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Bill Gates is an American entrepreneur and founder of Microsoft Corporation. His name is revered and cursed, and he himself quietly retired in 2008, working with his wife in a charitable foundation.

It was thanks to Gates and his operating systems that the world experienced a computer boom in the 80s and 90s. His name is surrounded by legends and myths, which we will try to partially dispel.

Bill Gates myths

No books have been written about Bill Gates yet. Bill has achieved such success that his life has already become a subject for writing books, for example,, when asked for books about Gates, produces more than 100 thousand results. I think this is far from the limit. The most notable were the works "Janet Lowe. Bill Gates Says", "Business Path. Bill Gates".

Microsoft became Bill's first company. In fact, the scientist's first company was called Traf-O-Data, it was founded in 1972, consisted of three employees and was engaged in the programming of road meters and traffic lights.

Microsoft corporation was founded in 1975. In fact, then the company bore the name Micro-Soft, having received the name from MICROcomputer SOFTware. And in the first year, the company's turnover was only 16 thousand dollars.

Gates's parents were ordinary people. In fact, the entrepreneur has quite successful public personalities in his roots - for example, his great-grandfather made laws and was the mayor, his grandfather was the vice-president of the national bank, and Bill's father was a successful lawyer.

Bill Gates loves swinging. This habit went with him through the years from childhood, today the billionaire loves to swing when he thinks deeply.

Bill Gates graduated with honors from Harvard. Indeed, the future entrepreneur studied at Harvard, but he could not finish it. It was boring for him to study there, so he devoted his time to programming and playing poker. Two years after admission, Bill was expelled from the university, while telling the teachers that he would become a millionaire before his thirtieth birthday. Then, of course, no one believed him.

At 30, Bill Gates became a millionaire. The reality turned out to be much more interesting! At 31, Bill Gates made his first billion!

In his youth, Bill Gates was the life of the party. Here's how his teachers spoke of the young student: "Bill was an amazing programmer, but a disgusting person."

Bill wrote the first program at the university. In fact, the first serious program was written by him at school and helped the young man to plan his school hours. With her help, Gates enrolled in a class with the prettiest girls and got weekends on Fridays.

Bill Gates' wedding took place in an atmosphere of complete secrecy. Bill married his co-worker Melinda in January 1994. To do this, he rented an island in Hawaii, and to get rid of prying eyes, he bought all the hotel rooms and tickets for all flights to the island that day. For his beloved, Gates agreed to change his jeans and sweater for a white tuxedo.

Bill Gates is the richest man on earth. According to the latest data, Gates' fortune is estimated at $ 50 billion. He is the richest person in the States. But the richest man on the planet has recently been considered the Mexican TV mogul Carlos Slim, whose fortune exceeds 60 billion. Bill Gates, for more than 10 years, kept this honorary title for himself.

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