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Conspiracy (spell, slander, admonition) is a verbal formula-incantation related to folk poetry, which, according to beliefs, is endowed with magical power. The most ancient conspiracies are considered, in the texts of which there is a connection with human economic activity (conspiracies for a harvest, for good luck in hunting and fishing, for taming a dog, etc.).

Among the other conspiracies, the most numerous are medicinal ones (from fever, from fever, from toothache, etc.), most often combined with the performance of certain rituals and the use of not only charmed water or salt, but also various medicinal decoctions and infusions, ointments, etc. .d. Love conspiracies ("suckers") can be distinguished into a separate group. And, finally, the so-called social conspiracies (for example, to gain luck when going to the authorities), which, according to researchers, arose later than healing and love ones.

In ancient times, our ancestors quite often used conspiracies in order to establish control over certain natural phenomena, as well as the impact (both positive and negative) on the people around them. Conspiracies (accompanied or not accompanied by certain rituals) were available for almost all occasions.

In pagan times, most often they turned to the forces of nature - rain, wind, thunder, moon, sun, or they asked for help from the idol gods personifying these forces. With the advent of Christianity, they began to ask for help from the Mother of God, Jesus Christ, Angels and Saints. The basis of the conspiracies that emerged from pagan prayers and spells, at first, was the belief in the invincible power of the human word, later - the power of the invoked deity.

Over time, when the fact who exactly reads the conspiracy gained the greatest importance, and subsequently the accuracy of the casting of spells and the execution of the accompanying rituals was considered the most important factor, a circle of people (magi, sorceresses, healers, sorcerers, etc.) was formed who possessed complete information precise verbal wording and accompanying actions.

The conspiracy structure is very diverse. This is not entirely true. At first glance, the conspiracies are completely different from one another - they differ in their effect, and in subject matter, and in the formulations used. However, the structure of almost all verbal formulas is almost identical. The conspiracy begins with a "groundwork" designed to introduce the reader of the conspiracy into a certain altered state of consciousness in order to ensure his protection and enhance the effect of the subsequent rite. This is followed by the "discovery" of the conspiracy, which turns into a direct verbal expression of the desired. After that, a "symbol assimilation" is made (the desired phenomenon is compared with one or another natural phenomenon), followed by an appeal to the elements with a request to help in the realization of desire. Then the conspiracy is consolidated (the so-called "key", in which the previously spoken words are most often compared with stones or metals, or they are locked with a key, etc.). And finally, almost all conspiracies end with gratitude.

Conspiracies should be pronounced in a whisper. Much depends on what kind of conspiracies are in question, what tradition the person conducting the ceremony belongs to and where exactly he lives. In ancient times, conspiracies were usually pronounced in a loud ("loud") voice. There are several techniques for pronouncing them these days. Conspiracies (especially in Russia) are most often pronounced in a whisper. Shamans of the northern regions and Buddhist healers prefer to use the technique of "throat singing" (especially for healing spells). A more melodic "singing" of verbal formulations is characteristic of the followers of the runic traditions (and the voice of the person performing the ceremony should be not only strong and sonorous, but also "convincing").

Conspiracy and slander are the same thing. Most often, these words are really used as synonyms, but there are still differences in meanings. The term "slander", which appeared earlier than "conspiracy", is used in cases when a short verbal formula-order is read over a certain object (a future amulet or amulet, which is subsequently used to protect, attract certain benefits into a person's life and etc.) or over a specific person. One of the conditions under which the effectiveness of this rite is guaranteed is that the breath of the reader of the slander must reach the object or person on whom the impact is directed. Moreover, both formulations invented in ancient times and self-composed slander will work equally successfully, provided that a person clearly represents what he wants and is able to accurately express it in a verbal-logical form.

It is also important to choose the right subject to read the slander. For example, defensive slander is most often read on a red thread (which is subsequently worn on the wrist) or on specially tied knots (in this case, the slander is called "nauz"). To endear a person to himself, a slander is read over sweets (sweets, pastries, cakes). To improve culinary skills will help a slander on any dish prepared by a certain person; success in any business will be ensured by the said clothes (on the trip - shoes), etc. Unlike a slander, a conspiracy can simply be pronounced aloud a certain number of times, while the personal presence of the person to whom the influence is directed is not at all necessary.

