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Working outside the office has become so popular that many can no longer imagine their life without freelancing. There are a lot of directions of activity - from operator work, to administration of servers and databases, writing abstracts, literary articles.

And the growing interest in education and its accessibility, coupled with a declining average level, gave rise to the fact that the possibility of ordering any work quickly appeared - from essays to diplomas.

If there is demand, then there is supply. Today, newspapers and websites are full of such options to get a ready-made educational work without labor.

This business has become so widespread that whole agencies are formed that distribute orders either between freelance employees or rent an office and go into normal work.

However, there are many pitfalls in this business that can seriously complicate a student's life. Let's dispel the main myths about the abstract business.

Abstract business myths

All works are downloaded from the Internet and sold as unique. Naturally, any customer wants his work to be unique, fearing that he will be offered an option, of which there are many on the Internet. After all, there are a lot of specialized sites where there is a guarantee that the abstract is not actually downloaded from there? In fact, such works are written by the students themselves, usually beginners who have not had time to understand and study the subject thoroughly. Therefore, it is not surprising that such abstracts contain many errors and shortcomings. Usually, abstracts from the Internet sin with outdated data, this is especially noticeable in the field of legislation, there are claims to the design, style, language. After all, what is permissible for a student of a provincial seedy university is unacceptable for a student of a respectable institution. And the overall quality of filling the work is much worse than what a professional will do. This usually manifests itself in the depth of analysis, compliance with the topic, the accuracy of the calculations. So, serious organizations that provide such services try to rely on their own strength, especially since the successful protection of quality material will certainly affect their reputation.

Successful works "walk" between the performers, repeatedly retaking to different teachers. On many sites on the Internet, you can even find information about the abstract - when, to whom and for what grade the work was submitted. It is reasonable that customers are worried about whether their work has been "spotted" somewhere earlier. Usually this practice is still practiced, the best works are handed over in different places. At the same time, nevertheless, people who distribute such abstracts try to maintain strict control over the place and time of delivery, avoiding repetitions. Many years of experience in the existence of such agencies suggests that they still have the trust of their clients, without letting them down.

The firm can take a deposit and disappear irrevocably. In fact, there are a couple of simple arguments against such a claim. First, the amount of the advance payment is incommensurate with the opportunity to earn in the course of long-term activities. Secondly, any company spends a lot of effort to build its customer base. If you like the work, then most likely the student will bring comrades to this company, so there is no point in chasing the momentary profit.

The price of services has nothing to do with their quality. Often people consider the price of such work to be unreasonably high, but it is worth asking yourself, how difficult is the work? Perhaps the range of literature for its implementation is very narrow, and the teacher is very scrupulous and demanding, or maybe the work is also very urgent? All these are the very quality parameters that are reflected in the price. If you want to get a good job on time, you will have to pay for it.

If discounts are offered, it means that the company is on the verge of ruin, because it does not work well. In the business world, everyone strives for profit. Therefore, it is not surprising that firms can provide small discounts to their regular customers. The frequency of their circulation will more than pay for this measure. But a poorly performing company is unlikely to acquire regular customers, so if, as a result of your cooperation, you were offered to pay a little less, you should not panic.

If the work was returned for revision, then it is of poor quality. This situation, by the way, is quite typical, especially for complex jobs like diplomas. And it is not surprising, because a diploma is a serious job with a lot of analytics. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that it can undergo changes at the request of the head. But if the manager is satisfied with everything, you should be wary, maybe he did not read your work at all, neglecting his duties? As for the simpler work - coursework. Essays, control, then their return by the teacher is associated either with errors in the design (which is often due to the fact that the customer simply did not provide the necessary requirements) or claims on the internal content. In the first case, the fix usually takes several minutes, but in the second option, everything is a little more complicated. It is possible that the teacher has his own view of work. Then you can try to defend your opinion by carefully studying your abstract, or give it to the performers for revision, in the case when the teacher is especially principled or angry. It is worth noting that if the work performed does not meet your requirements, which are negotiated in advance, including in writing between the parties, then all improvements are carried out by the contractor absolutely free of charge.

It is impossible to perform quality work in a short time. Often, teachers give extremely tight deadlines for the completion of work, presenting a real surprise to students. But do not be afraid for the quality of the work, giving it to professionals. That is why these specialists are valuable because they can do work in a short time and very efficiently. If the deadlines are tight and there is money, then the work will be done for you both day and night - in the truest sense of the word.

The work is done not by specialists, but by students looking for an opportunity to earn extra money. Typically, a registered company for the provision of services of this kind also takes obligations in relation to its employees, the so-called "social package". Therefore, the leader will not be able to accept the student at work for several reasons. First, it requires people who give themselves completely to work, and not do it in their free time. Secondly, in order to confirm the qualifications of your employees, you need relevant documents. Nobody would hire medical doctors to do ship design work. Work experience is also usually required, as evidenced by a set of personal characteristics. The employee must adapt well in the team, be able to defend his own opinion, etc.

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