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Conception is the formation of a new organism in the process of the fusion of the egg with the sperm. Semen, consisting of several million sperm cells, has the ability to lower the acidity of the vaginal environment, as a result of which it can be stored in the female body for up to 9 days while waiting for the egg cell to mature.

In a woman's body, during sexual intercourse, an egg is released, the production of progesterone is increased, as a result of which the uterus is prepared for receiving the embryo and, as a result, conception occurs.

Briefly, the process of conception can be described as follows: the release of the egg and ejaculation - the fusion of the sperm and the egg - the attachment of the egg to the uterus and its division - the formation of the embryo.

Experts say there is a baby boom in Russia. The birth rate in the country has increased dramatically. This is explained by the fact that the generation of people born during the baby boom of the 80s of the last century entered the reproductive age. The streets are full of expectant mothers and young mothers walking with their children.

Looking at this cheerful picture, it is hard to believe that the problem of infertility is acute in Russia. According to statistics, out of 39 million Russian women of reproductive age (15–49 years), 6 million are diagnosed with infertility. That is, about 15% of married couples remain childless.

The situation is aggravated by illiteracy in matters of sexual health and child conception. Often a married couple is ready to perform the most unthinkable rituals in order to achieve the desired result - the conception of the first child. Let's see - which of the well-known opinions about conception are true, and which are fiction.

To conceive a child as soon as possible, you need to have sex as often as possible. Many newlyweds, having made the decision to replenish the family, take up the matter with envy worthy of zeal, trying to become parents every day. In fact, in order to accumulate enough sperm to fertilize an egg, a man needs an average of 48 hours. Doctors advise having sex after 2-3 days to increase the chances of conception, and on the days when conception is most likely. This day is the day of ovulation - 14 days before menstruation. In addition, you can conceive a child 2 days before and 2 days after ovulation. You can also get pregnant 5 days before ovulation. The fact is that spermatozoa, once in the genital tract of a woman, can sometimes maintain their viability for up to five days.

There is a special position for conception. There is a popular story that if a woman wants to get pregnant, then immediately after intercourse she needs to lie on her back for 20 minutes with her legs raised high. This is sheer nonsense. The semen is thrown out at a speed of 10-20 m / sec. Sperm cells, moving with the help of special flagella, reach the fallopian tubes in five minutes. And it doesn't matter at all what position the woman is in at the moment of ejaculation - lying, sitting or standing. Spermatozoa will still get where they should. The only question is whether the right day is chosen for this "hit".

To get pregnant, you need to eat ice cream, according to the paradoxical conclusion of scientists at Harvard University. They studied 3430 women and found a relationship between a woman's lack of fat in her diet and infertility due to lack of ovulation. According to Harvard scientists, ice cream lovers are 25% more likely to get pregnant. But supporters of low-fat nutrition, on the contrary, are prone to infertility.

Jocks are not fertile. This is incorrect, but only partially. If the father-to-be takes steroids, there is a possibility that they affect the activity of the sperm, i.e. on the ability to conceive. In theory, reduced sperm activity can make it difficult to conceive.

If a woman has an irregular cycle, she is unable to conceive. Wrong. Most likely, this may indicate problems with the hormonal background or with the endocrine system. But not about infertility. In most cases, these problems are solved, you just need not to delay the visit to the doctor.

Conception occurs immediately after the couple stops using contraception. Many couples think that conceiving is easy. It is enough just to stop using protection. And if conception does not occur after 2-3 weeks of attempts, they panic. In fact, if you and your partner are under 30, it will take you, on average, about 6 months to conceive. If you are under 35 - about 9 months. According to doctors, a married couple who regularly have sex and do not use contraception have a 10 to 15% chance of conceiving a child every month. Although it is possible that as soon as you stop using contraception, pregnancy will immediately occur. If this still does not happen, do not despair and stop trying. After a year of trying, 88% of couples conceive a child, after 2 years - 95%. However, if after a year of attempts at conception did not occur, it is worth contacting a doctor, and both partners.

24 is the ideal age for pregnancy and childbirth. Medically speaking, this is true. The female body is finally formed, the hormonal background is balanced. Women of this age can easily tolerate pregnancy and childbirth, with practically no complications. But it's not that simple. The biological age of a woman is determined not by years, but by her state of health. Often, women under the age of 30 tend to have a frivolous attitude towards their health. And why take care of him, after all, everything is still in order, nothing hurts. Whereas after 30 years, many women begin to seriously engage in themselves: sports, diets, balanced nutrition, vitamin complexes. In such women, the body is better prepared for the stresses associated with pregnancy and childbirth than in young girls who do not show attention to their health. In addition, for adult women, pregnancy is more often planned. They are psychologically ready to become mothers and not sisters or friends to their unborn child.

A modern woman can afford to first make a career, and only then give birth. Thanks to the feminization of society, the age threshold for women in labor has increased in Russia. Climbing the career ladder, women postpone the continuation of offspring "for later." In megacities, 50% of women give birth to their first child at the age of 27-30. A growing number of women are delaying the birth of their first child until 35 years of age. Undoubtedly, a modern woman can first make a career, and then give birth. But here a lot depends on the health of the woman herself. Only those who take care of themselves seriously and purposefully have a chance of healthy offspring after thirty. The rest should hurry up. First, according to statistics, in our country, only 32% of women in labor are healthy. The rest have pathologies. And with age, they only get worse, and their number increases. Secondly, after 35 years of age, the chances of getting pregnant decrease dramatically. Thirdly, at this age, the risk of complications in the course of pregnancy and childbirth increases, and the postpartum recovery period is lengthened. Fourth, the risk of developing genetic diseases in a child born to a woman at the age of 30 is 2-3%. Women over 35 - 8%. Demographic Institute research shows that each successive generation is less healthy than the previous one. Doctors strongly recommend getting pregnant before 35.

No special preparations are required to get pregnant. In fact, planning a pregnancy is a step that will require a woman to have various self-restraints and a responsible attitude towards her body. After all, it is there that the baby will spend the first 9 months of life. To begin with, you have to give up bad habits. Ideally: a few months before the planned conception and until the end of breastfeeding. Alcohol, smoking. In addition to the fact that they increase the risk of developing various pathologies in the fetus, these bad habits lead to miscarriage in 15% of cases. A woman will have to pay attention to her weight. Excess or lack of weight is due to hormonal disruptions and can also complicate the course of pregnancy. It is advisable to drink a course of vitamins, to increase your immunity. In addition to the fact that this will provide the female body - the future cradle of nascent life - with the necessary vitamins and microelements, in addition, it guarantees her faster rehabilitation after childbirth.

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