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Many people perceive the concept of "intimate surgery" as something rather piquant, but not serious and almost unnecessary. However, this branch of cosmetology, which was born at the intersection of plastic surgery, gynecology and, to some extent, psychiatry, deserves close attention. After all, it is on the plastic surgeon that health (physical and mental), and sexual attractiveness, and happiness in the patient's personal life often depend.

Quite often, successes or failures in the sexual sphere are the cause of the occurrence of complexes and phobias, depression (and even illness) in perfectly healthy and outwardly attractive people. Many believe that plastic surgery will change their fate in an instant. In fact, changes for the better can come from the fact that a person gets rid of the complexes that fettered him sexuality, correcting the defects that oppressed him (and often invented).

The services of cosmetic surgeons specializing in intimate plastic surgery are exclusively used by men. Completely erroneous opinion. Women are no less worried about the appearance of their genitals. For example, many ladies seek to enlarge the labia in order to give themselves and their partner more pleasure (after all, large labia make the entrance to the vagina tighter, thereby increasing the severity of sensations).

Synthetic gels are used to enlarge the labia. No, synthetic gels sometimes cause complications, therefore they are not used for this operation. Most often, the labia majora are filled with hyaluronic acid. You can also use adipose tissue taken from the patient.

After surgery to reduce the labia, scars remain and complications often occur. The operation performed under local anesthesia or using an epidural block (the same method of pain relief is used during childbirth) is practically bloodless, thanks to the latest laser and radio wave surgery techniques. Complications after such an operation, as a rule, do not occur, and the absorbable sutures used for suturing disappear on their own within two to three weeks.

Having decided on an operation, the patient must be prepared to comply with many restrictions, and for a rather long time. There are indeed limitations, like after any surgery, but there are not so many of them. The first two days the patient needs to be less in a sitting position, for a week to treat the operated area with a special antiseptic solution and wear pads with healing ointment, and sexual intercourse can be resumed only after 3-4 weeks - that's all "rigor". After the operation, the woman stays in the hospital for 2-3 hours, after which, having received the doctor's recommendation, she goes home.

Surgical defloration is necessary if the hymen is present before delivery. Indeed, in some cases, the hymen persists in women who are sexually active. And if the gynecologist observing the course of pregnancy realizes that the hymen (or its fragments) can impede the movement of the fetus along the birth canal, artificial deflorination is prescribed.

Falloprosthetics cannot help restore lost sexual function. In fact, most often it is falloprosthetics that allows you to restore erectile function, if other methods of influence (psychological and medication) do not help. Such an operation is carried out only with the patient's written consent to use this type of surgical intervention.

After falloprosthetics, the ability to fertilize may decrease, and the prosthesis has a negative effect on urination. A hydraulic prosthesis, inserted through a small incision into the corpus cavernosum of the penis, is connected to a saline pump placed in the scrotum. During intercourse, saline is pumped into the prosthesis, due to which the erectual function lost for any reason is restored. Testes, urethra, urethra, this operation does not affect, therefore, does not have any effect on the ability to fertilize and urinary function.

The use of a hydraulic inflatable phalloprosthesis is absolutely safe, a "new life" can be started within a few weeks after the operation. Indeed, this type of phalloprostheses is made of the most safe materials for human health using modern technologies. But, as after any operation, complications are possible after falloprosthetics (allergy, foreign body intolerance, prosthesis migration, tissue edema, decreased skin sensitivity of the glans penis, etc.). To reduce the risk of such phenomena, before surgery, the genital organs are sanitized, after the operation, the patient is given detailed instructions, which will have to be strictly observed for some time. So the beginning of a "new life" (and sexual intercourse) will have to be postponed for two months in order to avoid pain and discomfort in the penis and perineum.

After a testicular prosthesis, a noticeable scar will remain. In fact, within a month after the operation, the cosmetic suture in the scrotal region becomes completely invisible.

Cosmetic surgery does not cure premature ejaculation. However, it should be remembered that in some cases such a condition can be cured through the use of medicines, physical procedures, reflexology. If early ejaculation is just a symptom of chronic colliculitis, prostatitis, etc. - the underlying inflammatory disease is cured, after which everything returns to normal. If none of the above methods gave results, an operation is performed, which consists in the intersection of the subcutaneous nerve endings responsible for ejaculation through an incision on the penis. Surgical intervention is performed under local or general anesthesia; sexual activity can be resumed within 10 days after surgery.

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