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Downy shawls are primordially women's clothing. This is not entirely true. Kalmyks and Kazakhs wore headscarves made of goat down under their light clothes, and thus escaped from severe frosts. It should be noted that at that time the scarves were without patterns (which appeared much later, marking the beginning of a new "female" era of the down scarf).

The best new downy shawl is soft and fluffy. This is a misconception. A real new Orenburg downy shawl is initially undisturbed, it will show all its best qualities while wearing. If the scarf is initially fluffy - most likely, in front of you is a not very high-quality product, combed with a comb, which means that very soon all the fluff will come out.

A real Orenburg downy shawl must go through the ring (fit into a goose egg). Not necessary. After all, scarves are very different both in size and in knitting. If it is a shawl with tassels, rather dense knit, it will not pass through the ring, but it will be able to warm it in severe frost. Only openwork scarves, valued primarily for beauty, and not for the ability to give warmth in any frost, can pass through the ring (or fit into an egg).

Only older women wear downy shawls. Indeed, down shawls are worn mainly by women in mature and old age, especially in need of warmth and comfort, which such a thing can give to its owner. But openwork downy cobwebs and stoles (especially white), emphasizing female beauty, are preferred to be worn only by young girls and women.

The downy shawl is knitted from wool. This is not true. The name itself indicates that a real Orenburg downy shawl is knitted from down, not bird's, but goat's (a special undercoat obtained as a result of combing out goats), which has special properties, thanks to which it is valued much higher than ordinary wool.

Downy shawls are knitted only from down. Misconception. If the product consists of one hundred percent down, it will not last long - it will quickly "roll" and deform. Therefore, in order to avoid such an effect, the yarn is based on cotton or viscose threads. But it should be remembered that the fraction of the base should be small.

Orenburg shawl means it is knitted from the down of Orenburg goats. Yes, the best Orenburg shawls are obtained from the down of goats that live in the frosty Ural climate - it is their down that is distinguished by amazing tenderness. Down knitters also use down from goats grown in other climatic conditions, but such a scarf, although just as beautiful (after all, another feature of this product is in knitting itself), still does not have all the qualities of a real Orenburg scarf.

Orenburg downy shawls are made only by hand. Many products are manufactured at the Orenburg Downy Shawls Factory founded in Orenburg at the beginning of the last century (the only one in the Orenburg region). But, despite the fact that the machine method of spinning and knitting (sometimes used by some down knitters and at home) makes it possible to apply rather complex patterns, embroidery on shawls, and increase the fineness of stoles and cobwebs, factory work is inferior to high-quality manual work in almost all parameters. After all, real manual work includes hand spinning of down, knitting of down with a base and hand knitting directly (the whole process takes from two to three weeks to a month or more) and is valued higher than the best manufactured product.

All Orenburg downy shawls are made in Orenburg. Down knitting is practiced throughout the Orenburg region, and the traditions of this craft are most developed in the villages.

You can buy a high-quality downy shawl only in Orenburg. An erroneous opinion, especially if you chose the station or the central market as the place of purchase of the scarf. There you will indeed be offered handicrafts, but most often of poor quality. Therefore, it is best to buy a scarf either in the villages of the region, or in shops selling factory products, or at the Orenburg Downy Scarf exhibition. You can also order a scarf through the Orenburg online stores.

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