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Australia is a state in the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely lying on the continent of the same name. Europeans arrived here only in the 17th century. For a long time these territories were under the rule of England, which predetermined the modern cultural, political and economic ties between the two countries.

Today Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world. Although only 23 million people live here, the country's economy is the thirteenth in the world. But they don't come here for the sake of skyscrapers.

Australia is a continent remote from the rest of civilization, vast territories of which are not inhabited and have retained their true nature. And the underwater world of local waters is amazing.

But Australia is so far away from us that we draw our information about it from TV shows and rumors. This gives rise to many myths about an amazing country, which we will debunk.

Myths about Australia

It is dangerous to swim in Australia because there are many sharks. Sharks are really not uncommon here. And not only do they live in the ocean, they can also be found in the rivers that flow there. It is no coincidence that the shark is one of the symbols of Australia. But you shouldn't be afraid of them. Diving instructors claim that 99.9% of these predators are safe for humans. And the authorities are very sensitive to the safety of people.

In Australia, dangerous spiders are everywhere. Locals actually keep a special spray at home that will help them when meeting spiders. Moreover, they are not particularly afraid of people and can even run around asleep. But do not assume that only giant spiders or furry tarantulas live in Australia. True, these are far from those harmless inhabitants of our latitudes. However, don't be intimidated by the Australian fauna. Cape Sorrow in Port Douglas National Park, the oldest rainforest in the world, is not home to a single species of venomous spider. The most dangerous spiders in the world are indeed the Sydney leukopaut and the aunt spider that live on the continent. But in Australia, only males are dangerous, and since 1981, not a single death from their bites has been recorded. This is due to the creation of an effective vaccine. And indeed, since 1927, the same leukopautin spider has killed only 13 people. It is worth considering that spiders do not always inject poison into the victim's wound, so doctors do not always give medicine.

The rainforests are home to many dangerous critters. Many people believe that dangerous mosquitoes, poisonous snakes and spiders live in tropical forests, which will attack humans for no reason. This myth is supported by films about James Bond, Indiana Jones and Steve Irwin documentaries. Poisonous snakes are more common in pastures and meadows, and in the rainforest, only pythons or tree snakes can be seen, which are harmless to humans. Do not be afraid of the abundance of mosquitoes. In the daytime, the warm breath of a person will attract mosquitoes to him, but with the onset of darkness they will disappear, and the night will be calm.

It takes a long time to get to Australia. But this is not a myth, you need to take into account the distance and not expect that the plane will fly there in a few hours. Traveling even by air can take up to a day. Often you have to change trains in Dubai, the flight to which is about 5 hours, there you will have to wait for your flight for several hours. And from Dubai to Brisbane the liner flies for another 14 hours.

In Australia even the maps of the world are upside down. It is believed that since Australia is on the other side of the planet, then the geographical maps are upside down for them. In fact, the familiar images of continents and oceans are used here. But especially for tourists, enterprising businessmen are issuing an “Australian,” an inverted version of the card there. There, Australia with the South Pole is at the top, and Eurasia is at the bottom.

All Australians rest in Bali. For some reason, it is believed that it is an hour from Australia to Bali from Australia. Many Muscovites take longer to get to their place of work. For Australians Bali, as for Russians Turkey. The resort is just as familiar and familiar. But it should be borne in mind that Australia is still a rather big country. And the flight time can vary greatly. While the plane takes only 3 hours from Darwin to Bali, the journey from Melbourne will take about 13 hours with a change.

Sydney is the capital of Australia. Sydney is the largest city on the continent with a population of 4.5 million. However, the capital of the AU is much more modest Canberra. At the beginning of the 20th century, Melbourne and Sydney competed for the right to be called the main city of the country, as a result, a compromise solution was chosen. In 1908, the territory of the future capital was determined, and the construction itself began in 1913 according to the project of architects from Chicago.

Australia is home to the dangerous Black Mamba snake. Tourists are frightened, telling that this creature can jump into the windows of SUVs and kill people. But the Black Mamba lives in Africa.

Australia has the same hot and dry climate. The continent's climate is strongly influenced by ocean currents. But it should be understood that the mainland is still rather big and there simply cannot be the same climate. The north of Australia is covered by the equatorial and tropical zones, closer to the center they are replaced by semi-desert ones. In the very center of Australia, where humid air currents do not reach, a desert climate reigns. But in the South-East the climate is temperate.

Australians have their own dialect of English. If you go to Bali, it turns out that there are mainly inhabitants of Australia around. You have to communicate with them and it immediately becomes clear that their English is somewhat different. The emphasis is on the first syllable of the word, and everything else seems to be "chewed". But after the practice of communicating with Australians already on the continent itself, it is easy to understand what is at stake. You can get used to everything, there would be time. Nevertheless, the local dialect is still more difficult for the Russian person than the traditional British or American version.

In Australia, everyone wears ugg boots. In winter, many Australians do choose these shoes, most often young women. But in the country, they often take off their shoes and walk barefoot right through the streets of shops and on public transport. And one patch company has decided to start making disposable ballet flats that can be carried around as removable shoes. So not only ugg boots are in fashion here. And in hot climates in warm boots, you don't really walk around.

There are no natives left in Australia. They are present in the country, but very few of them remain. There are practically no chances to meet indigenous people on the street. But in the country, special reservations have been created for them. The city dwellers themselves dislike the aborigines, believing that they only dishonor the modern country. The government allocates good money to support the indigenous peoples, but they do not even think to dispose of them sensibly, throwing it away and continuing to lead the old nomadic way of life.

