Child and disease

Child and disease

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Sometimes parents, without suspecting it, by their actions lead to the fact that a child who is able to recover rather quickly, nevertheless, is ill for a long time. The trouble is that parents are often mistaken about how to treat a sick child. Here are some of these misconceptions.

At high temperatures, the child should be wrapped well. This is not true. The body lowers its temperature through evaporation, and therefore if the parents wrap up the baby, then this can interfere with the healing work of the body.

At a temperature, the child needs to be fed more often, allegedly in order to compensate for the loss of energy. Quite the opposite is true. The body directs energy to fight infection, and therefore it is better to free it from the function of digesting food, which requires a lot of energy. If the child does not have an appetite, then you should not offer him food, you can limit yourself to drinking plenty of fluids. With an increase in malaise, at an elevated temperature, with a severe headache, with abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea - never insist on food! Not even offering is dangerous!

When a child has a sore throat, then he should not be given to drink a lot of fluids so that it does not hurt him to swallow. In fact, the liquid washes out the throat mucosa. Thus, it removes substances produced by the body as a result of the inflammatory process that causes pain.

Do babies need anti-itch cream? There are now special antihistamine creams used to relieve itching from mosquito bites. Some parents believe that these creams can also be used to relieve itching in a child when he is bitten by a mosquito. But experts warn that anti-itch cream can cause an allergic reaction, and they advise using special ammonia-based fluids that reduce pain from bites. It is also advisable to disinfect the bite site and make sure that the child does not scratch the bite site, as an infection can get through it. You can also lubricate your skin with moisturizer to relieve the pain of the bite.

Even the smallest wound needs to be covered with a plaster or bandaged. If the wound does not bleed, contact with air will help heal. But the bandage and plaster are best used for large wounds and cuts.

A child with a cold cannot be bathed. There is an opinion that a child with a cold should not be bathed. In reality, everything is exactly the opposite. One of the most effective remedies for colds is a hot bath. It is very important that the baby is in a warm room after bathing (at least 22 degrees Celsius), otherwise the child may become hypothermic, and this will lead to an exacerbation of the disease.

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