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Bath - a room equipped for washing the body with the simultaneous action of water and hot air (in Turkish and Roman baths) or steam (in a Russian bath). Often this concept includes the whole complex of actions carried out by a person in a bath or associated with it.

The bath is not only a place where you can wash and steam, it is also a guarantee of our health, both physical and moral. More and more residents (both rural and urban) are building baths on their suburban summer cottages in order to be able to visit the bath regardless of the season and weather conditions.

Bath myths

The bathhouse is best placed near a river or lake. Absolutely correct statement. It is believed that clean river water is more suitable for washing than hard well water. And to plunge into a cool refreshing river after the steam room is still bliss.

The best material for a bath is wood. Wooden walls have the ability to perfectly absorb steam and maintain constant humidity and temperature in the steam room. In addition, wood is a "breathing" material, so there is no need to install any additional ventilation in the bathhouse or ventilate the premises. The best option would be pine beams and logs. The advantage of this material is the high content of aromatic substances, they are released at high temperatures and have bactericidal properties.

On the inside, a deciduous tree is better. Aspen or linden are perfect. Because these rocks are less dense than pine and do not heat up so much in the steam room. You can freely sit on the shelves without sheets. And one more thing - hardwoods do not emit resin when heated, which means there is no danger of sticking to a wall or shelf.

It is better to make the floor in the bath wooden. This is not entirely true, since today there are a lot of modern materials that are not inferior, and in some cases even superior in quality and durability. For example, ceramic tiles are easy enough to wash and they will look much nicer than wood, which after a few weeks will no longer please the eye with its novelty.

The bath window should not be huge. After all, the light factor in the bath is not at all relevant. A small window is usually placed at a height of no more than one meter from the floor, so that you can look into it while sitting on a bench. The percentage ratio of the size of the window to the floor is 5% of the total floor area, this is quite enough.

Bath for all ailments. Not always. For healthy people undoubtedly (strengthens the body and increases resistance to colds). But for patients, the consequences of visiting the bath can be very sad, exacerbations of existing diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems are possible, therefore it is better for them to refrain from visiting the bath.

If you can't, but really want to - then you can. Not to the bathhouse, but to the sauna. Sauna, by all accounts, has a milder effect on the body. Although it is hotter there than in a bath, the percentage of humidity is much lower and in general the whole procedure is easier to tolerate. In addition, going to the sauna is one of the ways to reduce the percentage of body fat.

A broom in a bath is not the most important thing. A very controversial point of view. Without a broom a bath, as if not a bath at all. The unconditional king of all brooms is birch. Recommended for all health problems, especially for those suffering from rheumatism. You can also use other types of brooms. If a cold begins - the best linden broom. The nettle broom is good for back pain. A juniper broom disinfects the air in the steam room and helps with flu and bronchitis, as well as sciatica (stimulates blood circulation in muscles and internal organs). Well, for skin problems, an oak broom will help.

Sauna and strong alcoholic drinks are incompatible. Why? And because the bath dilates the blood vessels of the body, so does alcohol. When these two factors are combined, blood flow increases and the load on the cardiovascular system increases, which is not very good. It is best to drink fruit tea, kvass, lemonade without gas after the bath. Well, if you really want something drunk, then it's best to drink beer.

Taking a steam bath is one of the most ancient and favorite traditions of the Russian people. The bath procedure is a need not only for cleanliness, but also for relaxation, both for body and soul. "The bath is the second mother: it will steam up the bones, it will fix the whole thing!"

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