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People are naive and often think they are smarter than others. The same applies to the game with the bookmaker's office.

We in no way want to say that you are stupid and naive, but it will not hurt to get acquainted with the standard misconceptions regarding the game with the bookmaker's office (so to speak, prevention of walking on a rake).

Bookmaker myths

Players have an advantage at the start of the season until the line makers have enough information about the teams. Line makers spend more time analyzing information in the first week of any season than in any other. LVSC (Las Vegas Sports Consultants) line-makers start working one month before the start of the season in order to make the necessary clarifications in time regarding the change of teams and coaching.

The line is made to have an advantage over all players. The line is made to have an edge over the professional players as they bet the most money. If there were more professional players than casual players, bookmakers would have a lot of problems. The only exception is the Super Bowl, where the money of the professional players dissolves without a trace in the money of the public.

With the help of lines, bookmakers receive a balanced amount of bets. This is just a theory and a basis for creating a line. In practice, things are different. On a typical Sunday when NFL games are played, you will have four games with little money. The other four or five games will be balanced, but there will always be about five games in which the players only bet on one side. This is the key point. In a long-term game, the bookmaker should win half of these games.

Bookmakers have inside information and use it in "trap games". Bookmakers work with the same information as the rest. The creation of the line is only a matter of interpreting this information. Indeed, the bookmaker may receive information about injuries before the rest of the public, but the bookmaker receives it only five minutes before the rest of the world knows about it.

Players can win by specializing in one region. If this were true, then there would not be a single bookmaker's office. Players could specialize in some region or some conference. But it is not enough to know everything only about the teams of the region or the conference, because you have to evaluate their opponents as well. This is where the big difference lies between sports and sports betting. Many people are good at teams, but they are not able to accurately convert their knowledge into an estimate of the possible score difference when these teams meet.

Everything matters only in terms of long-term play. This may only be true for those calculating Social Security benefits, but it does not apply to the bookmaker. Bookmaker's line-makers take into account everything seasonally. They analyze weaning rates individually for each sport: baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and more. Each season is separate, and if the indicators do not fit into the framework of their standards, then the bookmaker re-evaluates its methodology and makes adjustments. Every bad month, now and in the future, will prompt bookmakers to immediately re-evaluate the methods they use to process data and make a line. Unfortunately, not all bookmakers can afford the luxury of seasonal accounting. The gambling industry keeps records using shorter accounting periods. Therefore, bookmakers keep records of the main indicators by month.

Bookmakers can manage the amount of their obligations (debts to players). This is only true sometimes. Let's say Minnesota plays at Tampa Bay and the Vikings are the favorites with a 6.5 handicap. Bookmakers can move the line from 6.5 to 6 in order to get bets with almost the same amount on both sides. But this only works for single players. Express and fixed express, especially when they became popular in the NFL, are a different story. It may be that the accumulators are leaning towards Minnesota in a ratio of 10 to 1. Since no bookmaker will ever cancel a $ 100 or $ 200 accumulator, it is extremely difficult to manage numerous bets of this kind. Therefore, although the bets on express bets are not that high, obligations on express bets can be larger than obligations on single bets, and they are essentially unmanageable.

Bookmakers are especially concerned about losing money in the Super Cup. This is not true. Although the Super Cup is a really big sports betting event, you can only lose what people have bet. This is because this is only one game. Therefore, apart from the express with total, the main bets here are single bets. What is really dangerous is one of the first days of the New Year, when seven or eight cup games can be tied to each other. Here, the likelihood of huge payouts in excess of the money bet by the players is especially significant. Losing six or seven of these games (this has happened) and losses can lead to significant difficulties for the bookmaker.

Bookmakers accept bets on major events just like on any other. The claim that the same principles apply to different events and the only difference between accepting bets on a Super Cup, World Series, major boxing match or a smaller event is the number of zeros in the total of the bets placed, this is obviously a false statement. Occasionally there are events that can wipe out your monthly income or even your entire season's income. For example, you may be more free to decide whether or not to move a handicap off key numbers such as 14 in a regular regular game of the season. But this is not a strategy that should be used in the Super Cup. Frequent line movement can cost the bookmaker the loss of income for the whole season and a more conservative approach should be taken here. Some events are so big and the number of bets can be so great that the bookmakers are forced to take the defensive position. It is a wrong mathematical approach to manage your bets in the hope of a long-term game, but risking an entire season's earnings on one game is an even worse decision.

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