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Every year, on the eve of Orthodox Easter, a special service is held at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Jerusalem. It is characterized by the removal of a special fire from the Holy Sepulcher, which, according to believers, appears supernaturally.

The phenomenon is certainly ancient. The time has come for us to debunk the myths about the Holy Fire.

The blessed fire is of divine origin. This is the main myth regarding this phenomenon. As already mentioned, doubts about the origin of the fire were always present. Not so long ago, the Armenian priest Ghevond was even able to film a secret icon lamp, which is hidden behind a retractable icon in Kuvuklia. It has been written about the schemes for receiving the Holy Fire by priests for a long time. In the XII century, the Arab Ibn-al-Kalanisi wrote that thin wires rubbed with oil were stretched between the lamps. At the right moment, one of the threads was imperceptibly set on fire, as a result of which a bright, like lightning, fire quickly lit all the lamps. It seemed to the believers that fire had descended from heaven. Another Arab in the 13th century told how an iron box was placed at the top of the dome with a pre-calculated time of burning fire in it. At the right time, he sets fire to the lubricated chain, and along it the fire descends from above to the lamp. The literature describes that fire can appear due to the combination of balsam oil with some other additives. Spontaneous combustion of substances in air is well known to chemists.

The blessed fire does not burn. This fact is cited by many as proof of the divine nature of fire. However, an ordinary fire will not burn in the first minutes, you can even wash your face with it. Such features will be present if a low-calorie substance, for example, balsam oil, becomes the fuel. In addition, it is worth making allowance for religious ecstasy, which can reduce pain sensitivity. And the draft in the temple deflects the flame and creates an air cushion. The pilgrims themselves say that some of the fire burned very much. In the video, you can see people who do not so much hold their hands or a beard over the fire as they hold over it.

The blessed fire unites people. While thousands of pilgrims are anxiously awaiting the descent of the Holy Fire, the most real intrigues and showdowns unfold behind the scenes. Greek priests guard this phenomenon, not allowing outsiders. But the Armenian priests are outraged by such overt business. This conflict is already several hundred years old. Priests, in search of truth, sometimes even engage in assault on the premises of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. As a result, the fighters are separated by the police. What kind of unification of people can we talk about when even the church officials themselves are fighting for the right to rule the miracle? In 1834, the fight generally turned into a carnage, then about 300 pilgrims became victims.

The Holy Fire is a miracle for all Christians. In fact, not all Christians have the opportunity to touch this miracle. The blessed fire appears only in the presence of the Orthodox Patriarch. But in what way are these believers better than Catholics, Protestants? Why did the great God make only Orthodox Christians happy with his attention? They say that once the Catholics were not allowed into the Orthodox church. Then God not only did not give fire to the stubborn, but also struck here with lightning. The trail from it still remains on one of the columns. Since then, Catholics have nothing to do with the miracle. Is it correct? Or is religion once again dividing people?

The blessed fire has descended into the temple since time immemorial. In fact, the first mentions of fire date back to the 4th century. It was at that time that Christians ordered and canonized the four Gospels. The pilgrim Sylvia said that lamps are lit in the temple, and an inextinguishable lamp is constantly burning inside the cave, no fire is brought here. Obviously, then there was no miracle, but just a sacred fire burned in the Kuvuklia. The initiates kept his secret from ordinary people. Blavatsky wrote that even in ancient Egypt, alchemists learned how to create finely porous materials. They soaked up the oil like a sponge and then slowly burned it. By the 9th century, believers began to perceive cold fire as a miracle. And for the priests, this attitude was only on hand, as it strengthened their religious influence. But even then, enlightened critics emerged who criticized the "divine manifestation." However, people believed in a miracle, and in the XII-XIII centuries, simply the sacred fire became already Blessed. And they lit it no longer in the presence of believers, but inside the Kuvuklia, demonstrating a miracle to the believers.

The blessed fire is a mysterious miracle. This is what the Orthodox Church constantly talks about, emphasizing that the secret of fire has never been solved by anyone. However, back in the 17th century, Patriarch of Constantinople Cyril Lukaris says that if this miracle really existed, then all Turks would have long believed in Jesus Christ. But this does not happen!