Australians are neutral towards world conflicts. Australia has always supported Great Britain during major world conflicts. This also manifested itself in the sending of soldiers to the battlefields in distant countries. During the First World War, the Australians fought heroically at Gallipoli, losing 8,000 people there. In total, 54,000 Australian soldiers died on the fields of the First World War. And during the Second World War, the Australians fought in the Mediterranean and North Africa with the Germans and Italians, and in the Pacific with the Japanese. In 1945, about a million people served in the army, with a population of 7 million. About 40 thousand soldiers died in the Second World War.

Australia is a beautiful and green continent. This country is often called the "Green Continent", which is not entirely correct. The fact is that most of Australia is a lifeless desert, even in cities, almost all the grass is scorched by the sun.

In Australia, koala with kangaroo is everywhere. Judging by the traffic signs along the tracks, these animals are indeed everywhere. But this impression is deceiving. Sometimes it is possible to calmly observe a koala or kangaroo only in a zoo. Nevertheless, the kangaroos themselves in Australia are either 25 or 60 million individuals. This is certainly more than the people themselves on the continent. But you can see a kangaroo in the wild, far from human dwellings.

There are limited leisure options in Australia. In this country there are many opportunities for interesting rest. Here you can surf, dive, watch whales, jump with a parachute or ride a jet ski, go fishing. The country also has modern water parks, attractions, a wax museum and a pristine rainforest. And the number of climatic zones suggests that the inquisitive traveler has access to various forms of nature.

Australia was discovered by Captain Cook. Even in the days of the Roman Empire, there were legends that there was a huge land in the far south. And the Dutchman Willem Janszon discovered this continent for Europeans in 1606. He called the found lands New Holland. But the Netherlands themselves have never been involved in the colonization of this land. And in 1770, Lieutenant James Cook explored the east coast of the island. His research initiated the establishment of the first British colony here in 1788, New South Wales.

Daintree Village is located in the middle of the tropical park of the same name. North Queensland is home to Daintree National Park, a World Heritage Site since 1988. Many people come here to look at the rainforest and see the village in the depths of the jungle. In fact, this settlement is now located, in fact, in the field. At the end of the 19th century, a massive felling of valuable red cedar was carried out. Daintree Village is now in the middle of green fields where cows graze. And from the famous forest there are only black and white photographs in the museum. This is a good place to spend the night for a tourist, but to visit the park you will have to travel several kilometers.

All Australians drink Fosters beer. Advertising of this drink is very popular in different countries. Australians spare no expense to promote their beer in foreign markets. But tourists arriving here are surprised to find that the Australians themselves prefer different varieties and "Fosters" is far from being a favorite.

Australians are lazy. It seems that in conditions of constant heat and a warm ocean outside the window, you simply won't be able to work a lot. Meanwhile, Australians actually work 44 hours a week. Apparently, this helped them create a cozy and modern country.

Most of the time Australians spend outdoors. It seems that the locals do nothing but swim and surf in their free time. However, not everyone has tanned and toned bodies. It turns out that more than half of Australians are overweight.

Holden cars are natively Australian. The company itself was founded in Adelaide back in 1856 by the English emigrant James Holden. Only in 1908, together with partners, the company began to produce spare parts for cars. However, in 1931 the firm was bought out by the American General Motors. In the 1940s, the question arose about creating the first Australian car, until then the company produced bodies for American models. The owners suggested using models already proven in North America, while the Australians wanted to produce their own model. As a result, a compromise was found. In 1948, production of the first Australian car, the Holden, began, but on the basis of the Chevrolet, which did not enter the American series. The cars of the new brand immediately showed their advantages - they were very durable, which was relevant for off-road conditions. But gradually the brand began to be replaced by imported ones, since 2003 Holden has lost the title of leader, giving it to Toyota.

It is difficult to find a job in Australia. The fact that Australia has high unemployment is confirmed by official figures. However, it is worth giving up some stereotypes. In our country, the unemployed is most often a quitter or someone who temporarily cannot find a job. In Australia, people prefer to look for a specific job with a specific income. Those citizens who have lifelong social benefits are not considered unemployed. In general, there is something for everyone in the country. Even 70-year-old grandmothers either run their own small business or actively communicate with friends. It is considered best to be self-employed, have a high income and a flexible schedule. There are always those who hide their income from the state and try to get benefits. It is they who make up the majority of the unemployed. Usually, even an immigrant after a while finds a good job, if there is a desire. And in the country there is no pressure on businessmen, in case of an error, the state will explain how to do business correctly. So you just have to pay taxes correctly and honestly. And those vacancies that can be found on the job site are already working people who are looking for the best.

You can live in Australia without knowing English. Many immigrants believe that they will have to live and work in their own language group, and English is not needed at all. There are actually several large ethnic groups in Australia. Thus, a large diaspora of Chinese lives in Sydney, knowing this language, it will not be difficult to find a job and friends. The second largest group is the Indians. They live in separate groups, but knowledge of Hindi is no longer so in demand. If the Chinese prefer to work for themselves, the Indians choose offices. And many of them are native English speakers. Arabs are more common in the automotive industry. All other diasporas, including the Russian-speaking, number no more than 200 thousand people. So it's best to learn English right away, without fear of mistakes or incorrect pronunciation. Only by learning the language can you achieve success here.

In Australia, all teetotalers. It turns out that a decent table wine costs about $ 4 here. Alcohol is generally cheaper in the country than in Europe, not inferior in quality. You can come with your bottle to any restaurant, paying only for the opening. And even drivers are allowed to drink alcohol if it is in the blood no more than 0.5 ppm. But drinking in the country is not drunkenness, but a culture driven by the social atmosphere and climate. Australians drink no less than Russians, however, a different ecology, water, quality of alcohol and upbringing do not lead to scandals on the basis of alcohol. The Australians will not give up Russian vodka either, although it is very rare here.

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