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Often a person is simply overwhelmed with ideas, but there is simply no way to implement them in the workplace. Someone sadly kills them, plunging more and more into the routine, and someone goes into free swimming, opening their own business.

Usually such a step seems desperate and almost hopeless. Losers console themselves that starting a business is extremely risky by inventing many myths about this step.

Those who work for themselves come to work really hard. Indeed, many of those who work for themselves work harder than ordinary employees. But this is sometimes due to the fact that people are doing what they really love, and therefore strive to devote maximum time to it. Often, even the very organization of the business is built in such a way that the physical presence of the creator of the case is necessary. It is the person who decides how to organize his time. Many people initially build their business in such a way that payment is made exclusively for the hours when they work. For example, a lawyer who opens his own consultation issues hourly invoices to clients. When a lawyer is not working, when he is at home, naturally, he does not receive any income. However, there is no law at all that clearly obliges the creation of exclusively such a business that will bring money directly during work. In such an enterprise scheme, a workplace is created for oneself. You can also think about working in terms of building systems. In this case, you can try to create a profitable system that you can own and control. It's like owning the goose that lays the golden eggs. As a result, long work characterizes only a kind of business, chosen by the person himself. So if you don't like to work a lot, then it is not at all necessary that you have to do it.

They do their own business with only one reason - the subsequent sale. This opinion is often quoted and inspired to readers in the books of the E-Myth series. In fact, everyone determines his own path - you can create a business with the aim of subsequent sale or public offering of shares, or you can keep your favorite business for yourself. Both paths are good and worth understanding. After all, there is nothing wrong with ultimately forming a source of income that will not require going to work. For many, periodic entrepreneurship is very popular. People start a business, run it, and then sell or close it. After resting for a while or working for another company, they repeat the process again. Nobody forbids running several business projects at the same time. This will be especially easy for those who are already quite experienced in this field of activity. Such a variety can be quite exciting, but do not forget that it may require additional effort and time.

Working for yourself is always a risky undertaking. Protection from risks is the result of control, and what, if not working for oneself, gives such control? In the course of such a choice of activity, you can be sure that no one will fire you or dismiss you. Owning your own source of income is undoubtedly safer than renting one. It is extremely difficult for an employee to find additional resources to solve the assigned tasks. Often everything can run into endless bureaucratic obstacles. But the owner himself controls all his assets, it usually costs him nothing to redirect the necessary resources to the right place. It is the possession of control that creates a significant difference between the two activities. The maximum risk is always inherent in the employees, any permission to act immediately places responsibility on them, while the positive result is often appropriated personally by the owners.

Working for yourself means maximum risk, as all eggs will lie in one basket. How many people does an employee have to anger to be deprived of his job, and therefore income? Usually one - the boss. Upon dismissal, income is instantly turned off. And regardless of whether this is true or not, it still happens. So this is essentially what folding eggs into one basket. But when working for yourself, it will not be difficult to diversify income streams, thereby minimizing risks. After all, all the necessary tools for this - the creation of several different types of income from different groups of clients will be a little safer than receiving a single salary. You can organize your business so as to receive about a dozen different types of income - these are direct sales and sales through intermediaries, advertising and royalties, affiliate programs, consulting, etc. If one of the sources dries up, the general state of affairs will not seriously shake.

Working for yourself is stressful. If a person has inner tension, then he will always be puzzled by how to make ends meet, and it does not matter where he works, whether for himself or for the owner. Probably, all other things being equal, work for yourself is less stressful, since a person can enjoy a greater degree of control. It is his absence over his own life and time that causes stress. A free person can always say "no" to circumstances and thus it is easier to control his stress. A person who works for himself, if he wishes, may well make his work less stressful. Nobody bothers to turn the office into a relaxing place, set a convenient and comfortable schedule. In case of noticing the first signs of stress, no one bothers to take the necessary pause and relax. The beauty of working for yourself is that no one can force you to do what you don't like.

We have to please all customers. The rule "the client is always right" can be disregarded if desired. No one bothers to get rid of those people who upset and are not worth the effort. Usually, among the thousands of clients, there is someone with whom you do not want to do business. Then you have to dare and refuse to communicate and work with him. Can you imagine this for an employee? By being your own boss, you can behave calmly with clients, feeling confident. It is allowed to introduce your own rule: "no politeness - no service". If a client goes into conflict and believes that he can humiliate you or shout with impunity, you can simply refuse him. This approach allows us to form a circle of business partners that are reliable, decent and cultured. With those who perceive you as garbage, you simply will not deal. And you can have fun referring such clients to competitors.

Self-employment implies future loneliness. Many people believe that their communication with colleagues is a full-fledged social life. Indeed, at first it is fresh and pleasant, but over time it becomes boring. A self-employed person can more easily recognize the need for social activity outside of his work. This in the end may be due to the desire to learn from fellow business owners. If a person has his own business, then there is no need for him to be isolated from society. Such people like to relax in the company of their own kind, since this circle usually includes active and energetic people. In their own workers, the owners often simply do not find such qualities. Regular work seems to have some kind of internal socialization, but if you look at this phenomenon more closely, it turns out that it is rather limited. Excessive socialization at work can even become a reason for dismissal. But no one can prevent a self-employed person from socializing arbitrarily at any time of the day. For example, working for yourself can significantly help in the early stages of building a personal life, at the stage of dating. People can spend more time with each other, getting to know each other deeper and faster. A person in such a situation has the opportunity to choose what is more important for him at the moment - work or personal life. This is freedom, which makes it possible to just avoid loneliness.

If you work for yourself, you will have to do everything yourself. Self-employed people may well shoulder the entire burden of responsibility for the actions taken on their own shoulders, but they quickly realize that this is stupid. After all, the scope of work is simply great! Owning a magazine, it is not at all necessary to independently work on the publication of the entire issue - there are writers who are engaged in filling, a managing editor who pays attention to both the general and the details. It is important to come up with and implement a system, and already other people will take care of maintaining it. Often it is not even necessary to come up with something, you can simply borrow someone's work, enhancing them with your ideas. You can receive advertising income from the site, and this will be served by third-party services, for example from Google. In this case, a third party takes over the work with advertisers and the sale of advertisements. Selling each banner on your own is too hard and unnecessary work for one person.

Working for oneself is hard, as many incomprehensible things constantly arise. Many are discouraged by the fact that first they have to learn new things right away: tax accounting, payroll, legal aspects, etc. To understand at least the basics of all this will take time, but most of this knowledge is not so difficult. There are special books for both subjects and those who are just starting out. And don't let the learning process get you down. After all, these materials will have to be learned only once and only for your first business. If the second project starts, everything will go much faster. If the correct organization is carried out, then the support of an already working business project will not seem as difficult as it was thought at first.

It will take a lot of money to start your new business. It all depends on the business. If this is a form of working on the Internet, then it will take very little money to purchase a domain and hosting. For the first year, $ 100 is enough. Hired workers cannot constantly receive money for the constant introduction of benefits, ideas. Usually they are entitled to a constant salary and a one-time commission, while people who work for themselves are not so "generous", keeping the profit for themselves and letting it go for the further development of their production.

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