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Greece (Hellas), the Kingdom of Greece (Basfleion tes Hellados) - a state in Southeast Europe. It occupies an important geographical position in the eastern Mediterranean, being close to Asia and Africa. Includes the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula proper and adjacent numerous islands (over 100), which account for about 1/5 of the country's territory; the largest of them are: Crete, Evia, Rhodes and Lesvos.
It shares borders with Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The territory of Greece is formed by historical and geographical areas: Greater Athens, Central Greece and about. Euboea, Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, Macedonia, Thrace, Aegean Islands, Ionian Islands, about. Crete, as well as nom Ayon-Oros (Mount Athos).
The area is 131.9 thousand km2. The capital is Athens. The state system is a constitutional monarchy. The provinces are divided into nomes, which in turn are divided into dioceses.
Greece is a beautiful country where many ancient cultural values ​​and centuries-old traditions have been preserved. The country is a collection of a huge number of islands, most of which are uninhabited. But that small share of the promised land, where life is full of vivid impressions, attracts with extraordinary natural views and makes it possible to feel like in a real paradise. The true natural masterpieces (but with human effort) of Greece are Athens (the capital), and islands such as Crete, Santorini, Halkidiki, Rhodes, Parnassus, and others.
Many who have visited this country will definitely bring with them a lot of impressions and reviews. Let's look at the most common statements and see if they are actually true.

They go to Greece for a new fur coat. Of course, Greek furs are renowned for their excellent quality, modern design and, at the same time, inexpensive price. But from there you can bring not only a fur coat. In addition to fur coats, Greece is famous for wine (metaxa, ouzo), olive oil, olives, knitwear (T-shirts, etc.), swimwear, ceramics (dishes, figurines), and much more.

Same-sex female love has its origins in the island of Lesvos. This statement is debatable. As is generally known, the first mentions of same-sex love were noticed as early as 600 BC, and they are associated with the name of the gifted poetess Sappho. She was the founder of unconventional love, who led the women's community in Mytilene. This community was dedicated to the goddess of love, beauty and creativity - Aphrodite. Sappho taught her pupils the art of loving and being loved. Thus, they were beautiful earthly "goddesses", interesting companions and, at the same time, knew how to charm and excite the imagination of men.

August is the hottest month. Quite right! Therefore, if the rest in Greece fell on this period, then it is better to visit the sea more often, since the heat is more easily tolerated by the water than in the city.

In order to rent a car in Greece, you must have an international driver's license. What is true is true! The plastic driver's licenses that are issued in Russia, since they are international, are quite suitable.

Sea urchins are not found on sandy beaches. Alas, this is a delusion. Even on super beaches (for VIPs) these sea inhabitants can be found. This is explained by the fact that during a storm, sea urchins break away from the stones where they usually live and carry them to the beaches.

It is necessary to swim in the sea in special shoes. Indeed it is! Such footwear protects from the prickly-burning inhabitants of the sea (sea urchins, pink jellyfish, stingrays, etc.). It will not be difficult to buy shoes, since they are sold near the beach and cost around 7-10 euros. Shoe colors and sizes for every taste.

A ghost lives in Spinolongi, as in the evening there is not a single living soul. There is no ghost, just the last ferry leaves at five in the evening, so everyone leaves at this time.

Mount Olympus, on which Zeus sat according to ancient mythology, is akin to Mount Everest. Firstly, Mount Olympus is not high, and secondly, it is not one mountain, but several mountain peaks, representing a whole mountain range.

It is better not to enter this country during the summer months - fires are raging. Fires, of course, do occur, but not throughout Greece as a whole, but only in certain places.

Recreational fishing and spearfishing requires a special permit. In reality, nothing of the kind is required. There are no restrictions for fishing enthusiasts. It is forbidden to go underwater hunting at night, and the rest of the time (from dawn to dusk) is allowed.

There is no theft in Greece. Indeed it is. Absolutely fearless, you can leave your things on the beach and go swimming. And if you suddenly accidentally forget your mobile phone on a table in a cafe, it will certainly be returned to you. This is explained by the fact that Greece has everything !? - that's why they don't steal.

Residents there are angry and not friendly. On the contrary, the people in Greece are very friendly and responsive to requests. Sometimes, the Greeks are a little emotional and, depending on the situation, can just "get it", but these are trifles. In most cases, the population is friendly towards "foreigners".

There are a lot of mosquitoes in Crete, especially in early June. There are no mosquitoes except at the North Pole, and that is because it is cold there. And so, it is not difficult to fight these insects, it is enough to purchase a special agent (fumitox, for example) at the local pharmacy, and you will forget about the existence of these parasites.

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