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Building a career is unthinkable without following some unwritten rules. It is known that men achieve professional success more easily than women, however, they are often the ones who make mistakes that hinder their careers, so that the desired and so close position suddenly "leaves" for another. In the minds of people there are several myths that interfere with their careers, let's try to debunk them.

A career is impossible without education. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to engage in some types of activity without appropriate professional training. So, without training, it is impossible to work as a doctor or lawyer. But to achieve success in many other specialties, like advertising, journalism, design, creative directions, it is not at all necessary a fundamental education. Sometimes short courses or a clear textbook are enough. In such areas, their own experience, portfolio, and not a certificate with grades speak for themselves. There is nothing wrong with starting your career from the bottom up if you don't have the right education. Dreaming of a career as a TV presenter, you can agree to the position of assistant, secretary, or even a courier - this will allow you to learn and understand the activities of the enterprise from the inside. In addition, employers tend to fill emerging vacancies with their employees, rather than look for a third-party specialist.

The larger and longer the resume, the better. This is absolutely not suitable for business people who value their time. Most employers will need a laconic, literate, and clear resume. This will emphasize your efficiency, ability to express your thoughts and organization, which is just what is appreciated in the employee. You should not list all your previous jobs, especially if there are many more than three. It would be quite appropriate to place your last place of work and the one where you occupied the highest position on your resume. It would be inappropriate in such a document to indicate a hobby, unless it is directly related to your profession.

By the age of 30, you need to decide on your professional orientation. There are many examples when, in the middle of life, people drastically changed their occupation and achieved success in a new place. You can't give up your dreams at any age! Unloved work brings unhappiness to a large number of people. Naturally, age imposes certain restrictions - it is unrealistic to become cosmonauts at the age of 40, but there are many other specialties where you can try to realize yourself. You can even become a model by advertising clothes for people of your size and age.

Extracurricular work contributes to rapid career advancement. The other side of your behavior at work may be that the management will find you slow or incompetent, which forces you to stay after the end of the working day. In addition, for the employee himself, such processing is fraught with stress, rapid fatigue, irritability, and ailments. Such a set is hardly compatible with high labor productivity. No one denies that there are situations when you just need to stay late or work on the weekend, but this will be just an exception.

It is better to keep quiet about your career plans. It will be a mistake to keep silent about the fact that you dream of making a career path and getting, in the end, on the Board of Directors. It is no coincidence that interviews are often asked about what position the applicant sees himself in in 5-10 years. The fact is that companies look for ambitious, energetic employees, relying on them, and not on the quiet, content with insignificant positions. It is the one who wants to make a career who will try to do his job with high quality, bring in creative ideas. Also, when vacating a seat, management will know who is really interested in this chair, without fear of difficulties and responsibility.

Conflicts with colleagues and superiors should be avoided. Have you always been afraid to make enemies for yourself, avoiding quarrels and conflicts, agreeing with everyone? This is also a mistake! Of course, at work, you should maintain an even, sympathetic relationship with your colleagues. However, the office is not a place for friendship, but for work. It will be reasonable to maintain communication with others, without exalting or belittling yourself and only as with employees. No one forbids making friends with someone from colleagues or management, but at work you should forget about friendly relations, behave exclusively officially. Friendship should be forgotten if it is at odds with the interests of the business. Do not be afraid to argue with the management, in the case of an unconventional view, supported by arguments, you can declare yourself as a principled creative employee. But, of course, arguing constantly and everywhere is also not worth it, since the reputation of the disputant will not help a future career.

Frequent job changes can hurt your career. Gone are the days when "flyers" were treated with caution, avoiding recruiting. It is currently believed that a reasonable change of jobs and directions only adds knowledge and experience to a person's piggy bank, forming useful contacts.

Being constantly busy is a sign of diligence. Naturally, you should not sit idly by at work, however, you should not demonstrate deliberate employment either. You should not be inaccessible to others, tell employees that you do not have time to help them. In modern companies, this is not welcomed by corporate ethics. There is nothing worse than a boss who is looking for you and cannot find you - so try not to leave your workplace. Despite your busy schedule, pay attention to emails and calls.

Criticism of the leadership jeopardizes the future career. It is impossible to work successfully without knowing the preferences and wishes of the management. The absence of any comments on your work does not mean that you are satisfied with it. Therefore, being called "on the carpet" and being reprimanded for poor performance can be a real shock. It should be understood that silence is worse than reasonable criticism that you can take into account and improve your work. Please note that criticism does not appear under the influence of personal, non-working reasons (especially women are looking for them), and your rejected offer does not mean resentment against you or underestimation as an employee. In this case, succumbing to emotions, you lose concentration and will not be able to perform your duties efficiently.

Real success can only be achieved by working for yourself. It would seem that creating your own company will lead to the fact that all the profits will remain with you, which is quite tempting. However, you should think about this solution 100 times. Once you start your own business, you can forget about vacations, sick leaves, obligatory lunch breaks, and so on. Indeed, in "free floating" you have the toughest and most uncompromising boss - you yourself. Get ready for reduced rest, overwork, stress, and increased responsibility.

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