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Each nation is unique in its own way. This nationality is very interesting, but by no means as bright as it is commonly believed.

Irish people are friendly people. It is believed that the Irish will gladly give you the last shirt. But often they will prefer not to share it, but to sue because of it. Especially often, litigation occurs in families due to inheritance. In general, Irish people are friendly, but a lot depends on who you are, where you are and what you do. Ireland is called "the land of a thousand greetings", but one has only to earn a bad reputation and the picture will change dramatically.

All Irish people are religious. When the time of crisis comes, or danger threatens, any Irishman, even an atheist, will call on all the saints for help. But this does not mean deep religiosity, rather, it is a reflex inherent from birth. It is believed that 90% of Irish citizens are Catholic. In fact, only 30% of them have ever been to church at all. They mention the name of the Lord when they fall or are dislocated, like so many of us.

The Irish cannot sing. Ireland can be proud of its singers. Suffice it to recall the names of Ronan Keating, Chris de Burgh and Daniel O'Donnell. And the main musical export product is the U2 group. However, one should not assume that any Irishman will be able to sing a rebellious national song at any time. However, it's worth noting that local ballads can brighten up the evenings. The Irish sing about love, snow and gentle light, making listeners cry. This love of music is part of the national spirit.

The Irish are irreconcilable. In 1981, Bobby Sands, the leader of the IRA, died as a result of a hunger strike. This attracted the attention of the entire world community to the problem of relations between England and Northern Ireland. To anger London, the Irish government even decided to change the name of the street where the British embassy was located. It was decided to rename Churchill Boulevard to Bobby Sands Street. Then the British embassy was forced to change its address. Now all printed material was sent to the side street and home. So the embassy was able to refuse to use the name of the rebel. And the term "boycott" is of Irish origin, derived from the name of Captain James Boycott. The inhabitants of this country really have a principled attitude and a spirit of struggle for justice.

All Irish are redheads with freckles. It is a common stereotype that all people of this nationality have red hair. But there are many natural blondes, as well as black-haired men. It is not uncommon for the Irish to see brown or blue eyes. In our time, the country has become multicultural, only 9% of them are naturally red.

All Irish people are quarrelsome. It is believed that the Irish are so passionate that they look for a reason to fight. But those who riot in public places are not approved, but simply considered a fool. And having received such recognition, there is a risk of keeping the "stigma" for life.

All Irish are drunkards. The catchphrase says: "God invented whiskey to shield the whole world from the rule of the Irish." According to statistics, no more alcohol is drunk here than in any other European country. The myth came about due to the fact that the Irish do not hide the pleasure they get from drinking. In Dublin, there is one pub per 100 inhabitants. And to appear drunk in public is even considered a crime here. Locals don't have to get drunk at all to be fun. The company may be making more noise due to communication, rather than alcohol.

The Irish are great storytellers and storytellers. There are those who will delight listeners with interesting stories, but others cannot. Interestingly, Amanda McKittrick (1869-1939) was born in Ireland. Her English literary experts have called her the worst writer in history. She published her own series of novels, gaining the attention of many fans. The woman believed in her talent, despite the attacks of critics. She called them donkey-headed ticks and corrupt crabs, people with the talents of a janitor. And today we remember her, not her critics.

All Irish people are dumb. The British have been teasing their islanders for centuries, considering them dumb. Especially famous was Edmund Spencer, who devoted a lot of space to attacks on the Irish in his poems. He argued that the neighbors were far from the much more educated English. Do not forget that it was Ireland that gave the world James Joyce (he is considered the real heir to Shakespeare), as well as other prominent poets and writers.

The Irish are vindictive. Locals can easily flare up, but they just as quickly move away. If the Irish remember your past mistakes, it will be a joke. It is customary to treat life with humor and ironic over oneself, so you should not be offended. There is even a joke term "Irish Alzheimer". He refers to the fact that the Irish sometimes "forget" about the birthdays of their relatives, not wanting to congratulate them. But this is just a joke.

All Irish people love green. Following this statement, we can say that the Spaniards are fans of red, and the Dutch love orange. If the Irish wear everything green for their main holiday, this does not mean a general obsession with color at other times. There are traditions according to which people choose green scarves and hats for public events. This is where the love for the "national" color ends. And with those on whom there is nothing green, they will still communicate.

Irish people speak Irish. Irish is indeed the national language, but it is spoken only in a few secluded places in the west of the island. Most Irish people speak English.

Irish people live in Ireland. Ireland itself is home to about 4 million people of this nationality. But all over the world there are people with Irish roots. It is believed that most of them are in the United States - up to 36 million. They are found in Canada, Australia, Argentina and Mexico. And all these people cheerfully celebrate their national holiday - St. Patrick's Day. And the reason for the great resettlement was the "Great Famine", when people on the island died en masse due to poor potato harvest. Then many poor people decided to emigrate to the United States. Currently, there are about 80 million people in the world who are "by blood" Irish.

Count Dracula has Irish roots. Surprisingly, this is true. The writer Bram Stoker, who created the cult book, has never been to Eastern Europe at all. He was born in Dublin and raised in Ireland. It was here that he heard a lot of local legends about mysterious creatures who drank in human blood. And there is a very specific story about the leader Abhartach, who, according to historians, was the very king of the vampires.

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