People preparing to read the conspiracy must follow certain rules of conduct and diet. Yes, there are such rules. For example, it is believed that the most effective are conspiracies pronounced on an empty stomach or after at least 3 hours after eating. Moreover, on the eve of the ceremony (3 days before), meat, sugar (it can be replaced with honey), any alcoholic beverages are excluded from the menu. Smoking is also not recommended. In addition, you should refuse to visit discos and nightclubs, places of large gathering of people, watching television broadcasts of an aggressive nature. You need to avoid quarrels, swear words and just talking in a raised voice. Restrictions are imposed on sexual contacts (especially on the night before reading the conspiracy). In addition, a person who is going to perform the ceremony must be attentive to his health and take into account certain physiological processes in the body (for example, women should not read conspiracies during their menstruation).

During the ceremony, certain rules are also observed: the conspiracy should be read barefoot, without a headdress (women are obliged to loose their uncombed hair) and any jewelry (with the exception of a pectoral cross), in clean clothes (preferably light monochromatic, preferably white) after washing your hands. The mood should also be appropriate - jokes and laughter during the conversation are not permissible (and the person speaking and the person speaking should be serious).

It should be remembered that healing conspiracies cannot be read over people to whom the speaker dislikes. It is not recommended to turn around during the ceremony (even if there is a feeling of an outsider presence in the room), since this movement can lead to a loss of the power of conspiracies.

When reading plots, a window should be opened. During the ceremony, it is really recommended to open a window (or window) and face east. But in case someone needs to be taught the art of reading conspiracies, windows and doors are tightly shut. This is done to ensure that the verbal formulas remain valid ("do not fade").

Plots can be read any day of the week. First, it is best for women and men to read conspiracies on different days. The so-called "women's" days (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) are considered the most favorable for beautiful ladies. While it is better for the stronger sex to give preference to "male" days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). Secondly, on some days (Sundays, days of religious holidays, fasts, etc.), it is better not to read conspiracies at all, because these days are intended for prayer communication with the Higher powers.

The best time to read conspiracies is at night. Much depends on what time of year the ceremony takes place. For example, in winter, late autumn and early spring, the best time to read conspiracies is noon or the first hour or two after sunset. In summer, conspiracies should be read before sunrise, or in the period from noon to 14 hours.

Reading conspiracies is associated with the phases of the moon. It really is. It should be borne in mind what kind of conspiracy is supposed to be used. For example, the time of the waning of the moon is suitable for reading conspiracies that protect against corruption, disease, failure and poverty. New Moon is the best time for conspiracies aimed at improving health, conceiving a child, attracting love, wealth, as well as ensuring the success of a new project or helping to get a prestigious job. Also during this period, it is good to read conspiracies that contribute to the strengthening of various kinds of creative and magical abilities (for example, clairvoyance), using water (closely associated with the moon), silver amulets and round white stones during the ceremony. To enhance the effect of spells on the new moon, you can use the icon of the Archangel Gabriel and a prayer addressed to him (read before the beginning of the ceremony). But if for some reason you missed the new moon - do not despair. Conspiracies that attract success and prosperity to a person's life can also be read on the growing moon.

The plot should be read as many times as possible. If there is no special indication of the number of repetitions, the conspiracy is read 3 times in a row. However, some slander will have to be repeated 7, 9, or even 40 times, if this is stipulated in the instructions for performing a particular rite. It should also be remembered that after a month the conspiracy must be read again ("forged"), even if the effect of the first reading is noticeable. If the slander did not work either the first or the second time, this procedure will have to be repeated a month later again. In the event that even after the third time the conspiracy did not take effect, this ceremony for some reason does not suit you personally, therefore you should abandon vain attempts to achieve a result and try other methods of influencing reality.

To make the action of the conspiracy more targeted - in the verbal formula, not only the name, but also the surname of the person should be mentioned. No, when reading a conspiracy, only the name is called - this is quite enough for the impact to be made on a specific person. The fact is that for the Higher powers, which are addressed during the ceremony, the surname does not matter, the bearer of all information about the individual is his name and the idea of ​​this individual that the person reading the conspiracy has. To enhance the effect of conspiracies, you can add the name of the saint who reigns on the day of the ceremony to the name of a person (however, the use of the word "great martyr" should be avoided, since when it is mentioned in conspiracies, the negative consequences for the reader will be stronger than usual).