The Holy Fire is a holy phenomenon that does not provide for self-interest. In fact, the existence of such a "miracle" is beneficial to both Israel and the Orthodox Church. Earlier, Arabs and Turks made money on it. They could not deny themselves the opportunity to make money on naive believers. People go to Jerusalem for a miracle, leaving money in the church and city. Today, annually from Russia about a hundred figures fly from Russia to the meeting of the Holy Fire at the expense of the state, whose names are not advertised. This whole party flies for a piece of fire, which is delivered to Russia by plane. In our country, the journey of the shrine is accompanied by performances and banquets. A religious event gets a commercial motive. The income from the miracle is really great. Previously, Palestine generally ate at the expense of pilgrims from Europe, the feast of the Holy Sepulcher was a celebration of happiness and prosperity for the entire country. And Muslims even charged an entrance fee to an Orthodox church.

The fire comes on schedule. The ceremony of receiving the Holy Fire is not scheduled by the minute - they do not require a miracle from God on a schedule. After the patriarch in one linen robe enters the Kuvuklia, the entrance is sealed, and the expectation of a miracle begins. Believers can wait a few minutes, or they can wait a few hours. All this time, people pray for the descent of the holy fire and for the remission of sins. They say that if one day the fire does not come down, it will become a terrible sign for humanity, and everyone in the temple will perish.

The fire ceremony is unchanged. Around the 13th century, the acquisition of the Holy Fire changed. Previously, he appeared in the form of a flash from above the Cuvuklius, and then the priests began to go inside for the fire. The old revelations lost their force, but the Arabs immediately spied on how the fire was lit - from a lamp hidden in a niche.

The descent of the fire is accompanied by wonderful flashes. Today, there are many journalists with special equipment and amateur photographers in the temple. The video does show flashes, but it is impossible to distinguish them by color from a photo flash. At the same time, when there were no cameras, they did not talk about mysterious flashes at all, although that would have been an even greater miracle. A bright flash was present until the 13th century, when the fire was still awaited outside the Cuvuklia. However, this fits well with the technology of creating a "miracle".

The pilgrims' candles light themselves. This is a very beautiful legend, which is not confirmed in the video in any way. On the contrary, you can see how people take fire from their neighbors. But then they tell how the "miracle" descended on them.

The priests themselves believe in miracles. The higher clergy, who are directly involved in the ceremony, still avoid the words "miracle" or "convergence". Patriarch Theophilos III stated that this ceremony shows how the Easter message from the sepulcher illuminated the whole world. In the temple, a performance is held, a reproduction of that event. It is not surprising that the main witness of the "miracle" answers evasively questions about its nature. The well-known deacon Andrei Kuraev reacted to this statement in the following way: "He could not say more frankly about the lighter in his pocket."

The holy light was seen in the Holy Sepulcher by the Apostle Peter. They say that having come to this place after the Resurrection, Peter saw the light here. However, the Gospel itself does not say anything about this.

Before entering the Kuvuklia, all the vestments are removed from the Patriarch and searched. Such a measure supposedly should convince believers of the impossibility of bringing fire from outside. However, live TV broadcasts show that only the upper part of the clothes is removed from the Patriarch, the rest remains on him. And no one tries to search the priest - he enters the cave during the procession.

In Russia, they have always believed in the wonderful nature of the Holy Fire. Even Orthodox leaders, and even more so scientists, at the end of the 19th century, were rather skeptical about the nature of the Holy Fire. Such scientists as I. Krachkovsky, A. Dmitrievsky, as well as Bishop Porfiry (Uspensky) doubted the existence of the "miracle". Professor N. Uspensky in 1949, in his act speech, described the history and essence of this rite in some detail. And only in our time, when religion is implanted almost by force, there are few critics left. Almost the only major Orthodox scholar who questions the divine origin of the Holy Fire is Alexander Musin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Candidate of Theology. The disgraced priest, of course, cites the testimony of Hieromonk Ghevonid Hovhannisyan, who personally saw how Armenian and Greek priests deceive believers. But who wants to hear and listen to the truth?

Watch the video: Blessed to Bless - Dont Play with Fire But Be on Fire - Bong Saquing (July 2022).


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