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Golf is a game in which participants try to drive a small ball into special holes in the minimum number of strokes. The game supposedly appeared in the 14th century, because already in the 15th century there were laws in Scotland that prohibited the game of golf.

And the game acquired its modern look in the 19th century. We will consider some of the most popular misconceptions.

Golf is for millionaires only. This myth has long been untenable. It is only in our country that golf is considered a prestigious sport practiced by the elite. The myth just multiplies - some say that golf is expensive, while others simply repeat this opinion without even checking the reality. And the desire to try yourself in golf disappears. So it turns out that in Russia almost all the players represent the business elite. In fact, golf is more affordable even than skiing or tennis. In Moscow, inexpensive clubs have already opened, and in some schools in the city and the region, golf is generally becoming a part of physical education lessons.

Golf is a businessmen's game. It is really quite convenient to conduct negotiations on the pitch, the informal atmosphere accompanies this. However, players rarely gather for this very purpose. It happens that the game will help to find a partner for the business, although initially such a goal was not set. In just four rounds, you can get to know the enemy well, study his character. Sometimes one round is enough for rapprochement. Golf seldom attracts those looking for useful contacts. However, some of them go here just for this. Such fans are ready to literally live on the field, waiting for potential business partners here. Only the most stubborn will be rewarded with growing businesses.

Golf is a gentleman's game. It is said to be the fairest sport. Well, it's hard to argue with that. Often the player who breaks the rule imposes a penalty on himself, even if no one noticed the error. And those who try to cheat are immediately visible. They are either trying to reason with such people, or they are forced to leave the game. Who would want to play with a clearly dishonest opponent?

Golf is a simple game. These are the myths guided by newcomers to the game. From the outside, everything looks really simple. And once on the field, people can't even hit the ball properly, wondering what is happening. So you will have to make an effort to achieve serious results.

It's easy to be stable in golf. Some rejoice at their temporary successes, and then suddenly find that their results have rapidly deteriorated. You should not wait for rapid progress, having played a hole below the steam, you can go nuts on the next hole. Stability is the hallmark of a really cool athlete.

The best way to play golf is to take a lot of lessons. In fact, it is worth approaching this issue with caution. For example, the famous golfer Byron Nelson generally argued that the worst game is given to beautiful girls who are constantly given free advice and lessons. It is not the duration and frequency of training that is important here, but their quality. Someone, as a result, plays their whole life at the same level, while others manage to achieve high results in a year.

Golf is an unfair game. Any golfer has a lot of stories in store about how the perfect hit did not take place due to a gust of wind, annoying insects or extraneous noise. So for those who thought they were able to "negotiate" with golf, the game may soon be a great injustice. Of course, this view of golf is full of subjectivity. The winner will hardly complain about bad luck.

Golf is very boring. Inveterate golfers say golf is emotional. After all, the party is often a form of monetary dispute. That is why, when the distance is covered not in 10 strokes, but in just a couple, a feeling of euphoria comes. Adrenaline rushes into the blood, and the soul literally flies on its wings. This feeling gives a feeling of lightness and a great mood. A person understands that even at 40-50 years old he is able to achieve results.

Golf has a close relationship with whiskey. They say that the 18 holes on the course are due to the fact that there are so many glasses in a classic bottle of Scotch whiskey. On each hole, they once drank a shot, as a result, there was enough alcohol for just one field. Maybe this myth has a basis, but without whiskey golf is really difficult to imagine. Especially in our latitudes at winter tournaments.

The golf simulator has nothing to do with the real game. Ten years ago, that is exactly what happened. But modern programs have a high level of reliability, they are even used to train professional athletes. After all, this is how you can watch the real flight of the ball and see how it interacts with different surfaces.

Golf interferes with work. If you go in for sports professionally, you will have to give up side work. Otherwise, high results simply cannot be achieved. However, amateurs may well reach a good level and perform at club competitions, for this it is not necessary to give up work. It is enough just to devote 2-3 days a week to golf, giving the game only a couple of hours.

Golf is not a sport at all. For many, golf seems like a bunch of older men with bellies who also drink on the course. In fact, playing requires stamina and strength. After all, one round involves five hours of walking with a load of 15-20 kilograms. Not everyone can overcome such a distance (about 7 kilometers), even without clubs.

As soon as you start playing golf, everything becomes clear. In fact, professionals listen to a lot of stupid questions from newbies. Almost the most popular: "When will golf start to be fun?" In fact, the player is rarely satisfied with himself. You just have to pacify pride and just enjoy the game. This is the only way to become happy.

Thanks to golf, you can learn to control your body. And although in this sport people do not compete in who will run farther or higher, overcome the distance faster, the body and figure are loaded no worse than in some other disciplines. Indeed, in golf there is no exhausting physical activity, but there is even walking. Combined with fresh air, this is very beneficial for health. Before the start of each game, the golfer warms up for about 10 minutes, and in the swing itself, one and a half hundred muscles of the human body are involved. During the game, the player makes an average of 144 swings, passing also a distance of several kilometers. Thus, a person studies the capabilities of his body, learning to "feel" it.

