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Curse - spells that cause disease, misfortune, causing damage, depriving a person of the opportunity to enjoy life. According to popular beliefs, the curse can spread over seven (9 or 13) generations, it can also be passed on to loved ones of the affected person or his heirs.

Curses can be of several types: personal, from which only the person himself suffers and only indirectly - his relatives and friends, and generic, when several generations of one family are exposed to the influence. The ancestral curse, in turn, can be family or parental (if one of the family members has a negative impact, for example, the mother curses her children, or the children are parents, the brother curses the brother, etc.), magic or gypsy (the family is cursed by an outsider people), as well as church and so-called. "automatic" (manifested as a result of committing grave sins, sometimes without the influence of any of the people).

By imposing a curse, a person wants to take revenge on someone. More often than not, this is true. But in some cases, curses are imposed in order to protect an object (treasure, ritual object, structure or burial place). An example of this kind of influence is the curse of Tutankhamun's mummy (almost all the participants in the excavations who found the tomb of the pharaoh and the clay tablet warning of the curse died within a fairly short time under mysterious circumstances). Another example is the sad story of the Hope diamond, inserted into a statue of Buddha and subsequently stolen by the French adventurer Jean-Claude Tavernier (this stone brought misfortune, misfortune or death to all its owners).

The effects of the curse are very quick. Not necessary. Sometimes it manifests itself immediately, but in some cases it can take many years - and only then the curse works.

In order to curse a person, a certain ritual is performed, accompanied by a verbal formula that should be pronounced aloud. In most cases, the curse is indeed accompanied by the mentioned rituals involving certain objects (idols, stones or talismans, occult objects, etc.). But a verbal formula does not have to be uttered aloud at all - sometimes it is enough to say it mentally or write it, or even just enter a certain state of mind, directing feelings and thoughts to the object of influence.

The curse sent down also destroys the one who utters it. It really is. A curse is the most dangerous of magical influences, therefore negative consequences (the so-called "rollback", sometimes giving rise to considerable health problems, a distorted perception of reality, madness, etc.) after pronouncing it, is experienced not only by the cursed, but also by the magician who sends the curse , and even relatives and loved ones of the sorcerer. Therefore, after initiation, an adherent of this direction of magic (Magia Maleficio) most often stops any contact with people close to him, so as not to bring trouble on them. In some cases, magicians use various kinds of objects (piercing and cutting, gold jewelry, large banknotes) to free themselves from the negative energy generated by their activities, and then toss these things in public places. The one who lifts the aforementioned object will take some of the "black" energy onto himself, therefore it is not recommended to lift things of this kind, even if they look very tempting and attractive. In addition, it should be remembered that the "rollback" overtakes not only the magician-operator, but also the customer of the harmful influence.

Any magician can send and remove the curse. No, only black magicians are engaged in sending curses, and leading a rather secluded lifestyle. But both black and white magicians can neutralize this type of influence (remove the curse).

Only professional magicians can send a strong curse. Yes it is. In addition, it is believed that the most dangerous are curses sent by authoritative people: rulers, representatives of the royal family, priests, etc. However, ordinary people can send a very effective curse. For example, the curse uttered by a person who is near death has the greatest power, since all the life force of a dying person is concentrated in one verbal formula. Just as dangerous are curses pronounced by people who do not have the opportunity to defend themselves or take revenge on the offender in any other way (poor people, weakened and sick people, etc.)

To enhance the effect of the curse, sorcerers use wax figures. Indeed, in the mentioned magic ritual, a portrait (photograph) or a figurine is often used, symbolizing the victim of this influence. In ancient times, in many countries of the East, Africa and Europe, figures of this kind were made of wax, in addition, they used rag, clay or wooden dolls, as well as dolls molded from the crumb of bread, in some cases replaced by animal hearts or rapidly decaying objects. To enhance the impact on them, certain marks were made, something connected with the cursed person was fixed (parts of clothing, hair, excrement, dust from the soles of shoes or soil taken from a track, etc.).

