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Healthy eating

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The daily diet of a person must contain a strictly defined amount of energy, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, biologically active and other compounds. The refusal of any components and products can negatively affect the state of health.

Snacking is bad. This is what doctors thought for a long time. However, according to the latest research, it's not how often you eat that matters, but what you eat. Therefore, snacking between regular meals is good if you choose fruit or low-fat yogurt.

Late dinner leads to excess weight. Nutritionists believe that late dinner does not affect the figure in any way, if you do not overeat, do not exceed the daily calorie intake, and if late dinner is not the only meal of the day. Of great importance is what exactly to eat at night. Sometimes people save the most delicious things for the evening, believing that after a working day they deserve a special treat.

If the food looks and smells normal, you can eat it. And this is not always the case. Some types of food-poisoning bacteria do not alter the appearance of foods. Therefore, if you have doubts, it is better not to risk it.

A healthy person can eat anything, without harm to health. Yes, but only as long as his body can cope with the consequences of his "gluttony". Sooner or later, the body will "give up" and in order to help it return to normal, it will no longer be necessary to just take care of a healthy diet, but to consult a doctor for qualified help.

Some foods do not get better. Too many calories can be fattening whether they are found in cucumbers, lemons, low-fat cottage cheese, or a chop. And therefore, it is still desirable to know when to stop in food.

Bread should be completely eliminated from the diet. Bread is one of the most commonly consumed food products; it is hardly possible to replace it, and it is not necessary. But remember that these are empty calories that a person does not need. And from this point of view, bread simply should not be overused. Most of the bread in the daily diet should be black varieties or bread baked from a mixture of cereals, with bran, etc.

The meat is bad. In principle, meat is not harmful to health. If you completely abandon it, you can get into a risk group. Modern research shows that in countries with relatively low meat consumption, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases has increased dramatically. If you eat up to 140 g of meat a day, say French nutritionists, it will not harm your health at all. Meat does not contain ballast substances, so it should always be eaten with potatoes, herbs or rice.

They get fat from carbohydrates. The opinion that one gets fat from carbohydrates is fundamentally wrong, experts say. Carbohydrates attract water, so you can actually lose weight by cutting carbs in your diet. However, such a reduction will deprive the body of energy.

Cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease. As researchers from different countries have found out, holes can form in the arteries under the pressure of blood. The body repairs these damage with cholesterol. If the cholesterol is good, then the holes are clogged smoothly. If cholesterol is useful, but excessive, or harmful, then a kind of crust forms on the vessel wall, which ultimately clogs the vessel. This leads to a heart attack. The optimal pressure is 115 to 75, but if it is above 140 to 90, this is a risk zone. Cholesterol is a part of cell membranes, increasing their rigidity - without it, our tissues would not be able to maintain a constant shape. It is the basis for hormones related to the so-called steroids, and these are sex hormones, and substances that control the processes of energy conversion in the body, and regulators of the activity of the immune system. Moreover, the body's ability to synthesize cholesterol is very small. Therefore, a complete rejection of products containing it is fraught with more problems for the body than an excess of cholesterol in food.

Vitamins contribute to weight loss. This is not entirely true. Even the most perfect vitamin cocktail will not provide a slim figure for someone who loves to eat in excess.

A person cannot do without vitamin preparations. Not at all. Properly selected products contain all the vitamins and minerals the body needs.

Vegetarianism. Little by little, the struggle of doctors around the world against vegetarianism is bearing fruit. The fashion for this strange diet began to decline. 7 years of vegetarianism has been proven to disable the immune system. The initial improvement in well-being after giving up animal food is due to the fact that the human body is tired of an excess of animal fats. But then there is an acute shortage of them again. Vegetarianism is strictly contraindicated in children. Human body growth is impossible without animal proteins. If you are a "sworn" vegetarian, then your child is likely to suffer from a lack of vitamins D, B12 and calcium.

Vegetarian foods are the healthiest. Some vegetarian meals contain more fat than, for example, lean meat (although visible fat disappears during cooking).

Get better only from fat. In fact, studies show that it doesn't matter if we eat butter or wholemeal bread. The main thing is the amount of food eaten. An example of this is overweight American women who eat dietary fat-free biscuits. So you should not deny yourself a small amount of fat, thanks to it we will be satiated much better than from a ton of dry biscuits.

Enzymes burn fat. In fact, there are no enzymes that break down fat. Enzyme-rich fruits such as pineapple and papaya, which are credited with "fat burning" properties, actually only aid digestion, which, of course, is also good. However, their consumption is unreasonable in the case when a person eats dietary, low-calorie food. At a temperature of about 40 degrees, enzymes lose their properties, so you should not eat canned, but fresh fruits.

Fast food (fast food) establishments are harmful. A hamburger for lunch is fine with salad and orange juice. It is harmful to the body when you only count on burgers all your life.

Protein supplements build muscle. Some health enthusiasts claim that protein supplementation can help increase muscle mass. But this is more of a gimmick from the supplement companies: the extra protein doesn't actually affect the muscles unless the person is doing strength training. The body gets the required amount of protein from food, and additional protein can become an unnecessary burden.

Diet foods can help you lose weight. This statement is not true. The fact is that diet foods and foods that are eaten with a diet are far from the same. These foods contain the same amount of fat as other foods, and sometimes even more.

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