Safety in the car

Safety in the car

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A safe car is a car, the design features of which help to prevent accidents or, in the event of a road traffic accident, reduce injuries to the driver, passengers and pedestrians.

An experienced driver will handle any emergency. There are times when a lot of an accident does not depend on the driver, since the cause of the accident is either other people or, in general, technical malfunctions.

You don't have to fasten the belt - it doesn't matter at low speed. In an accident at any speed, wearing a seat belt increases the chances of survival by 2-3 times.

Airbags will always save me. Airbags are only effective when the seat belt is on and only at speeds up to 80 km / h, which is even an understatement on highways.

Airbags are harmless. There are cases when people who had an accident were suffocated by an airbag. Also, about 30% of people lose hearing when airbags are deployed due to loud banging tearing the eardrums in their ears. There are also known cases when they did not work, or worked late. They are installed on modern cars only because the alternatives are even worse.

Crash-proof steering wheel will protect as well as pillows. Products made of non-hazardous plastic are designed to reduce the force of impact, but it does not provide complete protection. The statistics are sad - injury-free plastic saved only 3% of lives.

Rear passengers may not buckle in anyway. If the rear passengers were not fastened at the time of the accident, they can move to any place in the cabin. This is dangerous both for them and for those sitting in front.

Children can ride just like adults. To transport a child, there must be a child seat in the car that protects the child's spine and is properly secured with a seat belt.

A blow from behind is harmless. According to statistics, more than 50% of cases are fatal when struck by a standing car from behind. This is due to the fact that the main overload in this case falls on the fragile and weakly protected human spine.

A side impact is extremely dangerous. Most modern cars use side booms and side airbags to make the impact the least dangerous. In addition, such strikes usually occur at low speed.

Hitting a truck is always fatal. Many trucks are equipped with underruns to prevent a passenger car from getting under the wheels, and bumpers made of soft materials, which seriously reduce the force of impact. But hitting a truck is always much more dangerous than a collision between two cars.

Various things can lie in the salon - what will happen to them. In an accident, objects lying in the passenger compartment acquire the speed at which the car was previously moving. And their mass in this case will be equal to the normal mass multiplied by the speed in meters per second. So the heavier the object, the more potentially dangerous it is.

The trailer will not affect the impact force in any way. This is certainly not the case. A trailer attached to a vehicle can cause significant damage due to its weight and additional rear impact.

Car tuning does not affect its safety. Of course it does. The lightweight body is less resistant to impacts, and the modified body kit does not have the same energy-absorbing characteristics.

Glass tinted, reduce the safety of the car. On the contrary: glasses with high-quality films absorb sun glare, eliminate the mirror effect, neutralize the glare of oncoming and passing vehicles. High-quality toning reflects 99% of ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting the interior from burnout. In summer, it reflects up to 70% of heat rays, and even if you have an air conditioner in your car, you will not experience discomfort from a very unpleasant effect, your right hand is freezing - your left hand is sunburned. And in winter, polymer retains up to 35% of the heat in the passenger compartment, keeping the car at a comfortable temperature. And also, no one will see that you have forgotten valuable things in the car, leaving, home or to the store. And no one will know in advance what equipment is installed in your car, what speakers and how they are attached.

A tangential strike is not dangerous at all. An impact on a tangential trajectory does not lead to the destruction of the car, but it is dangerous for the loss of control over the car and the subsequent repeated accident.

A heavy vehicle is extremely dangerous in an accident. In practice, a heavy vehicle is found to be stronger and more load-bearing because it can absorb more load than a light vehicle.

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