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Masculinity is an ethical category that denotes a set of qualities expected from a man; the quintessence of the masculine gender stereotype.

What do we know about what a man should be. What do we know about masculinity. Unfortunately, not much. Also, this topic is shrouded in many different myths. Society perceives these false attitudes and lives by them, and they bring a lot of troubles in life. They bring trouble not only to the man himself, but also to all those who surround him. So let's look at the most common myths about what a man should be.

A real man should use foul language. It is often believed that a real man must certainly use foul language in his speech. This is especially common among adolescents. The use of swear words in the "kid" sphere is considered a sign of coolness. But what is mat. It's just not holding emotions, but a real man should be restrained. Those who cannot contain their emotions are weak in spirit. Look at the heroes you know (not Hollywood), none of them uses obscene expressions. Today on TV we are shown, of course, something completely different. This is how myths are formed. A real man does not swear.

A real man certainly smokes. Look what they show us on TV, in the movies. All the main goodies smoke. And the actors do it so sweet and infectious using special facial expressions. But we all understand that smoking is a weakness. And a man should not have weaknesses. Why do many people smoke - because it gives them a certain pleasure. Why fight a bad habit? It's much easier to just light another cigarette. Such people lack willpower. And a real man should be a strong-willed person. How many times does a smoker say to himself: "that's it, I'll quit smoking tomorrow." A week passes and he again takes a cigarette in his teeth. It turns out he did not keep his word. So what kind of man are you after that? The man said - the man did.

A real man should have many women. What do men like to boast in front of each other most of all? Of course, the number of women. And most of them write stories. Why is all this being done? Only in order to establish themselves in the eyes of friends. This is what insecure men do. And insecurity should not be inherent in a man. Every self-respecting guy should try to find his girlfriend and be faithful to her. It will be a manifestation of power.

The man should smell like beer. After a hard day's work, how can you not drink a bottle of beer, another. Everyone knows that this drink has a very detrimental effect on health, especially on the health of men. Constantly drinking beer, a man risks becoming not quite a "full-fledged man" quite early. In addition, it can be unpleasant for a girl to endure a man near her who smells like a beer barrel. And a man should think about his woman.

A man must be able to subjugate women. It seems to many that only a strong male representative can subjugate a woman. That a woman should obey a man, and this is not subject to discussion. This is usually considered by weaklings who do not have enough strength to establish themselves in a male environment. Such begin to assert themselves on the fair sex who surround him. And the one who raises his hand against a woman is not at all worthy to be called a man. There is little that can fix this. You need to be able to attract women, not subordinate. If he constantly gives flowers to his girlfriend, shows attention to her, then the woman herself will be ready to fulfill the whims of her beloved.

Tough guys don't serve in the army. So many now think, but in vain. The army, whatever it is, still remains an indispensable school of life for a real man. Now it is believed that either those who have no money or those who have not managed to achieve anything go to the army. It is also believed that girls do not care whether their chosen one served or not. No, girls have respect for the guys who have completed military service somewhere in the subconscious. Only in the army can you really test yourself. It is easy, surrounded by friends, to "hero" on the street, "digging" for weaklings. And you try to put yourself in the army, to make your colleagues respect you. We'll have to get good from the grandfathers several times - not without it. If you don't break, then you have a core, courage and honor in you.

A real man should be merciless. Many people think that if they do not reckon with weaklings, they will be respected by their friends. It is imperative to stick to a person who cannot stand up for himself in order to show his prowess and to amuse his pride. But a real man is obliged to protect those who cannot stand up for themselves and for those whom they are trying to offend unfairly. The strength of the spirit is precisely manifested in the ability to forgive one's enemies. A man has no right to forgive the enemies of his homeland, but he must be able to forgive his personal enemies. If you are actually not satisfied with something in a person's actions, then go up to him and try to find out, in an extreme case, offer him to solve the problem with his fists, but only "one on one", and not so as to rush in and beat in a crowd. After the problem is resolved, you need to be able to shake hands after a fight.

The upbringing of children should mainly be carried out by a woman. The standard scheme: the husband - the breadwinner earns money, and the wife, meanwhile, is raising children. Yes, this is certainly correct. But there is one "but". While earning money, a man should not forget about children. Especially when there are boys growing up in the family. After all, they need the correct male upbringing. The father of the family is obliged to devote it to his family when free time appears. Do not go fishing (drinking) with friends, do not sit in front of the TV to watch football and drink beer. It is better, instead of fishing with friends (drinking), to go with the whole family to nature, taking with you your best friend (s) with his family (s). At the same time, you can all go fishing together. And instead of watching football, take the ball and play with your son.

Macho is a real man. This myth is especially common among women. Many beautiful girls think that if a guy is handsome and looks after his appearance, then he is the very "prince on a white horse". Girls like guys, of course. Who dress in fashion, who have a cool T-shirt, expensive jeans. But not all men wear pants. no doubt a man should take care of his appearance, but he should not spend half a day on it. These same "metrosexuals" are not real men. For any normal guy, getting a face like this will not be difficult. Girls, you do not want your future man to be unable to stand up for himself and for you.

A real man should be uncompromising. It is generally accepted that a man who is inferior to his wife is a henpecked man. No, podobluchnik is someone who cannot and does not know how to run a household and make responsible decisions. Therefore, a woman has to take it all upon herself. And a man has to obey his wife in everything. The ability to yield to your wife, girlfriend in some matters is an integral quality of a real man. You shouldn't dissolve your wife, but you don't need to build a "totalitarian regime" at home either. For example, you wanted to go to a restaurant with your wife, and your wife wants to go to her mother (your mother-in-law) in the village for the weekend. You don't want to go there, but you have to. We must give in on this issue.

The strength of a man is in his physical strength. What does everyone usually understand by the word "strength" when talking about a man? In most cases, this word refers to physical strength. A man, of course, must be strong physically, but this does not yet speak of his strength. The main thing is fortitude. What is the use of a man to be "jerky" and be afraid to enter a fight, defending himself. A coward can be both a frail little man and a hefty hulk.

A man must have willpower. A strong man will never raise his voice against a woman. Do not speak badly about anyone in the presence of children. A strong man will always stop to help the man who was attacked by the hooligans, will not pass by the crying woman and will certainly ask if something has happened and if he can somehow help her.

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