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Everyone knows that an advertising agency is a group of people who are engaged in ... But what they are doing, not everyone can clearly tell. Someone presents their main function as increasing the number of sales, someone - promoting the product.

For some, an advertising agency stimulates customer spending; it is also a place where the most daring ideas are embodied. Hence, it is not surprising that a series of myths arise, which we will consider.

Myths about advertising agencies

An ad agency is just placing your ad. First of all, it should be noted that advertising agencies are different. Today, even those organizations that only print business cards are already in a hurry to declare themselves an agency of this kind. In reality, there are full-cycle advertising agencies that organize a full range of services of this kind. This can start with concept development, and continue with design, media planning and placement and other nuances of advertising. In addition, there are highly specialized advertising agencies, these are BTL agencies, creative agencies, and so on. Summing up, we can say that an advertising agency can deal with absolutely all matters in this area, and not just advertising. Do not forget about the clear specialization of some of these establishments.

An advertising agency and a PR agency are one and the same. PR, or Public Relation is an independent industry that deals with public relations and the formation of public opinion. Figuratively speaking, you can imagine advertisers and PR specialists as close as dentists and doctors. Although they work in different directions, they still have something in common. If advertising can be learned by practicing constantly and being in the appropriate world, then PR requires special training. In this area, it will not be possible to achieve success by accident; you need to know the necessary technologies. Often, advertising agencies invite an appropriate specialist from outside to carry out a certain project with PR elements. Not all companies allow themselves to maintain their own PR-specialist. A person of such a profile must be sociable, intuitively understand the situation in the media market, know with whom exactly it is necessary to communicate and whom to attract. A PR manager must understand all the secret mechanisms of influencing the client and the audience as a whole, be able to maneuver between them. It is very difficult, such skills really need to be trained for a long time, spend a lot of energy, and you cannot do without the appropriate talent.

It is better to order advertising from your own relevant department than from a specialized agency. This is a myth, since every job should be done by a professional. If a person wants to sew clothes for himself, clearly imagining its color, style, then he will turn to a tailor, and will not cut himself. Similarly, with an advertising campaign, the client knows his product well, its quality characteristics are perhaps even better than others, but difficulties arise in the effective promotion of a service or product to the market, because an advertiser is needed. It is reasonable that the client will come with his baggage of knowledge to a professional, trusting him. The customer tells what he has and what he would like to receive. True, this is an ideal position, in fact, clients are trying to decide for themselves how the advertising campaign will proceed, although this approach is fundamentally wrong. Wanting to get tangible results, it is worth, nevertheless, to work with professionals, contacting advertising agencies.

The best place to advertise is always in the media, and advertising agencies are just intermediaries. This is not true, first of all - who determines which newspaper or radio station should one go to? And is there a need for this? Answers to these questions can only be given by an advertising agency that already has its own market research, audience, press ratings, TV and radio channels. Possession of such information automatically makes the agency not an intermediary, but already an advisor on where it is better to distribute the advertising budget with maximum efficiency. After all, simply investing in advertising on the most popular channel or newspaper is the easiest way, but often not always effective.

Placing advertisements through an agency is more expensive due to their prices. Long-term partners have long come to the conclusion that advertising through agencies is beneficial for all parties. Some clients even conduct tenders, choosing a partner, which encourages agencies to show their best qualities. Money should be spent wisely, RA helps to do it. After all, the main thing is not the amount of advertising, but its quality. Any brilliant video may not "shoot" if it is placed in the wrong place. So cooperation with an agency will help you save money through a well-thought-out advertising campaign.

For professional advice, it is better to contact the radio or the publisher. In this case, it is not surprising that each channel or newspaper will extol its capabilities and circulation. Will this be reliable information? The advertising agency is not engaged in the media, it is able to offer a truly objective point of view. After all, the main thing in the work of such specialists is not the choice of a specific publication for advertising placement, but the selection of the most profitable option, both in price and in return, for the client.

An advertising agency helps to increase sales. Increasing the number of sales is the work of advertising! But an advertising agency helps to earn additional funds for this, building this part of the business in the right direction. Many consider an advertising agency to be the "fifth wheel" in business, but ideally it is an irreplaceable assistant and partner in entrepreneurship. These structures do not just fulfill the wishes of the customer, they advise him and strengthen the business opportunities. Ultimately, the client comes to the understanding that a certain part of the work can be entrusted to the advertising agency they like. In turn, the agency comes to the conclusion that its main task is not to force the client to spend as much money as possible, but to help earn it. When the goals of both parties coincide, income growth will not keep you waiting. Today, a new system of payments for the services of advertising agencies is being built all over the world. Payment is directly related to the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. But in our realities, it is often difficult to implement such an approach - clients are not always open and ready to provide all the financial information for the appropriate analysis, and therefore the preparation of that very campaign. The absence of such data does not make it possible to accurately predict the growth of sales, therefore, the agency cannot tie its salary to the mentioned efficiency. And in contrast to Western markets, advertising agencies themselves are rather closed in the face of clients. As a result, there is no transparency in the client-agency relationship, which prevents the transition to new payment options.

If you advertise directly on television and radio, then there will be more guarantees about the timely release on time and without errors. In reality, the opposite is true - direct advertising in the media reduces the likelihood of its timely release, compared to working through an agency. The fact is that from outside the clients of direct information supply are usually charged with one person who needs to run around several radio stations, newspapers, TV channels and place the necessary information everywhere. After that, you still need to make sure that everything comes out without errors and on time. It is worth mentioning the control of payments, obtaining the relevant financial documents ... And all this is the work of one person! In the case of hiring an advertising agency, it is it that takes all these worries upon itself, being responsible for the proofreading of the text, and for the timing, and for payment. Of course, there are failures, because there are no ideal situations, but errors can generally arise on the part of the client, one cannot ignore the notorious human factor.

Advertising agencies have a price list for all of their services. Such a document simply does not exist, because this is not a hairdresser or a restaurant. Prices are formed taking into account the wishes of the client - what kind of advertising he wants and in what volume. An action strategy is discussed, and a further budget is formed on the basis of this. That is why there is simply no point in price lists. The presence of such a document testifies to one thing - it is an unprofessional company operating under a ringing sign, but in reality it can only do, for example, printing business cards.

The advertising agency already knows what the customer needs. In fact, there are no telepaths in the advertising agency, there are ordinary people who are not gifted with the ability to read other people's thoughts. Therefore, the client is invited to clearly and clearly state on paper everything that he wants to get from the advertising campaign in order to avoid misinterpretation of his words and wishes. The presence of such a document protects the agency from false accusations and allows you to calmly fulfill the specific wishes of the customer, without wasting time trying to guess his true wishes.

An advertising agency does not need to know all the nuances about the product being promoted. Just the opposite. The client should be extremely honest about telling advertisers about the characteristics and properties of his product, sometimes even about the financial indicators. The customer may feel that not all details are important, but an advertising agency needs to know everything. After all, this is how a good and effective advertisement will turn out, which will focus on the true advantages and set off the disadvantages. Only this approach can increase sales.

Beautiful creative works are created by advertising agencies solely for the sake of winning at specialized exhibitions or festivals. The main task of any agency is not just another diploma on the wall, but a good job that will lead to an increase in the number of sales. It is a myth that creatives are presented as crazy people, creating vibrant festival works and nothing more. The plan of an advertising campaign is always strategically thought out, only then a good creative (and without it today nowhere) will be able to help increase sales and increase the client's income level. There are no agencies that use their clients to create creative work just for the festival. Of course, participation in such events is pleasant, as pleasant and victories, however, clients are attracted not by the number of diplomas on the wall, but by the real effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

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