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Myths about men

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The myths about men, in which women so easily believe, probably appeared when someone divided us into "strong" and "weak". They often play against men, because they make you believe in completely unreal things.

Men are stronger and more resilient. Of course, physically men are actually stronger: they have much more muscle tissue and muscular energy. But stamina is debatable. It is worth remembering, for example, how we go on joint hikes with our men, for example, to pick mushrooms. After that, our men lie down on the sofa with the TV remote control and demonstrate complete exhaustion. We still manage to twist around the stove, tidy up the houses, redo a bunch of different things, and then also go to the matrimonial bed to satisfy the faithful. But this is all understandable. The fact is that the energy of men is depleted much faster, so a woman is more resilient.

Men are healthier. It is a myth. Even at the moment of conception, male embryos must fight more desperately for their survival. The fact is that they are much weaker and more vulnerable than women. And over the years, the vulnerability of men does not decrease, so they are more prone to colds than women. To them you can add a myriad of diseases that men suffer from. In addition, we all know that a man suffers pain less patiently than a woman. They can moan for hours from a minor cut on their toes. And the worst thing is that our men live much less than women.

Male friendship. Very often women discuss male friendship among themselves with envy. For some reason, it seems that men converge faster with each other, and also have many real friends. But this, unfortunately, is another legend. Men most often have only one real friend with whom they can discuss any topic and rely on in difficult times. And often they have no friends at all. There are partners, acquaintances, colleagues, but a friend, so that there is a real one, this is rare. If women, for example, can lay out all the worries on their girlfriend, then men have to keep all the negativity to themselves. After all, there is an unshakable rule - a man does not cry!

Men don't like it when women take the first step. No, it’s not like that at all. On the contrary, men are pleased when a girl herself takes the initiative, of course, if this does not become a harassment.

"I'll change it." Stupidity. You will never succeed. Indeed, in general, it is impossible to change a formed person. Don't flatter yourself with vain hopes.

All men only think "about it". Indeed, they think, and do not see anything reprehensible in this. However, despite the fact that the man remembers "about it" several times a day, his thoughts about sex and going "to the left", as a rule, are not so serious.

Men prefer virgins. For some men, it is undoubtedly important that SHE is a virgin. But these are rather some signs of self-affirmation and stupidity. Most men, on the contrary, are scared when they hear these words - I am a virgin. In fact, men prefer more experienced women who know what they are doing.

They say men like lingerie. It is so different, transparent, lace, satin - choose for every taste. Better yet, take it all off immediately! Men, according to their unanimous statement, like naked women much more. In lingerie stores you can find everything your heart desires, and lace underwear, corsets, thongs, bodysuits ... Trying on all this splendor, a woman thinks about what exactly her man will like. She dreams that this set of sexy lingerie will certainly make her lover burn with desire and love! But, sadly, the lingerie industry only works for women! She conquers them, and not men, who in fact do not care. Well, of course, if a woman is wearing grandmother's panties with fleece, then it may not come to sex.

Men like to play with food in bed. The woman takes a can of whipped cream from the refrigerator and covers his manly chest with it, and then gently licks it all off with a hot tongue ... Isn't it tempting? But if we imagine that almost all male breasts are characterized by increased hairiness, then most likely the man does not feel very comfortable. Strawberries get dirty, from the cake constantly on the bed crumbs, which unpleasantly dig into the skin ... Sweet is sexy only in the movies. In real life, it is sticky and unpleasant, something that men are unlikely to agree to.

Men love anal sex. It is quite possible to consider this to be true, but here there is one small "but". Men are more likely to be ashamed to offer it and will refuse if a woman offers it. A man should be relaxed and confident in himself, this is what is needed for anal sex. Our conservative upbringing makes many men think that anal sex will be unpleasant for their partner, so they keep their desires to themselves. As a fact, anal sex is not fun for everyone, moreover, if a woman does not want it, then, most likely, her man does not suffer from his absence.

In bed, a man only cares about himself. Fortunately for women, selfishness in bed has long gone out of fashion. And therefore, men who, having experienced an orgasm, turn away to the wall and fall asleep, are now rare. Many men confess that they receive true satisfaction only when they have managed to satisfy their partner. In their efforts to achieve the desired result, they are ready for almost anything. Some of the males are even ready to sacrifice their orgasm, so as not to disappoint their partner. But even here not everything is smooth. After all, orgasm is a windy thing and not always coming. Women can feel satisfied without having the desired orgasm. But explaining this to men is quite difficult. Therefore, some heroes are ready to love a woman literally half to death, but if only she reached the peak of bliss.

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