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Crossfit is a special kind of fitness. The ultimate goal of such fitness is to improve endurance, reaction, physical fitness. Exercise takes only 20 minutes, which is sufficient given the high intensity.

CrossFit alternates between running, rowing on simulators, jumping, climbing, working with weights, exercises on the rings and others. There are already more than 4500 certified halls in the world.

More and more government agencies - law enforcement, security, rescue services include CrossFit in their training programs for their personnel. But in our conditions, CrossFit remains a mysterious technique, which, due to a lack of information, is overgrown with myths.

On CrossFit, you have to train almost until you lose consciousness. It is said that people literally die in CrossFit training. However, it is mainly the names of training plans that are scary. But high loads are really present here. Beginners who have just come to this type of fitness cannot correctly determine the intensity of their workouts, which is why they feel exhausted and exhausted. So this issue should be approached with caution. In a really good and certified gym, experienced instructors will gradually introduce you to the technique and help you choose the right load. This will form the basis for future physical fitness. So work with high intensity will not start immediately. If the required form is not available, then the assigned tasks will not be achieved, but the risk of injury will increase. Trainers say that if a person realizes that he is unable to complete the daily training plan, then he must stop and give the body a break and recover. There is a big difference between inherent discomfort and pain, which is a wake-up call. Adjusting to high intensity is a common stage that everyone goes through. Fatigue and discomfort are normal, but pain cannot be ignored.

Crossfit can be easily injured. It should be understood that any physical activity is fraught with the risk of injury. Do not blame the chosen type of fitness for everything. Indeed, in this case, sports exercises improve muscles and reduce the risk of injury. Problems arise when a person ignores signals from his body. Don't be afraid to tell your coach about your problems. A similar situation arises with the lifting of an unnecessarily large weight. Do not overexert yourself if there is no way to lift it.

CrossFit training is fraught with rhabdomyolysis. This is a rare and rather serious disease. It is caused by muscle overwork. This breaks the fibers and can enter the bloodstream, leading to kidney disease or kidney failure. While it is believed that doing CrossFit can cause rhabdomyolysis, this is a myth. People often take risks by taking on too much work. It seems to them that this is the only way to quickly achieve results. But the body does not have time to adapt to such loads. This is how health problems appear. CrossFit does not require supernatural efforts from a person.

As a result of training, muscle mass will grow rapidly. If men are even happy with such a prospect, then women are likely to be scared. In fact, the weaker sex will not succeed so easily. The fact is that muscle mass gain is associated with testosterone levels, so most women are already genetically predisposed to be fragile and graceful. And don't be intimidated by athletes who pose in magazines or compete. These are the best athletes from all over the world who have been professionally engaged in CrossFit for more than one year and have gone through many qualifying stages. Most big athletes do have a genetic predisposition to gain weight. But an ordinary woman will most likely simply lose weight and fit into the very desired dress. CrossFit exercises tend to make people slimmer and stronger, not bigger.

On CrossFit you will have to compete with other athletes. Don't make every workout a competition. Each person sets tasks for himself. Sometimes it seems that there is a constant struggle with others, but in fact we are waging it with ourselves. It's not bad if you have acquaintances with whom you can share and even compete in success. This provides a good incentive to work harder. Nevertheless, you should not focus on the task of bypassing your acquaintances or training neighbors. Trainers recommend keeping a training log, where you record all your feelings, the dynamics of the daily program and the rate of recovery of the body. This will allow you to better measure progress and set goals more accurately. It is worth focusing on your achievements, trying to improve the result even for a fraction of a second or a gram. But constantly assessing others and comparing with yourself is not the case. If the reigning atmosphere of rivalry begins to absorb, then you just need to get that very notebook with your notes. This will allow you to focus on your goals. It will immediately become clear how the results have grown over a certain period. It is better to move forward on your own than to constantly run after someone.

