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Hookah is a smoking device that allows you to cool and filter the inhaled smoke. This new hobby appeared in the mass access in our country only at the end of the last century, the myths about it have remained largely undisclosed, walking among people.

You can use regular tobacco in the hookah. Hookah tobacco is different from cigarette or any other. Two types are commonly used. The first, tobamel, contains up to 70% honey, molasses or fruit essences, and uses glycerin as a moisturizer. The second is jurak, just a transitional variant between regular tobacco and prepared tobacco. Hookah tobacco must be moist. It is not surprising that the slab of such tobacco may even be wet, juice may well flow from it. Good hookah tobacco resembles jam, in such a mass, large tobacco leaves are sticky and translucent glued together in one mass.

Only tobacco is smoked in the hookah. There are special hookahs for smoking hashish and marijuana, they are smaller than usual. Ice is sometimes put in their vessel, and after each use it is recommended to thoroughly wash the hookah. The fact is that an unwashed hookah gives off an unpleasant smell to the smoke, and the tar gives off as tar. The nomads of Afghanistan use the so-called earthen hookah for field smoking hashish. This is, in fact, a large pit, 40-50 liters in size with an air duct and a lid made of twigs. South Africans have something similar.

Hookah is a safe hobby, unlike cigarettes. For many it will be a revelation that this is not true. In a hookah, the main active ingredient is ordinary tobacco, and, therefore, the smoker experiences all the delights of nicotine, a drop of which is known to kill a horse. Do not ignore the fact that the smoke of the hookah contains carbon monoxide, which can lead to unpleasant sensations and consequences.

The effect of one smoked hookah is equivalent to the effect of ten cigarettes. Other sources speak of a hundred or a thousand. However, if a person is reasonable and imagines the properties of cigarettes, he will immediately understand the absurdity of this statement. If you do not understand what it is about, try to smoke at least a dozen cigarettes one after another. For an untrained smoker, such an experiment will be unbearable. With the right approach, an hour of hookah smoking will only give a slight relaxation. And this statement appeared due to an incorrect translation of the results of a study by Egyptian and English scientists. And the involvement of the Egyptians in this problem is no coincidence - it is there that they often smoke hookah instead of work. It is only natural for Egyptians to spend the whole day in such a smoking house. That is why the local authorities are trying to introduce some measures to reduce the consumption of hookahs - from articles in the press, which expose the destructive influence of the hookah, to legislative initiatives. In the British press, there was a message that a hookah could be equivalent in strength to two hundred cigarettes in terms of carbon monoxide. This statement is close to the truth, since there is practically no carbon monoxide in a cigarette, and a hookah, in fact, is a device for producing such gas. It is thanks to the action of carbon monoxide that the most well-known effects of hookah are manifested - relaxation, dizziness, and sometimes increased heart rate, fainting and headaches. It is often difficult to find the truth in the information space - they often write that the concentration of carbon monoxide in a hookah ranges from 0.34% to 1.40%. ”According to Wikipedia, when the concentration of carbon monoxide exceeds 1.2%, after 2-3 breaths, a person loses consciousness, dying through 3 minutes. That is, according to such a set of data, hookah smokers simply have to die in terrible agony. If the smoker is savvy, he can easily reduce the negative effects of carbon monoxide, although it will not be possible to get rid of them completely. Smoking should be in a room with good ventilation, in a hookah there should be a long shaft and a large flask. Each puff should be alternated with 2-3 sips of clean air. It is recommended to smoke in a company, and alcohol consumption during the procedure is contraindicated. Many ignore these simple rules, and in fact carbon monoxide is one of the main short-term the dangers of hookah.The consequences of prolonged inhalation of such a gas by a person have not been properly studied, in rats in the same Under conditions, they reduced activity, slowed down their growth, and increased the experimental cravings for alcohol instead of ordinary water.

Hookah smoke contains no harmful tar. One cannot be completely sure of this statement. Although it is tar, and not nicotine, that is the main danger in cigarettes - settling on the human lungs, causing cancer. Resin is indeed a product of combustion, but tobacco does not burn in the common methods of smoking hookah. Smoke is formed when hot air passes through moist tobacco, while the moisture begins to evaporate, and the tobacco does not smolder, but only dries. When tobacco smolders, the smoke becomes bitter, which makes hookah smoking meaningless. But in Egypt, it is customary to put coal directly on wet tobacco leaves. Naturally, with this approach, much more resin will be formed. That is why the Egyptians are fighting hookahs, while our media mindlessly reprint these thematic materials. It should be added that the packs of hookah tobacco indicate that they contain 0% tar. More recently, the World Health Organization made a report on the dangers of hookah smoking, and so, not a word was said about resins.

Hookah is not addictive. In contrast to this statement, many, on the contrary, argue about some kind of nicotine addiction to hookah. Both of these statements are just myths. For many of our fellow citizens, it is natural to smoke a hookah a couple of times a month - on holidays or in good company. There are amateurs who smoke it three to four times a week. And there are real fanatics who smoke hookah several times a day, in the same Egypt, for example. Nicotine addiction to the first two groups practically does not threaten, since in hookah smoke there is a low concentration of nicotine, which, moreover, is retained during filtration by water. Any experienced smoker will say that it is difficult to smoke a hookah; you can often see that some members of the company are dragging on cigarettes in parallel. Therefore, no dependence should arise with a reasonable approach, the amount of nicotine that is absorbed by the body will not be enough for this. Most ordinary hookah smokers can do without it. But often the use of hookah, several times a day, is quite capable of causing nicotine addiction. Such an addiction will cost the smoker more heavily than addiction to cigarettes - after all, it will take them 5 minutes to smoke to satisfy the passion, and the hookah man needs at least an hour. And the addiction will only grow, which is why the habits of the Egyptians should not be surprising. The World Health Organization is actively signaling this problem, warning about a more severe dependence on hookah than on cigarettes.

Hookah can be used in the fight against smoking habit as a transitional remedy. Using a hookah will not help in any way in trying to quit smoking! After all, it is very difficult for them to get high, it is quite reasonable that the smoker feels the desire to "catch up". Statistics show relentlessly that those who try to quit smoking with the hookah usually fail.

Hookah smoking smoothly leads to addiction to cigarettes, and there it is not far from stronger substances (drugs, etc.). If a person is deprived of a sound mind, anything that gives pleasure can lead him to drugs. Following this statement, one can expect a "career" as a prostitute from candy lovers. However, there is a reasonable age range, doctors and psychologists believe that hookah smoking should be practiced already at a conscious age, after 20 years. Like most products that bring pleasure with moderate consumption, a person does not have problems with a hookah. But when fanaticism and unnecessary passion for the habit wakes up in a person, then problems should be expected.

It is preferable to use a hookah with milk rather than water. Oh yes, using milk in a hookah sounds tempting! However, the effect is only psychological, no positive effect from fluid replacement is observed. Many people try to use wine in the hookah, but its taste only spoils the taste of the hookah, and it's a pity to translate a good and expensive drink, it's better to use it internally. It is often recommended to use drinks that are much stronger than the same wine, for example, cognac. There is some truth in this advice, especially if you pour cognac not only into the hookah, but also inside. However, the abundant use of alcohol as a liquid can cause an abundance of alcohol fumes, which are very unpleasant for inhalation. These sensations are not worth practicing.

Hookah with fruit gives an unforgettable taste. And in this case, the effect is more psychological in nature, because it is so nice to see a melon or apples instead of a clay cup. The taste will not change much, but the hassle of preparing the hookah will be added, because the convenience of working with the usual earthenware will disappear.

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