There is no particular thought in golf. In fact, golf is considered almost a philosophy, not a game. After all, where else are accurate calculations, hard work, perseverance, work of the mind so important? It's easy to understand, you just need to feel it. Hundreds of players can perform amazing strikes under normal conditions. But when it comes to tough and stressful competitions, few can curb their nerves and avoid mistakes. But one miss is enough to ruin your game. All great golfers know that 90 percent of the game takes place in the mind. Golf teaches the player to train his mind and not let external setbacks disrupt the planned pattern of play.

Golf teaches you to be bold and take risks. This is indeed the case, which stems from the philosophy of the game. It is no coincidence that golf is loved by businessmen who know how to take risks. Even on a simple hole, there is always a choice - to make one great shot or two good ones. This is the risk, because you need to assess the landscape, weather, wind strength and direction, and your capabilities. Thus, the player calculates the risks. It was not without reason that Sun Tzu said that a great warrior wins before he has met his enemy. This is true for golfers too. A tournament is not even a battle with an opponent, but with oneself.

A novice athlete has no chance against a champion. Even a beginner has a chance to play on equal terms with Tiger Woods himself. And the handicap system helps in this. In golf, everyone has their own level - a handicap, the greater the difference between the players, the greater the handicap. A player of a higher level will concede a predetermined number of strokes to his opponent. This is what allows beginners and champions to compete without killing the spirit of the game. Zero and negative handicap is the case for professionals.

To play golf, you need special equipment. To play properly, you need your own set of clubs in your bag. There can be any number of them, but no more than 14 pieces. This number is determined by the different range of strikes. Up to 200 meters, flat-headed golf clubs with different angles are suitable. Longer shots will require larger, thicker titanium heads. Initially, these tools were made of wood, but now it has been replaced by more advanced materials - steel, titanium and graphite. The most important stick is the putter. It is needed when the ball is located close to the hole. According to the rules, each player must have their own clubs in the competition. At the same time, you cannot even borrow them from a friend. They also create their own versions of clubs for men and women. The set of equipment also includes a glove, which is worn on the leading hand. The fact is that a strong grip on the club, especially in beginners, leads to abrasion of the skin to blood on the fingers and palms.

In golf, there are no rules regarding athletes' clothing. In fact, no self-respecting golf club will release a girl in heels or in a miniskirt. The appearance of an athlete in jeans will also be bad manners. It is advisable to wear a polo shirt with a stand-up collar. And some clubs generally require shoes with spikes or special patterns to protect the turf. While sneakers can be fine, the swing stability will be worse.

The golf course is natural, just planted with flat grass. In fact, the design of golf courses is a very long and painstaking work. It can last for years. For an architect, the highest class is the creation of such a field, which seems to be created by nature itself. However, it will take about a hundred years for a golf course to fully merge with its surroundings. And even many famous players do not hesitate to engage in the design of golf courses.

Golfers prefer not to throw the ball past the tree, but to kill it over the crown. Novice players often make this mistake. It seems to them that since the crown of a tree is 90% air, it is better to choose a straight path. In fact, this myth was denied by "Mythbusters" in their program. First, one expert throw 10 balls, 6 passed through the crown, 2 deflected, and another pair hit the barrel. Then a robot was built. He managed to punch 24 balls out of a hundred, in another experiment - 27. So you shouldn't count on a 90% chance of successfully overcoming an obstacle through the crown.

Golf is the most traumatic sport. Athletes often have back pain, injuries to the elbows and knees. It is rare when the ball hits the head, and there are simply no other injuries in this sport.

The athlete uses a variety of postures when performing a blow. The jokers say that golfers know more poses than in the Kamasutra. In fact, here it is worth talking about the stand, not the pose. And they really, the truth for the thick work, as the famous doctrine of sex, is not enough. And to know such a variety of racks is necessary in order to send the ball strongly and correctly after a hit.

The holes on the field are made by the players themselves. There are specially trained people for this activity - greenkeepers. Their responsibilities include not only creating holes, but also monitoring the general condition of the course. And such a specialty is even taught in special schools, one of which appeared in Russia.

If the ball falls into a pond, then the golfer is obliged to strip to his underpants and dive after him. Men do that. But this was not noticed for women. The golfer generally has a choice - to climb for the ball, put it on the shore and punch further, or simply agree to a penalty point and get a new ball.

A golfer always takes food, a net, a basket with him to the game. Don't think golfing is a form of picnic. The party can last up to six hours before the break. That is why an athlete or an accompanying person usually has some kind of food in the bag - sandwiches, fruits, juices. There is no need to talk about mushroom picking, but the ball may well fly into the fruit grove.

Keddi are people with special training. This is the name of the athlete's assistants who help him carry equipment. In fact, more often than not, golfers become caddies who have not been able to outgrow the level of an amateur, to achieve something meaningful. Usually these people represent any of the three nations - British, Australians and New Zealanders. There are too many golfers in these countries.

There is no doping in golf. The jokers say that the player who has done the hall-on-van should go to take a doping test. In fact, the lucky one simply treats everyone to champagne. In fact, the wave of doping scandals has reached golf. For example, the former best player in the world, Vijay Singh, was disqualified for using the banned deer antler spray. The fact is that this substance contains a hormone that helps muscles grow and recover from injuries. For the time being, blood tests were not taken in golf, which could reveal doping. In 2009, 40-year-old Doug Barron became the first suspended athlete in golf history. In this sport, the punishment for doping is a year of disqualification for the first violation, five years for the second, and life for many. There is also a fine of up to 500 thousand dollars. These rules were established by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA).

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