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United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates occupies the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Numerous deserts with rare (but well-aimed) oases stretch along the coast of the Persian and Oman Gulfs. On the western and southern sides, the UAE borders with Saudi Arabia, in the southeast - with Oman, and in the northeast - with the Omani enclave of Madha.

The territorial area is approximately 84 sq. km, and the population of the country is about 4.5 million people, most of whom are Arabs, moreover from South and East Asia. The state religion is Islam, the official language is Arabic, the monetary unit is the dirham.

According to the state structure, the UAE is a federal state that includes seven absolute monarchies-emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Kawain, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah. The capital is located in Abu Dhabi. The country has large oil reserves, thanks to which the UAE lives and flourishes.

There are many different opinions about this country, most of which can be easily misled. This article will help you distinguish a false statement from a true one.

Since the state of the UAE is located in the Middle East, it is very dangerous for travelers there, it is especially difficult for girls without a male escort. This is a very deep misconception. In fact, the UAE is the safest country in the Middle East. Security lies in the absence of crime and, importantly, poverty. The streets are striking in their cleanliness and courtesy of local residents. And the famous city of Dubai is recognized as the safest place on our planet.

The UAE has strict dress and behavior laws for tourists. In fact, everything is not so strict: in hotels you can wear whatever is comfortable for you (mini-skirts, short shorts, etc.); if you go on an excursion to the city, then, out of respect for the traditions of this country, it is better to cover your shoulders and not bare your legs. But even in the case when you are wearing clothes that are "indecent" from the point of view of residents, no one will comment on this.

In this country, there is a "dry" law, alcohol is prohibited. It's true. Alcoholic beverages are not sold in the UAE. But this does not mean that you cannot bring alcohol with you. As a rule, tourists buy strong drinks in advance in Duty-Free, at low prices. But do not drink alcohol in public places (in parks, on the beach) - it’s not far from the fine!

If the girl is not yet 30 years old, then she will not be given a visa to the UAE. Today this statement is somewhat outdated. Even if the girl is not yet 30, but she is going to take a vacation ticket to a hotel with five stars, then in this case, one hundred percent that she will receive a visa. But in order to be sure that they will be allowed into the country, you need to go there accompanied by a man (husband, father, brother - the main thing is that the names are the same). The only thing is that a visa may not be given if the girl has a very common surname (Ivanova, Petrova), moreover, they refuse without giving a reason.

In the UAE, you cannot kiss in public (in public places). If the kiss goes far beyond the purely friendly, then such an obvious manifestation of feelings is punishable by a large fine.

Muslim women are prohibited from photographing. Yes, this prohibition is provided by local law. In addition, you should not take photographs of the interior of the house without the permission of the owner, and photographing mosques and people praying is prohibited.

The Arabs dislike Russians. Arabs are quite hospitable and courteous people. By the way, their hospitality is not feigned, but most that neither is, natural. And why should they pretend when they live not at the expense of tourists, but at the expense of their reserves of minerals.

In the event of a divorce, a woman will have to leave her husband in what she is wearing. Quite right. That is why women in the UAE sometimes wear up to three kilograms of gold. You never know ...

It is hot in the Emirates all year round. And nothing can be done about it! Therefore, this country can be called the most air-conditioned country in the world. Wherever there is no air conditioning: in shops, in hotels, in cars, and even in a zoo.

The UAE has a real ski resort. Rather artificial than real. Nevertheless, it is a huge success among tourists and is quite a popular holiday destination. Located in Dubai, it looks like a giant glass aquarium with a total area of ​​22.5 thousand square meters. meters. This complex can be compared to a huge refrigerator, where, thanks to special thermal insulation (this despite the fact that in the UAE the air temperature almost every day exceeds 30 ° C), the temperature is constantly maintained below zero, which makes it possible to feel like a real ski resort! This wonderful complex can simultaneously accommodate up to 1.5 thousand visitors.

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