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Crocodile (Crocodylia, or Loricata) is an aquatic reptile and is a carnivorous animal. The word "crocodile" is translated from Greek as "pebble worm". The animal received this name "thanks to" its bumpy skin. The habitat of crocodiles is the tropical and subtropical zones of countries such as Africa, Australia, Eurasia, America. There are more than twenty species of these animals in the world, which, in turn, are divided into three families: alligator (Alligatorclassae), crocodile (Crocodylclassae), gavial (Gavialclassae). The size of a large crocodile can reach 6 meters, a small one - up to 1.5 meters. Animals live mainly in water (both fresh and salt water), but sometimes they go out on land. They feed on fish, crustaceans, molluscs, reptiles, birds and other mammals. They reproduce by laying eggs, in one clutch of which there can be from 20 to 100 pieces. Life expectancy is 80-100 years, crocodiles reach "adult" age in 8-10 years.

There is no difference between a crocodile and an alligator. There is a difference. It lies in their teeth and muzzle. In a crocodile, with a closed mouth, you can see a protruding large tooth in the lower jaw. And in an alligator, such a tooth is not visible, since the upper jaw covers the lower one. In addition, the crocodile's muzzle has a V-shaped sharp shape, while the alligator's muzzle is blunt, in the form of a U-shape.

Crocodiles can run as fast as horses. This is not entirely true. For crocodiles, running fast is simply physically impossible. They have short, squat legs, and the stamina of these animals is poor. The maximum speed that they can reach does not exceed 10 km / h (for reference: a person chased by a crocodile can reach speeds of more than 35 km / h).

Female crocodiles are very good mothers. Absolutely right. When the female lays eggs, she does not move far from this place. Thus, the risk that her "babies" will not become prey for those who like to eat crocodile eggs (turtles, hyenas, and other animals) is reduced. When the little crocodiles hatch from the eggs, the mother carefully drags them closer to the water, helps them with food for several months, and still keeps a watchful eye so that they are not eaten by other animals.

Crocodiles prefer to eat rotten food. And yet, in most cases, these animals prefer fresh meat. But in some cases, they will not give up and fall. By the way, they can use carrion as bait for crabs and turtles, which at this moment become easy prey for crocodiles. Also, "crocs" are happy to eat fish, which is both in free swimming and in fishing nets.

These animals eat people. Yes, a crocodile can attack a person and eat him. But, as a rule, this happens when a person invades the territory of a crocodile, thereby provoking the animal to attack by his actions. However, it cannot be said that humans are the main dish on the crocodile menu.

The crocodile is able to eat its fellow. Everything is correct. Among these reptiles there is an unspoken law "the fittest survives."

Eating a man, the crocodile cries. "Crocodile tears" is the name of this phenomenon. And scientists have proved that these predators really "shed tears", eating, no, not a person, but the meat of any animal. Only this has nothing to do with pity for his victim. The reason for "crocodile tears" is the fact that at the very eyes of the crocodile there are special glands designed to free the animal's body from excess salt. When there is a "bust" with salt, the glands begin to work and from here appear transparent drops, which are called "crocodile" tears.

The crocodile can be tamed and kept at home as a pet. Of course, you can keep it, only very carefully. First, a crocodile will never become a "tame" crocodile, no matter how long it has lived in a society of people. Secondly, this animal is a source of increased danger, and therefore can attack absolutely unexpectedly and suddenly. Well, thirdly, for such an exotic animal it is necessary to create all conditions as close as possible to natural ones (a spacious terrarium, appropriate nutrition, etc.).

Crocodile skin color can change. It's true. For example, getting ashore in the morning to bask in the sun, a crocodile has a dark gray or brown (sometimes black) skin color. After a while, having warmed up, the crocodile's skin acquires a dirty green color. And when the animal becomes light sandy, it means that it is hot.

Crocodiles are not trainable. Oddly enough, crocodiles can be found in almost any circus, and in Thailand, for example, there is a special show center where these animals show their skills. The main thing in the work of a trainer is that the crocodile is well fed and satisfied, then you can teach him anything.

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