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Any travel is fraught with not only pleasant impressions, but, unfortunately, are fraught with troubles. However, not everything is so simple, there are many myths revolving around tourist insurance, and we will try to debunk some of them.

Any clinic can provide assistance with an insurance policy. Tourists often go straight to the nearest hospital or hotel doctor for help, and then notify their insurer about it. In fact, both the choice of clinic and medical expenses must be agreed with the insurance company, where you should go if you need medical help. It is likely that insurers will find the services of your chosen hospital too expensive and recommend going to a remote location. Refusal of the proposed option is fraught with the fact that you will have to pay for the services of doctors out of your own pocket. Usually the law is on the side of the insurers, besides, the policy does not usually indicate the level of the clinic, so you can easily get into a cheap hospital without getting the help you want. Although usually a company still chooses a mid-level hospital, what is such in a given country remains a mystery.

Anyone can be insured. Accidents that can be paid for by insurance occur with only 1% of tourists. However, this does not mean that all other insurers do not have health problems, it is just that not all tourists have an insurance contract. Some of them are simply denied, some are given increasing coefficients. In Russia, they are also extremely reluctant to insure pregnant women who are going on vacation; the policy will also cost more for pensioners, especially over 65 years old. Also, insurance usually does not cover the treatment of chronic diseases, and you should not expect that the treatment of injuries sustained while intoxicated will be paid for, which is what domestic tourists are famous for.

In order to be able to enjoy active recreation, you should have "sports" insurance. Sports can be different, and accordingly, different insurance rules may be prescribed in the policy. Usually they distinguish between ordinary active sports (this can be a bicycle, swimming, training) and professional ones. For skiers and divers, special insurance is usually required. In the case when the traveler is clearly going to do extreme sports, fly a hang-glider, or jump with a parachute from high-rise buildings, then it is difficult for insurers to calculate the risks of such a vacation. Usually, in such cases, insurance is denied altogether.

Insurers cover the entire range of treatment. Insurance companies have introduced such a concept as the "insurer's liability limit", thereby limiting themselves from excessive expenses. Usually, the policy indicates a fixed amount, more than which will not be allocated for treatment. But do not be afraid that your treatment will not be paid for, because according to statistics, half of all diseases are of a cold nature, their treatment is inexpensive and is usually covered by a policy. But complex procedures for the delivery of a patient from a remote mountainous region and a complex urgent operation can exceed the usual European insurance amount of 30 thousand euros. For a trip to Egypt or Turkey, insurers generally pledge an amount 2-3 times less.

All clinic services will be paid by the insurer immediately. Believing in this myth, the traveler can get into a quandary. Better still, have some money for unforeseen expenses. The fact is that not every clinic wants to work by bank transfer, so tourists will have to pay the entire amount themselves, which the insurer will reimburse them later. By the way, the insurance often includes a deductible - a certain amount of treatment will be paid by the traveler in any case, usually $ 50-100. However, this amount can be quite conditional if the cost of the provided medical care is small.

To start the policy, just call the insurer. Do not completely relax and think that the insurance company, as if by magic, will instantly solve all the problems. It is not enough just to report the problem, you also need to make sure that the call is registered. To do this, drown the application number, surname and position of the person who accepted it. During the call, try to get as much information as possible about what documents will be required from doctors, how payments for medical services will be reimbursed. It is desirable that relatives have the phone number of the insurer so that they, knowing about the problem, can monitor the situation without using roaming.

The tourist can receive monetary compensation. In fact, this is true, just do not confuse different types of insurance. In standard medical insurance, it is only about paying for medicines, transporting the victim, and also about the services of doctors. But to receive funds for other needs, you must conclude a separate agreement. With the help of it, it will be possible to compensate for the services of lawyers, receive money for urgent needs, and so on. Insurers often offer accident insurance. For example, you can insure against the refusal to issue a visa at a foreign embassy, ​​which will help to compensate for the losses from not leaving. It is also often offered to insure against flight delays. Thus, each minute of waiting at the airport will bring you a certain amount of money.

Insurance is a myth in itself, it is unrealistic to get money on it. Indeed, insurance activity in our country is still imperfect, so insurers are very reluctant to give money away. But if the tourist carefully treats the contract, thoroughly fulfills all its conditions (informs the company about what happened in time, receives the necessary documents confirming what happened), then the company will certainly pay, otherwise it will suffer serious losses associated with a deterioration of its reputation.

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