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Kiev is a city, the capital of Ukraine (since 1934). One of the largest industrial, cultural and scientific centers, the center of the Kiev region. A major junction of rail, road and air communications. Located on the picturesque banks of the middle reaches of the Dnieper River. The average temperature in January is -5.8 ° С, in July 19.5 ° С.

Kiev is an ancient city, about which many myths and misconceptions have been formed. It is rather difficult for a person who has come to the capital of Ukraine for a few days to assess the veracity of one or another opinion about this city, expressed by friends or colleagues, and some quite plausible stories told by guides for the amusement of tourists, even native Kievans cannot always refute. But we will still try to make every effort to debunk the most famous myths about Kiev.

Kiev is clean and beautiful. Indeed, in this city there are many places and landscapes that can amaze you with their beauty, and the view from the observation platforms to the Dnieper will not leave anyone indifferent. And there are a lot of green spaces in the capital of Ukraine, but the air (especially near the roadway in the morning and evening hours of "traffic jams") is by no means clean. The impression is also spoiled by crumbling buildings or unfinished objects, which you can stumble upon in the very center of Kiev.

Kievans are cheerful, healthy - after all, they have a lot of sunny days. Indeed, the people of Kiev get a lot of sun, but for some reason their faces do not shine with joy from this. It should be borne in mind that the residents of the capital of Ukraine do not like to overwork, they know how to rest, therefore, the reason for dissatisfaction with themselves is not at all in excessive employment.

The majority of Kievites prefer to communicate in Russian, only civil servants use their native language. An erroneous opinion - about two-thirds of the population of Kiev use the Ukrainian language for everyday communication.

An underground river flows under Khreshchatyk, if you jump too diligently, you can fail. The river does flow, but so deep that the Maidan is unlikely to fail.

Arsenalnaya metro station is the only one in the world with an entrance, but no exit. Misconception. The fact is that at this station there is a corridor connecting both platforms and ending in a dead end. Many passengers (both visitors and locals) take this tunnel as a way to the exit, and many are annoyingly disappointed.

The Motherland Monument rotates around its axis, and on Victory Day strikes the shield with a sword. This is fiction, nothing like that happens to the monument - it stands motionless.

A bronze cat at the Golden Gate metro station grants wishes. This is exactly what the Kievites say to naive newcomers, while adding a piquant detail: in order for the omen to work "one hundred percent", one must hold the statue not just by the tail or ears, but necessarily by the "causal place." Delighted tourists, in a vain hope for the unrealizable, study the bronze animal, but find that under the tail of the sculpture is actually empty. So it's better to hold on to the ears or tail - the cat has them.

The Kiev funicular goes down very quickly - the driver simply releases the brakes, and the car moves downhill, gradually accelerating. With this well-known myth, the people of Kiev love to frighten visitors, recommending them to buckle up and hold on tightly (tourists usually panic when they find that there is nothing to buckle on in the cable car). But the above statement is pure fiction. The speed of the funicular carriages both on the ascent and on the descent is completely identical and by no means high.

The arch in the Friendship of Peoples Park is actually a ring dug into the ground. There is a tunnel inside it, through which you can drive on a special small car. This is not true - there is no tunnel inside the arch, and no one arranges races there. Although even the Kievites themselves cannot refute this statement with certainty.

Near the monument to Panikovsky, gold coins appear every day, which, skillfully, can be collected. Under the sole he has painted what every lover of free money needs. However, if you bend over to find out the secret, Panikovsky will go into your pocket. All statements are pure fiction. No one has yet been able to "pick off" coins from the foot of the statue (although many have tried), and the figurine depicted under Panikovsky's sole is best viewed with a mirror. After all, the statue is made in such a way that if you bend over, wanting to examine the shoes of the hero Ilf and Petrov, the hand of the monument will indeed end up in your pocket.

Ghosts stole cameras from the basements of the Arsenal plant. Indeed, cameras have disappeared from the factory basement, but not at all through the fault of spirits or evil spirits. The fact is that an underground river flows next to Arsenal, along which unknown robbers sailed.

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