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Fish roe, 1) the common name for fish eggs. The size of the eggs of commercial fish is usually from 0.6 mm (for example, for tulka, flounder) to 7 mm (for salmon, chum salmon, catfish). 2) A food product obtained by processing the eggs of some fish.

There are 3 main types of caviar: from sturgeon fish (beluga, sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, thorn); from salmon (chum salmon, pink salmon, sockeye salmon, chinook salmon, coho salmon, salmon); from small species (carp, pike perch, pike, vobla, etc.), which conditionally include mullet, mullet, whitefish, cod, herring, etc., as well as caviar of echinoderm mollusk - sea urchin (a delicacy with a tonic effect).

Fish eggs are found in ovaries (ovaries). To obtain caviar, the fish is cut alive, since in a dormant fish, after a few hours, the strength of the eggshells decreases so much that they burst.

The color of eggs of various fish ranges from light gray to black and from orange-red to light yellow. The main method for preparing caviar is salting, sometimes combined with pasteurization, drying, and pressing.

The caviar of sturgeon fish is used to make black granular, pasteurized, pressed and roe caviar. Red is made from caviar of salmon fish species.

Caviar is stored at temperatures close to 0 ° C. Caviar is rich in high-grade proteins, fats, vitamins easily assimilated by the human body, and in terms of nutritional value it significantly surpasses many products, including fish meat.

Red caviar is less useful than black caviar. Any caviar, no matter what color it is, contains the same set of substances useful to humans. The price of black caviar is influenced by the fact that in nature the number of sturgeons, which are the main suppliers of this valuable product, is constantly decreasing. The number of salmonids does not undergo significant changes.

To catch red caviar, it is necessary to know the spawning grounds of salmon fish (pink salmon, salmon, chum salmon). The fact is that such fish spawn only in fresh water, so they swim from the sea to the rivers, where they die, having completed their task. Quite differently with sturgeon fish (sturgeon stellate sturgeon, beluga). For example, the sturgeon lives up to 100 years, growing up only at 10-15 years, and spawns very rarely - only a few times in its life. Therefore, the extraction of black caviar is more difficult, it itself is rarer, which affects its final price.

Eating caviar leads to fullness. Caviar is believed to be very nutritious as it is high in calories. But this is not true, since there is not a single "extra" calorie in this seafood product. Yes, caviar contains a lot of protein (about 30%) and fat (about 15%), but its calorie content is only about 250 kcal per 100 g. Of course, if you use caviar with a sandwich with a thick layer of butter or as a filling for a fat pancake, you can harm your figure. But, subject to the principles of separate nutrition (for example, by laying out a slide of caviar on half a boiled egg), you can limit yourself from excess calories. Moreover, this method of nutrition will successfully saturate a person and contain much fewer calories.

Caviar has nutritional properties. But this is just the truth. The fact is that eggs contain a rich set of biologically active substances, as well as nutrients necessary for the birth of a new organism. Any caviar contains a large number of proteins that are easily absorbed by our body. In addition, this product contains vitamins A, B, C, D, beneficial amino acids, minerals, lecithin and folic acid. Lecithin helps eliminate cholesterol and nourishes nerve cells, while folic acid helps to avoid anemia and maintain healthy skin tone. Caviar does not contain unnecessary fats, and its fatty acids are important for the cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation and reducing the risk of blood clots. A large amount of useful nutrients makes caviar a valuable delicacy, therefore this product is recommended for people with a special need for vitamins, as well as for nursing mothers and children.

The opposite is the case with red caviar. The smaller the eggs, the more delicious they are. Here, the most appreciated red salmon caviar is small, with an orange tint. Next is the pink salmon caviar, which has a lighter color. The top three in popularity includes salmon caviar with a clear burgundy color, much larger.

And during industrial processing, red caviar is divided into two varieties. So, 1st grade caviar must contain whole elastic eggs, its aroma must be pleasant and the product must not have any foreign tastes. The content of burst eggs and films, or blood is not allowed. In caviar of the 2nd grade, deviation is allowed in several indicators. And the different content in the varieties of salt, so in the 1st grade caviar - 4-6%, and in the 2nd grade caviar - 4-8%.

It is impossible to distinguish real caviar from fake. When buying caviar in a glass jar, inspect it, making sure that the product fills the container tightly, without voids. A jar with a quality product should not contain any liquid, and no adhered eggs are allowed on the inside of the glass and lid. On a tin can with caviar, the numbers of manufacture and the number of the master are put, if it is found that these numbers are pressed inward, you can be sure that this is a fake. It is important to pay attention to the date of manufacture of the product. The fact is that the most valuable caviar is that which is preserved immediately after extraction, during spawning, that is, in July or August. If the jar has a different date, it becomes clear that the product has either been shuffled or made from frozen caviar, which, of course, affects its quality. When buying loose caviar, pay attention to the eggs - they should be crumbly, easily separate from each other and in no case stick together. Poor quality caviar has a too weak or, conversely, too dense shell, while a sour or rancid taste indicates a violation of the cooking or storage conditions.

Caviar enhances sexual feelings. This statement is not a myth at all. Caviar is indeed a powerful aphrodisiac. The word itself is already associated with the goddess of love Aphrodite, who emerged from the sea foam, it is not surprising that seafood promotes sensuality and sex drive. In the East, there is an ancient custom - before the wedding night, to feed the newlyweds with caviar in order to increase the strength of the groom and the feelings of the bride. And among the Slavs, among the dishes for a romantic dinner are pancakes and canapes with sparks. The rich mineral composition of this seafood helps to quickly restore strength and enhance sexual performance in men. And phosphorus and iodine, which are part of caviar, increase the level of the pleasure hormone - serotonin, promote the production of testosterone - the male hormone. Leticin, which is part of the caviar, contributes to the relaxation so necessary for intimacy, stimulates the imagination.

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