Because of CrossFit, you will have to resort to diet. You can train as much as you like, but you won't be able to achieve results if you don't change your diet. So, in parallel with CrossFit, you will still have to resort to a certain diet. The best diet was invented by our distant ancestors - you need to eat a lot of proteins, reduce the level of carbohydrates and consume only the right fats. But such a diet may not work for everyone. The fact is that really healthy food is often quite expensive, and proper preparation of dishes will take a lot of time. This is why it is best to start by changing some of your eating habits. Regular physical activity will tell the body what food it needs. If there is a desire to resort to a special diet, then it does not have to be a paleo diet (the diet of an ancient man). You need to talk to your coach about your diet, he will definitely share advice. True, not everyone is an expert in this matter, so it would be better to turn to professional nutritionists before changing your eating habits.

CrossFit is expensive. It's all about what the comparison is made with. A gym membership can actually be cheaper, but what if the savings aren't going to come out? The gym is the place where people pay for their right to work out with machines. And in CrossFit, payment goes for high-quality coaching work, one specialist works on average with 10 students. Indeed, there is information for thought. Indeed, the training programs used in CrossFit and the individual approach from the coach will allow you to achieve the desired results much faster. If you start the gym three times a week and fulfill all the instructor's requirements, then the result will surely come. Those who are not ready to pay should think that they will have to pay no less for just a few hours of training with a personal trainer. Perhaps it is worth limiting your spending on entertainment, and the money saved, even for health and life expectancy?

CrossFit will take a long time. Indeed, there are such enthusiasts who are ready to spend 6 days in the hall. These people exhaust themselves with training, leaving only one day to recover. However, not everyone needs such a regime. Three to four workouts a week is enough to get good results. And a couple of classes a week is quite enough to keep in shape, if there is some other sport in parallel. And the classes themselves do not last long. On average, each group session will take about an hour, and during the day it will take 8 to 20 minutes to complete the exercises. Is that a lot? You can run a short distance very quickly and a long one very slowly. But after the sprint, the runner will be so exhausted that he can hardly stand on his feet. But after a 10 km race in a leisurely rhythm, you often have the strength to communicate with other participants. So, long-term exercise does not always have a great effect.

The CrossFit program is only available to former athletes. To those who first got into the CrossFit gym, it begins to seem that he is a frail young man surrounded by strong athletic men. But not all of them have previously been involved in professional sports. Perhaps someone has such a mark in the past, but this does not mean that one should be shy and feel obviously worse. CrossFit is for everyone. Even those who come with a clear weight, after a few months, lose it and feel on par with the rest. There are participants who have had chronic back injuries, and over time have been able to perform previously unavailable exercises. So there is no need to doubt - CrossFit will help everyone.

There are many incomprehensible terms in CrossFit that you will have to deal with immediately. In the CrossFit environment, terms are really used that will seem incomprehensible to an unprepared person. However, soon after the start of training, these words themselves will enter our speech. In each room, an introductory program is first held, which allows you to understand the mechanism of workouts. If a beginner is looking for where to practice, then it is worth inquiring about the availability of an introductory course. It will not cost much. Some halls even offer up to six introductory lessons, where all the movements that are required already in the main program are analyzed. If, at the end of the introductory course, there is a lack of understanding of how CrossFit works, then it would be better to go through such a program again.

CrossFit is a kind of closed sect. This happens with some indoor gyms, where outsiders are simply not allowed. But CrossFit is a very open society. Even if the newcomer does not feel comfortable in the new environment, this awkwardness will quickly pass. After all, those 10-15 people who are engaged nearby will cheer and help in completing the assignment.

All CrossFit gyms are the same. Do not assume that CrossFit is similar to McDonald's in this regard. But it is also not worth expecting that in different rooms everything is absolutely different. In America, all halls undergo the necessary licensing, but there are simply no general rules for all. But such freedom is fraught with certain risks - after all, not everyone will be able to bear responsibility. To choose really "your" hall, you must first find out everything well. It would be better to visit several nearby halls and see what kind of atmosphere and atmosphere prevails there. It is worth paying attention to how the coach works with his team. Ideally, he will walk around the room and observe the work of the participants.

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