In the event that the names of the person reading the conspiracy and those of the subject being spoken are similar in sound (for example, Alexander and Alexander), the phrase "by God's grace" should be added to the verbal formula before the name of the spoken word, and it is better not to read conspiracies from infertility at all ( especially if people with consonant names are husband and wife). In the event that you have to read a conspiracy to return the husband, and at the same time the names of the wife and mistress are the same - before performing the ceremony, the wife will have to undergo a second baptismal rite, during which she will change her name (it is better not to take the name of the great martyrs). Accordingly, during the reading of the conspiracy, a woman will have to call herself a new name received during re-baptism.

If a woman is pregnant, she should not read conspiracies. The fact is that when reading some conspiracies, a person can get a back blow of negative energy. And since the energy protection of a child in the womb is very weak - most likely, all the consequences will affect him. Therefore, during pregnancy, a woman should not turn to any magical rituals. The exception is conspiracies of protective actions or aimed at curing a child.

With the help of conspiracies, you can help your relatives. If the aforementioned help consists in curing the disease, one must take into account the fact that, when reading conspiracies over relatives, it is very easy to "drag" the disease onto oneself. The risk is somewhat reduced if a combination of witchcraft and witchcraft techniques is used. However, it should be remembered that neither conspiracies, nor any magical effects aimed at improving health are not allowed to be carried out by children in relation to their father or mother. Spouses or lovers should also exercise caution when reading healing plots on top of each other. But conspiracies aimed at protecting one of the relatives, neutralizing the harmful effects from the outside (evil eye, damage), or attracting wealth or luck into his life, can be read without any restrictions.

Christian conspiracies do not work for people professing a different faith (for example, Muslims). Misconception. However, a person's religion still has to be taken into account. For example, if a ceremony involves visiting a temple or cemetery, speaking to a Christian, you need to visit a Christian church and churchyard. And in the event that the object of the conspiracy is a Muslim, you will have to find a mosque and a cemetery where burials were performed in accordance with Sharia law.

It is rather difficult to treat deaf and dumb people with conspiracies - after all, they cannot repeat aloud a verbal formula. Indeed, in some cases, the pronunciation of a conspiracy by the patient himself is a necessary condition for a successful cure. However, there is still a way out of this situation. Instead of a deaf-mute patient, the necessary words can be pronounced by his close relative (and the age difference between these people should not exceed 9 years).

The effect of a conspiracy can be reduced, or even nullified, for example, amulets worn on the person being spoken. Yes it is. Moreover, not only amulets can interfere, but also pins, or even ordinary metal jewelry (rings, earrings), and in some cases, simply the presence of a headdress (for example, if a person is wearing a hat in front of icons). Tattoos can also be an obstacle. A person's concealment of certain information about himself can also complicate the work of a reader of a conspiracy. For example, it is generally impossible to influence unbaptized people through a conspiracy, and before the virgin speaks, one should read the "Immaculate" prayer.

When talking to twins, certain rules must be followed. These rules do exist.For example, the eldest of the twins must be the first to speak, otherwise the effect of the conspiracy can be reduced to zero. It should also be remembered that the negative impact induced on one of the twins is most often transmitted to the second twin, therefore, most likely, the damage will have to be removed from both.

There are conspiracies that help neutralize the negative impact of the number 13 present in a person's date of birth. Our ancestors believed that not only the "devil's dozen" in the date of birth could be dangerous - the numbers 6, 8 and 0 also have a negative effect. To remove the negative influence of each of these numbers, there are special conspiracies accompanied by rituals. For example, the eight is "scolded" by going around the temple on Good Friday, to neutralize the action of the six, a ritual is performed using an egg from a black chicken, boiled at midnight (after reading the conspiracy, the said egg is carried to a fresh grave, and you should not talk or look around) ... Exposure to zero will help nullify a conspiracy read over a bonfire made of birch brooms. And, finally, the effect of the number 13 is neutralized by means of a conspiracy read from 12 to 13 (the month does not matter) 12 minutes before midnight over 13 small church candles (and only one of them is lit and burned, the remaining 12 are removed from table in a secluded place). It should be remembered that in order to consolidate the effect, the mentioned ceremony will have to be repeated every 13 years.

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