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Scabies is a contagious skin condition. The name of the disease comes from the verb "itch". It is caused by a parasite called the itch mite.

The pathogen bites deep into the skin, laying eggs in the canal. The emerging offspring repeats the breeding cycle. Scabies should be distinguished from other itching conditions. The parasite itself can be detected with a microscope.

Of course, any doctor will say that it is stupid to treat over the Internet. To determine the causes of itching, you must visit a dermatologist's office. Self-medication is very dangerous, and frequent scratching is not necessarily a sign of scabies. The disease is completely curable, in this article we will dispel the main myths about it.

Scabies is a shameful sign of uncleanliness. For some reason, the townsfolk associate this disease exclusively with homeless people or rare dirty tricks. The scabies mite itself does not accept prejudice; it makes no difference for him - a bum or an aristocrat. Undoubtedly, personal transport and detachment from the city bottom reduce the risk of illness, but not completely! So anyone can get scabies, and it's not always a matter of poor hygiene. Using soap, your own linen, again, does not guarantee complete protection. Therefore, a sick person requires, first of all, attention and help, and not shameful accusations and disgust. After all, we do not deny compassion to those with chickenpox or the flu.

I can't get scabies in any way. Usually, at a doctor's appointment, patients are very surprised at the fact of their illness. After all, their homes were clean and communication was minimal. And hands are washed with soap. The point is, scabies is highly contagious. For infection, direct contact (household or sexual) is not required, indirect contact is also sufficient. That is, any of us can become infected through objects that the patient has already touched. In this case, symptoms can appear both a few days after infection with an adult tick, and after a month if an infection with eggs has occurred. The scabies mite feels good in the external environment. You can also get infected in public transport, trying on a suit in a store, taking change, or you can through the handshake of a respectable person. Having children in the family increases the potential danger. There are more places where the parasite can be - these are sandboxes, slides, benches, toys. You should not keep the child out of the street, and infection does not mean a person's fault. You just need to treat the disease.

Scabies has unique characteristics. Only a dermatologist can unambiguously interpret itching as scabies. By the way, there are atypical forms of the disease, for example, scabies without itching, scabies can be extremely weak if people wash often. However, this does not deprive a person of the disease. The sooner treatment begins, the better. A negligent attitude to one's own health, self-medication, will certainly lead to complications.

Scabies implies the presence of a mite in the tests. In fact, the situation is as follows. The found mite uniquely defines scabies, but its absence does not mean anything. This is the specificity of both the analysis and the disease itself. Skin covered with a rash does not necessarily contain a bunch of mites, and they may simply not get into the scraping. The situation is similar to searching in a dark closet. If you didn't find anything, then maybe you were looking badly?

Others do not need to talk about their illness. Theoretically, you can understand a person who does not want to talk about his disease. But in practice, you can't do that. Perhaps the people living nearby need preventive treatment. Scabies also has an incubation period. Symptoms of the disease may not yet be present, but the disease itself is already there. The fact that people who have communicated with the patient do not have itching and rash does not mean anything. "Quiet" treatment can lead to the fact that you can get infected again from those to whom the parasite was given and "forgot" to inform about it.

Treating scabies is a trivial task for any doctor. With the right course of treatment, it is quite easy to defeat her - in just a week. But this treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor specializing in skin diseases - a dermatologist. It is he who can deliver the correct analysis, taking into account the analyzes, indications and contraindications, and prescribe the necessary medications. The doctor will also explain how to maintain hygiene during illness, how to disinfect the room and objects. Another specialist may simply not recognize the disease, the course of treatment will be directed to something incomprehensible. Often, patients with scabies are treated with dermatitis or unknown allergies.

The correct treatment for scabies immediately relieves the suffering of the patient. Believe it or not, some medications by themselves can cause itchy skin. Therefore, increased itching should not be attributed to incorrect treatment. Just consult your doctor about the course of treatment. Perhaps he will advise on some medications that can alleviate the side effects during this difficult but short period. The end of the treatment does not guarantee the disappearance of the rash. And there is nothing unusual here. After all, the skin needs time to recover. So usually an experienced doctor observes the patient a couple of months after the end of treatment in order to prevent re-infection.

Scabies can only last once. Unfortunately, like a runny nose, you can get scabies more than once. That is why it is important not only treatment, but also the observance of prescribed hygiene and sanitization of housing. Very often, people are re-infected from pathogens left on household items.

Scabies cannot be completely cured. Unlike many other skin diseases, scabies can be completely cured. Competent treatment, housing processing - and the person is no longer dangerous to others. So you should not shy away from a cured person for many years.

The main breeding ground for scabies is a dermatovenerologic dispensary (KVD). The dispensary seems to be a place where all sorts of infections and parasites are teeming, even approaching such an institution is dangerous. However, KVD is just the place where you can't get scabies. Doctors know their opponents very well, so all places that the patient touched are usually well treated by orderlies. Moreover, after the patient, doctors still have to work in this room, not in a spacesuit. Doctors will protect themselves first of all. Therefore, the risk of contracting scabies by touching a handful of doors in this establishment is much less than touching the handrail in public transport. It seems that nobody washes transport with antiseptics.

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