Gypsies have an innate tendency to send curses. This is not entirely true. Gypsies are a people of magicians, although they have lost most of their knowledge, but they have retained strong energy protection. Therefore, any negative impact in their direction (unkind words and thoughts, physical aggression) returns to the offender with a vengeance, even if the gypsy herself does not perform the rite of sending object damage or does not curse the aggressor. Therefore, the most correct behavior in relation to the Roma is to completely ignore their presence (in this case, even if the Roma expresses negative wishes in your address, they will not be effective). You should never give them money, and if you gave them away, you should not regret what you have lost, and even more so you should not quarrel with representatives of this people, take something from them or give them your personal belongings. If the meeting ended not in the best way, you need to go home as soon as possible and take a shower, imagining that the jets of water wash away all negative information from the aura.

The crown of celibacy and the seal of loneliness are synonymous. No, these are different results of negative energetic impact (most often - curses with the aim of "closing the clan"). The mark of loneliness is expressed in the fact that representatives of the opposite sex do not pay attention to a person. The crown of celibacy manifests itself differently - and a person can have a lot of partners, and relations with them can develop quite well, but it usually does not come to living together or to a wedding.

Anathema is a church curse. Anathema (from the Greek "excommunication") is an excommunication, accompanied by expulsion from society and the termination of all types of communication. Was the highest church punishment for the most serious sins (schismaticism, heresy, betrayal of Orthodoxy). It is believed that anathema affects not only an individual person, but also his descendants - up to the seventh generation. In the case when a person, betrayed to anathema, repented, this type of punishment could be removed from him (sometimes posthumously). In the period from XIII to XVII centuries. this type of punishment was accompanied by psalmokatara (from the Greek "curse with psalms") - one of the varieties of God's judgment, which punished seriously sinners, as well as people who committed a criminal offense and hiding from the court. Psalmokatara was aimed at calling on the health, life and property of the criminal of lifetime destructions (in particular, the human body, having fallen under the wrath of God, within a few days had to turn black, swell and begin to decompose, and after death it should not undergo decay, retaining all its disgrace) ... The aforementioned rite was performed in the church by seven priests, who, after the liturgy, put on clothes turned inside out, changed shoes from left to right foot and vice versa. After that, they went to the middle of the temple, positioned themselves around a vessel of vinegar with quicklime placed in it, took black resin candles in their hands, and read certain passages from the Psalter. Liberation (permission) from the aforementioned curse could also be performed by the ministers of the church in the course of a similar rite (accompanied by the reading of other passages from the text, other paraphernalia and carried out in traditional vestments) if the offender sincerely repented.

A person who has committed a grave sin will suffer from the curse of God. No, God does not curse anyone. But the person himself who commits any serious offense against the laws of life (for example, murder) earns a personal curse, i.e. excludes himself from a certain relationship with the universe. In this case, psychics can see a dark cap over the head of a person, through which vital force cannot penetrate from the World to the individual, which leads to the loss of life guidelines, mental and physical degradation, and also in some cases causes cancer. Such a curse can be passed "up to the seventh generation" from father to son, i.e. develops into generic.

The presence of a curse can be determined by some unpleasant events that happen in the life of a person or family over time. Yes, and the events mentioned will differ slightly depending on the type of curse. For example, in a family bearing the stamp of a generic curse, certain hereditary diseases along the female (male) line may manifest, procreation ceases (children are either not born at all, or die in infancy, or only girls are born, and most often unhealthy). The same type of curse can manifest itself differently: a person several times in his life loses everything that he possessed (family, housing, business, income), and even if he has the strength to start all over again in a new place, after a few years history repeats itself again and again ... Also, a curse can be manifested by various tragic events that periodically recur in a person's life, diseases, the birth of children with various deformities, etc.

