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Civil marriage

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A civil marriage is a union of two people, which is formalized in state bodies without the participation of the church. Civil marriage has become an alternative, first to the church, and then to the state. This institution has been established in the world for a long time, for example, in Holland since 1580.

In Russia, civil marriage became especially popular after the 1917 Revolution, when the church was essentially banned. Since then, this phenomenon has become an integral part of modern society. This concept even entered the country's legislation, because sometimes complex legal differences arise. Not without myths around this phenomenon, which further add confusion - is it good or bad?

Civil marriage is just a modern family model. It seems to many that individual freedom and morality of the new era are realized in a civil marriage as well as possible. In fact, he cannot replace the classic family, enshrined in law. And from a moral point of view, such a relationship between a man and a woman will not get stronger. After all, usually a man agrees to a civil marriage in order to enjoy life at least in the form of constant sex. And for a woman, the motives are usually the same - to create a normal family, to have offspring. This different approach to relationships only exacerbates the gap between men and women. This is evidenced by impartial statistics - three quarters of civil marriages break up in 1.5-2 years. In this case, the couple either breaks up forever, or enters into an official marriage, which legally secures their rights.

Civil marriages provide a rich life experience. Yes it is, only the experience is still more negative. You can recall what has already been said - each in such a union has its own goal. The result is constant resentment, mistrust and reproaches. The experience gained at the same time can hardly be considered rich in the full sense. As a result, the couple either moves to a new level of relationship, or breaks up.

In a civil marriage, a man and a woman can get to know each other better. This is possible only in one case - if the marriage is still fresh, that is, in the early stages of living together. And if we talk about several cases of entering into such an alliance, then people subconsciously transfer their old negative experience into new relationships. Psychologists believe that the answer to the question of whether you want to continue living with this person should come in 1 year. And the further continuation of relations in this format will only put pressure on the couple.

Civil marriages, like premarital relationships, provide an opportunity to gain sexual experience. Sexologists will only laugh at such a statement. Indeed, the experience will appear. But why is it needed if you plan to live in a normal family and at the same time maintain marital fidelity to your loved one? So we should only talk about mutual experience, and it should be developed. And it is better not to tell your partner about your past adventures, including sexual ones. This information will not go unnoticed at all. They will certainly emerge when a serious family crisis hits.

Civil marriage provides an opportunity to remain free, including sexually. If this is true, then what to do with jealousy. After all, even in a free relationship, there is no escape from her. On the contrary, if the cohabitation of two people is not legally enshrined, the fear of losing a loved one will increase even more. The next step is to strive to keep it at any cost. Is it up to freedom here? In romantic relationships, there is a sea of ​​jealousy, for or without reason. If people are married, then jealousy usually comes to normal. The jealous no longer simply does not show her, realizing his status. If suspicion remains, then we are talking about pathological jealousy in general.

Civil worlds will soon become the norm around the world. Many see the future relationship within the couple as such. Today, such a trend really exists, as well as an increase in the number of promiscuous premarital relationships. But this is just evidence of degradation, chaos and crisis in public morality. On the other hand, one cannot fail to note the growing interest in religion and faith. But the church always imposes strict obligations on marriage. The union of two people must comply with certain religious rules. The collapse of the Iron Curtain became the misfortune of our country. After all, our established morality was literally swept away by the sexual revolution and permissiveness. They talk about civil marriage, it is worth noting that no one has ever worked out an alternative model of the classic family and raising children. And this is what must be done when speaking of the future.

If a civil marriage flows into a legal marriage, it will be stronger. As much as one would like to believe it, this is not always the case. According to statistics, the frequency of divorce in families with extensive experience of civil relations is the same as in those who got married after several romantic dates. So this statement can in no way justify a civil marriage.

Civil marriage is a fashionable fad, relevant for everyone. Do not assume that this form of residence will be the best option for the rest. The principles of "do as I do" or "do as everyone else so as not to stand out" are only suitable for teenagers. Today, anyone has the right to choose the form of their relationship. You can go to the registry office, or you can live in a civil marriage, checking your feelings. Or maybe it's better to stay in a sweet romantic relationship for a while longer? Do not be afraid of being unfashionable and out of date. Let it look like this, but a romantic period in a relationship is needed. After all, it is he who is the foundation on which a strong family stands. This has been verified by many couples.

Civil marriage allows passion to last for many years. Passion has a tendency to cool down over time. And it does not depend on whether people live freely together or meet secretly in different places. Passionate sex anywhere with torn clothes will go away, leaving a place for quiet love. She, in turn, should generate respect for the partner. It should be noted that especially strong marriages are those in which respect precedes love feelings and remains in the family. It’s impossible to love someone you don’t respect.

Civil marriages are a factor of stability, help for survival in large metropolitan areas. When such unions break up, usually one of the partners gets everything, and the other only has clothes and a personal laptop. And it's also good if there are ways to escape - a personal apartment, home of friends or parents. But most often, one of the partners dramatically loses stability due to parting with a partner. If suddenly the common-law husband dies, his concubine will have to prove her child benefits for a long time, to protect her home. And a husband who does not bear full legal responsibility can go nowhere overnight. There have been unique cases when people live together to a ripe old age without signing. And when one of the spouses dies, the other has to prove their rights to their own apartment for a long time. The legal aspects are spelled out, but they will take a long time to prove. So there is no question of any stability.

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