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Herpes (Greek herpes - lichen, from herpo - crawl, stretch), a group of viral diseases characterized by the rash of grouped vesicles and manifested in the form of herpes infection and shingles. For prevention purposes, it is recommended to harden the body, especially children, to wear appropriate clothing for the weather. Next, we take a look at the most popular herpes misconceptions.

Herpes can only be contracted by people with weak immunity. This is not the case, because herpes is a very contagious infection, it is carried by about 90% of the entire population. Regardless of what kind of immunity you have, everyone can catch herpes. The virus can be transmitted through saliva. By the way, one kiss is enough with a person who suffers from herpes in order to get infected yourself. It is also worth avoiding the common use of household items (cups, spoons, plates) to prevent the appearance of herpes. Of course, you should not let a person who has genital herpes near you.

The rashes that herpes causes should not be wetted. Water does not affect the herpes virus in any way and does not entail any pain or discomfort due to the displacement of the crust at the site of inflammation.

If you have not had any problems with unpleasant symptoms before, then you should not worry. There are situations, and they are quite common, when a person does not feel any symptoms at all, although he is a source of infection. Since herpes is mainly transmitted by airborne droplets, an outwardly healthy person, without knowing it, poses a threat to others. If someone close to you often has herpes, this is a sign that it would be useful for you to be examined, you can probably be the source of the disease.

Herpes is difficult to diagnose. This is completely wrong, because today there are a number of tests that will tell you for sure whether you are sick or not. Any organ of a person can be susceptible to the herpes simplex virus. Often, herpes can cause inflammation of the trigeminal nerve. Only a doctor - virologist or dermatoneurologist can correctly diagnose the disease. Although, if you are examined by a competent doctor of another specialty, he may suspect that the main cause of the disease is the herpes virus, and refer the patient to the right specialists.

Zelenka promotes faster healing of herpes. Zelenka can only slightly dry out the rash, but, unfortunately, it is not able to remove pain, itching and speed up the healing process.

Herpes is a disease of people who live in big cities, intellectuals, but in Siberian villages they never encounter such a problem. The herpes virus begins to activate when a person's immunity decreases. Being in constant physical and mental stress, the body's defenses are unable to fight viruses. Overload, urban ecology, unbalanced diet, wrong daily routine, bad habits - this is what any person living in a metropolis faces.

Many people think that cold sores can only be on the lips or genitals. In fact, herpes can be of two types. The virus of the first simple type affects the face in most cases. The most common part is the lips. However, other parts of the face can also be affected by herpes, such as internal organs, the oral cavity, and the mucous membrane of the eyes. Herpes of the second type (genital) is one of the most common infections of the genitourinary system. It pours out on the skin of the buttocks and thighs, genitals. Its rapid spread is associated with the sexual revolution that took place in the 60s of the last century.

A UV lamp can help fight cold sores. On the contrary, an ultraviolet lamp can only intensify the effects of the virus, which will lead to more rashes and a longer recovery period.

Herpes cannot be cured. You need to deal with a temporary exacerbation, and you need to fight pain and burning with the help of special ointments. In fact, ointments do not cure, but only slightly relieve itching and pain during illness. In conditions when a person himself is a virus carrier, and at the same time he is not bothered by unpleasant symptoms, there is no need to worry. Special pills and ointments will help the body fight the disease. They contain acyclovir, which has an antiviral effect. If herpes appears again and again, you need to see a doctor.

Herpes cannot pass from the lips to the genitals. On every part of the skin, where there is even the slightest injury, there is a chance to pick up a new focus of "fever" transferred from the lips. This is how the virus on fingers or lips can be transferred to the eyes or genitals.

Having found once a "fever" on the lips, she will come back again. Some people think that cold sores can occur at any time. They are partly right, but it all depends on the frequency of relapses. If the fever occurred only once and for several days, and later did not make itself felt, you do not need to worry. Based on statistics, only 20% of virus carriers develop a recurrent form of herpes. But if the disease recurs at some frequency, consult a doctor. If you get herpes more than four times a year, this is already a serious reason to undergo a full medical examination.

Men suffer from herpes more often than women. This is not the case, because the female body is weaker, and accordingly they have a greater chance of catching the virus. Herpes is most dangerous during pregnancy. The virus of the first and second types can lead to very bad consequences for both the woman and the unborn child. Therefore, everyone who is going to have a child must first undergo a medical examination. But if genital herpes is found during pregnancy, treatment is certainly carried out before childbirth, so that the child is not infected when it passes through the birth canal.

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