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Dreadlocks are a special hairstyle in which the hair is braided into many strands that retain their shape for a long time. Dreadlocks or dreadlocks mean "terrifying curls" or "afraid of God." According to legend, when the end of the world comes, God will pull out all the people faithful to him by the dreadlocks.

There are several types of dreadlocks, artificial elements are used in the manufacture, there are also various techniques for braiding hair - combing, twisting, rolling. Dreadlocks are often decorated with decorative elements - balls, rings.

For most people, a person with dreadlocks is a potential drug addict, the one who decided to make himself such an exotic hairstyle is faced with a large number of myths about its content, some of which we will consider.

All dreadlocks are dirty. Dreadlocks will be dirty if not washed and taken care of. Many people think that the hairstyle will deteriorate if you wash your hair, in fact, it is quite the opposite - it is dirty dreadlocks that will quickly lose their appearance. Be sure to take water treatments at least once a week. Dreadlocks look great only with proper care.

To make dreadlocks, you just need to not comb your hair. This method was used by cavemen who did not do their hair at all. Following this rule, the appearance of dreadlocks will have to wait a whole year, while an enormous number of dandruff will inevitably accumulate. In this case, the hair will only have to be cut off, and the dreadlocks will have to be done again, already with the help of combing.

Wax is not natural for dreadlocks. In fact, it is wax that is the most natural product that can be closer to nature than bees.

The fleece is not natural. Backfilling is the most natural method for braiding dreadlocks. Those who say the opposite simply don't know anything about this hairstyle.

Only a black person can have dreadlocks. And then what to do with those Asians and Indians who wear dreadlocks and look good at the same time? Many generally believe that dreadlocks were first worn by the Indians of Canada and Alaska. There are references to such hairstyles in the biblical times of Samson and John the Baptist. Dreadlocks were used by Asian emperors in the Middle Ages.

Elastic bands should not be used as they tear hair. Elastic bands are not only impossible, but simply necessary to use, as they hold the hair together while forming dreadlocks, preventing them from falling apart. Moreover, many experts, like manuals, written and electronic, just advise the use of rubber bands.

Dreadlocks damage the skin. In fact, the hair begins to braid only at a distance of 2 cm from the skin, so the skin, in fact, has no idea about the hairstyle, there is no trace of damage.

To get rid of dreadlocks, you need to shave your head. In order to give up dreadlocks, you don't even need to cut your hair, but in general there are three ways to get rid of your hair. The simplest of these is shaving your head - quick and easy. You can also shorten the dreadlocks until they are suitable for soaking in conditioner and brushing them out. Usually 5-7 centimeters are enough. With this method, you can keep the hair length up to 10 centimeters. If there is a desire to preserve your hair at all, then you will have to wash your dreadlocks well and comb them for a long time. You can spend more than one hour at such a lesson, but the hair will remain in place. Do not worry about hair that will fall out when brushing - those who died a natural death. Both healthy and dead hair were intertwined in the dreadlocks.

There are many useful foods for dreadlocks - honey, mayonnaise, glue, toothpaste, oil, candles, and so on. If you want the dreadlocks to fall out or be significantly affected by mold or bacteria, then you can use any products, listening to the recommendations of unqualified specialists. The listed products for dreadlocks are not intended, for a hairstyle you need shampoo and special wax.

Dreadlocks are only worn by Rastamans. Usually, dreadlocks are associated exclusively with rastamans, it seems to many that only these people wear them. But the first dreadlocks were still with the caveman, though not for reasons of fashion or spiritual views. For rastamans, dreadlocks are also an element of religion, so it is worth distinguishing where the hairstyle is an ornament, and where it is an attribute of faith.

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