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Air conditioning

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Air conditioner - unit for processing and moving air in air conditioning systems. There are autonomous air conditioners (with built-in refrigerators and electric air heaters); non-autonomous (supplied with cold and heat from external sources) and air conditioners-closers (supplied with air from a central air conditioner, and heat and cold from external sources, for example, from central, heating and refrigeration stations).

No air conditioning is needed in the office. It should be remembered that a person feels most comfortable at a temperature of 23 C. If such a temperature regime is provided in the office, the efficiency of employees will increase, employees will be less distracted by tea breaks. And the dress code in such conditions is much easier to follow: no frivolous shorts in the heat and shapeless sweaters in the cold. In addition, your customers will like this temperature regime.

The room is stuffy even with an air conditioner. The function of the air conditioner is to regulate the room temperature by cooling or heating the air. And the stuffiness in the room is a consequence of poor ventilation. The design of some models of air conditioners allows supplying a small amount of air from the street through an additional hose, however, this is completely insufficient for full ventilation.

All employees caught a cold from the air conditioner! Let's clarify: they did not catch a cold from the air conditioner, but from the misuse of this useful invention. There are several useful rules that must be followed so that everything is in order with your health:
- The instantaneous temperature difference between the street and the room should not exceed 3-5 degrees, therefore, the temperature should be reduced gradually;
- Do not sit under a strong stream of air coming from the air conditioner;
- Clean and replace the air conditioner filters on time;
- When buying an air conditioner, you should give preference to a model with an optimal air filtration system.

No benefit from the air conditioner: it works, but it's still hot in the office! If you have correctly set the operating mode of the air conditioner, exactly following the instructions, then you should take into account that if you turn on the air conditioner in a room that is strongly heated by the sun, it will take time to cool the room. In addition, the cooling time depends on the capacity and on the selected air conditioner model (if the model is not an inverter model, the temperature decrease time will increase). The efficiency of the air conditioner is reduced when the filters of the indoor unit of the split-system are heavily soiled or as a result of freon leakage. In this case, you need to call the service center specialists who will quickly fix the malfunction.

I will buy an air conditioner in the spring or early summer. It should be remembered that it is in the spring-summer period that the peak of the installation season for climatic equipment falls. And if you want to solve the issue of comfort in the office in a relaxed atmosphere, choose the optimal model, protect yourself as much as possible from poor-quality installation made by dubious companies, it is best to purchase an air conditioner in the autumn-winter period.

Air conditioning can disrupt the interior of the office. Thanks to the rapid progress in the field of climate control, the internal blocks of split systems are becoming smaller, more elegant, and more diverse in design. And some models from the ArtCool series can decorate any interior.

The air conditioner should be installed only before the premises are repaired. This is not necessary at all, as highly qualified installers will be able to maintain the interior decoration and keep the premises clean.

Fans are an excellent substitute for air conditioning. This is a misconception, especially from a security point of view. A fan (or multiple fans in a large office) is extra wires on the floor, blades spinning fast, and is generally of poor quality, with frequent breakdowns. And they do not cool the air in the room.

The air conditioner makes a noise. It should be remembered that modern high-quality models work almost silently. And by setting the fan control to a minimum, you completely neutralize noise effects.

In severe frosts, the air conditioner is useless, since it cannot be used at an outside air temperature below -15 C. Wrong opinion - there is a low-temperature kit that can be installed to any split system, this will enable the air conditioner to operate in cooling mode at temperatures below -15 C ...

Cheap air conditioners are in no way inferior to expensive models. Many inexpensive Sino-Korean models available in home appliance stores cool the air well. However, it should be remembered that they are made of low-grade plastic, which quickly exfoliates and the device begins to vibrate actively, generating rather unpleasant noise effects.

If there is an air conditioner that humidifies and purifies the air, ventilation is useless. Yes, some models of air conditioners purify the air, but no more than 20 - 30% of the total volume in the room can "refresh". Therefore, the room must be ventilated. In addition, humidifiers and purifiers should be purchased separately - they work more effectively than air conditioners.

You can install the air conditioner yourself. This is not true. Having decided to purchase an air conditioner, you must first of all contact a specialist who will inspect the room and, depending on the layout, size and other features of the apartment, will be able to offer the most suitable model and place for installing the device.

The air conditioner can act as a heater. Indeed, air conditioners have a function for heating the air. However, it should be remembered that it can only be used in the off-season, under certain weather conditions. If the outside temperature is below +10 degrees, the air conditioner may break down. Some models are capable of operating at an air temperature of, say, - 25, but they perform only a cooling function.



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