The ancestral curse can last for a very long time, as it is constantly fueled by the evil power of the magician who sent it. After all, the ancestral curse continues to operate even after the magician who sent it dies. Such stability of negative energy impact is created not due to the power of the magician or ill-wisher, who was the "customer" of sending the curse, but because of the constant skepticism of people who fell under the aforementioned impact and suffered from it. When people in a family, haunted by misfortunes and troubles, begin to suspect that someone has cursed them (and the endless chain of small and large troubles only strengthens their confidence in this conclusion), they themselves "feed" with their fears and hatred the negative information created magician, making her stronger and stronger. Moreover, the curse is capable of introducing itself into the DNA of people, changing their heredity for the worse. As a result of this, for several generations, representatives of the accursed clan will suffer from problems, passing on from father to son, from mother to daughter the sad news of the "curse of the clan", and with it - a growing connection with the negative energy structure, the origin of which has long been absent from alive. In order to break the vicious circle of misfortunes, it is not enough just to remove the curse from one or all family members - one should also completely change their position in life, replacing the established fear of misfortune and misfortune with a positive attitude of perceiving life as a bright and joyful gift of God.

If the curse is concentrated in any object, you just have to get rid of it - and the problem will be solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The specified method is good for getting rid of damage, but it does not help much from the curse - the effect of a stronger and more targeted one. Firstly, an object of this kind most often represents some kind of jewel that is inherited, and getting rid of such a thing is quite difficult, if only because of greed. If the house is cursed, then both it and the place where the dwelling was once built has a negative impact not on every person, but only on representatives of a particular clan. Secondly, even if an object that accumulates negative energy in itself is sold or thrown to someone, it will not only not lose its effectiveness (bringing a lot of misfortune to the new owner in passing), but after a while it will return to the family suffering from the curse ... Sometimes such a return happens as if by accident, after several generations, when the family forgot to think about the thing that brought troubles to their distant ancestors. Such a thing can lose its power only after a ritual aimed at removing the curse not only from the object itself, but also from the whole family.

In order to protect yourself from curses, you need to imagine a mirror wall between yourself and people. The use of various mental images for protection from negative energetic influences is really used quite often: both the aforementioned mirror wall, and the representation of a golden umbrella, opened above the head and trimmed with golden muslin. Thought images of golden clothes, a huge red rose petal, in which you can wrap yourself like a blanket, the St.Andrew's flag, which clothe and protects the body, are also good protection. Taking a shower, you need to imagine that together with the jets of water, streams of golden energy are poured onto the body, washing away everything bad. The image of the same rain (only the jets in this case will have a bluish-silver tint) can be supplemented with an appeal to the Lord with a request for protection and cleansing from negative energy. In addition, prayers (Jesus Prayer, Symbol of Faith, prayer to the Life-giving Cross, Psalm 90, etc.), the church rite of unction, as well as conspiracies have a strong protective effect.

Various amulet items protect well from curses. Yes, it is believed that, for example, a pin worn on the wrong side of a garment from the left side downward with a clasp, like a red woolen thread tied on the left wrist, is able to protect from curses. In some cases, various semi-precious stones play the role of amulets. For example, wearing agate, striped, or white agate can help ward off a curse. Moreover, in order for the stone to become truly "yours", it must be washed with warm water and soap, wiped dry, held in your hands, stroking, and talked to him, asked for protection, and then placed next to the icons for a while. It is not worth giving such a stone to one of your friends - it is difficult for crystals to "readjust", passing from hand to hand, they can not only lose their positive charge, but also "get sick", and even then "die". But to relatives (especially close ones) the stone-amulet can be transferred, since the "energy mood" in the family is about the same, and it will not be difficult for the crystal to switch to a new owner. The pectoral cross, icons, incense are strong amulets. Some aromatic oils (rosemary, myrrh, sandalwood) also perform a protective function.Some plants are very effective remedies for harmful energy effects: celandine, bluehead, kupena, comfrey, starodubka, blueberry herb, hops, rhubarb (they should be used in the form of infusions and decoctions), incense and thistle (they need to fumigate the room).

Singing will help remove the curse. The ancient Slavs really had a ritual used to remove ancestral curses, and consisted in a special reproduction of sounds, which was combined with the performance of certain rituals. At the same time, maximum attention was paid to the correctness of breathing, and the singing itself was by no means loud - the sound was pronounced in an undertone only at the beginning of the ceremony, then it continued to be sung to itself, while it was necessary to ensure that the whole body vibrated in a given key. Only with the correct combination of breathing, mental concentration, ritual actions and sound was the desired effect achieved. Similar rituals exist among many peoples of the East to this day.

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