triangle. And the sides of this triangle should be as small as possible. Likewise, the distances that you cover while preparing dinner or lunch will be less. It is necessary to first consider how and on which side drawers and cabinet doors should open. They should open freely without interfering with each other.

The work surface should be as wide as possible. It all depends on the size of your kitchen. Here you need to adhere to only one rule - with a wide surface of the desktop, you will have to hang shelves and cabinets higher. Otherwise, you cannot avoid hitting your head on these very shelves. In addition, there is the possibility of expanding the surface of your table using various additional stands. On this rack, in turn, you can place some of the necessary kitchen utensils or even electrical outlets.

Don't skimp on the quality of your kitchen. After all, modern high-quality kitchen furniture meets fairly high safety and quality requirements. It provides all sorts of little things that can make your life easier and not spoil your mood over trifles: reinforced mechanisms for drawers and cabinet doors, all kinds of furniture covers that are resistant to scratches and stains, even the edges of the table are slightly raised to prevent spilling on the floor liquid spilled on the table.

Special attention should be paid to floor coverings and kitchen walls. You can tile the floor or cover it with linoleum, but these materials are still quite cold to the touch. Parquet is not suitable for the kitchen as it does not tolerate moisture Laminate is more suitable in this sense. You can combine two coatings - in the dining area, for example, laminate, and in the working area, tiles. Here it is only necessary to take into account the moment that all sorts of porous and artificially aged (cracks, for example) materials, if something is spilled on them, leave it in themselves almost forever. Few cleaning agents can handle this kind of contamination. Wall coverings should meet the same requirements as floors - easy to wash, clean, and not absorb dirt and odors. As well as on the floor, the coatings on the walls can also be combined.

It is enough to whitewash the ceiling in the kitchen. This is only when your ceiling is perfectly flat. Otherwise, it will only reveal all the flaws of the ceiling, all the irregularities. A suspended ceiling can be a good resolution. It can be given any shape that comes to your head, it will be smooth and neat. And one more plus of the suspended ceiling - light can be built into it.

Lighting should be good and preferably multi-level. Lamps sticking out of the ceiling in splendid isolation have long been a thing of the past. They only create the appearance of lighting. Light must necessarily fall on the dining area - it can be the same lamp from the ceiling. But the working area should also be properly illuminated (perhaps halogen lamps in the bottom of the upper shelves, illumination of the hood, there are special small fluorescent lamps for the kitchen ...). Ideally, each lighting circuit is controlled by separate switches, so that at night, when you want to drink cold milk, not to arrange a light show, but simply turn on the local lighting.

The color scheme is the most important thing in a kitchen setting. It is safe to say that it is. After all, the kitchen is the hottest place in our home and in order to psychologically somehow balance this fact, you can choose colder colors for finishing the kitchen. But there is a danger of overdoing it, because walls and other furnishings tend to cast glare on the dish you cook. And not all food looks more appetizing when it has, for example, a greenish tint ... There is a good way to define the color of a kitchen - to try to imagine that each color has a certain taste. Maybe this will tell you the right decision when choosing the final touch in the design of your kitchen.

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